Male G-Spot

Male G-Spot

he Male G-Spot is, you may be surprised to learn, is the prostate the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot.

While we don’t expect everyone to be immediately comfortable with this type of exploration, we do want to make it clear that it’s perfectly acceptable and in no way strange or perverse. The male G-spot is a powerful gland that can lead to earth-shattering orgasms, and we believe everyone’s entitled to that kind of pleasure. If you’re not ready for this type of play, that’s perfectly understandable and we certainly don’t want you to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you. If, however, you’re open-minded about male G-spot stimulation, we encourage you to try our tips and start working your way toward the ultimate organism.

Remember that your family jewels are not the only parts which need stimulation. The male G-spot, or the prostate gland, is located halfway up your anus.

This is great with your partner. anyway, when you locate the prostate, press firmly and go for that extra stimulation. You might squirm at first at the thought of your/his/her fingers going all the way ‘back there’ – but once you manage to find the male G-spot, you will surely be begging for more.

TIP #1:Get Some Lubricant
Invest in a water-based lubricant so that placing your finger(s) inside won't be uncomfortable

TIP #2:Put your finger inside
Moving slowly, place just the tip of your finger inside his rectum and slowly move in and out until he's comfortable with it.

TIP #3:Make a come-here motion
Once he's comfortable with your finger being halfway inside him, with your palm facing up, make a "come hither" motion with your finger

TIP #4:Use Your Tongue
If you're performing fellatio on him while you're stimulating his prostate, continue to masturbate him with your hand and bring your tongue down to his testicles.

TIP #5:Invest in Toys
There are all kinds of toys created specifically to target the male G-spot, so if you and your man are prepared to take your kink to a whole new level…

Male G-Spot

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