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Going Away Party
By Parker (address withheld)

* Going Away Party *

Things were hazy; dream-like; a blur.

She had been attending a "going away" party for one of the secretaries at the firm, Suzie Myers. Monique, a junior partner at the law firm of Parker & Co, would not normally have gone to such a party; the firm encouraged its lawyers to maintain a discreet distance from the staff. And Monique, the youngest partner in the history of the firm (at 28), was not about to do anything to jeopardize her position or her career. But this case was a little different, as it had been Monique's complaining that had gotten Suzie fired in the first place.

It was not that the secretary did a bad job; rather, Monique objected to the girl's appearance. Suzie was a bit of a 'punker', and Monique had complained to the other partners about her clothing and spiked hair.

Suzie had been "let go", and was now leaving the city. And so Monique, feeling a little guilty, had accepted when Suzie had asked her to attend the party. Of course, Monique made certain that none of the other lawyers knew that she was going. That might raise eyebrows, and there was no way Monique was going to do anything to jeopardize her career.

Monique hated to be late for anything. That was why she was wearing her business clothing - long, grey skirt, white shirt, grey jacket and conservative two-inch heels - when she arrived at the bar; she had come directly from work, and really only planned to stay for a few minutes.

She had been surprised to find that Suzie was by herself at a booth in the bar, but the girl explained that the other secretaries had phoned and would be a few minutes late. Suzie suggested that they have a drink and Monique agreed, happy to find any activity to fill the time until the others arrived. Monique didn't really known Suzie all that well, and the fact that she had been directly responsible for the girl losing her job made her feel a little uncomfortable. Not that there was any way Suzie could have found out that Monique was responsible.

But still...

The drink had tasted a bit strange - somewhat bitter. But Monique ignored that, putting it down to her discomfort at the situation, and said nothing. But when she began to feel seriously dizzy a few moments later, however, she was forced to tell Suzie that she was feeling sick. The girl had been extremely concerned, and had insisted upon calling a taxi.

"Don't worry," the young secretary had said. "I'll take you home."

Monique had tried to tell her that that wasn't necessary, and that she could get home on her own, but a wave of dizziness overtook her, and her tongue felt strangely thick and unresponsive. The words came out as an inarticulate mumble.

Suzie just smiled and put her hand on the other woman's shoulder. "I'll take care of everything," she had said.

By the time the taxi arrived, Monique had been only barely conscious. She remembered being shoved into the back seat of a car - presumably a taxi - but she had no idea where she had been taken.

All she knew was that she hadn't been taken home.

She had been pulled out of the taxi at what appeared to be some sort of club. There were lots of bright lights and music and people moving around in what appeared to be a large smoky room. Monique blinked rapidly, and tried to focus on what was happening around her, but events moved too quickly to register properly on her fogged senses. She just felt herself dragged through the crowd and into a different room. The music and talking dropped to a dull roar as a door was shut behind her.

Things were hazy...

Monique tried to say something, to protest, but she was still unable to speak. All she could to do was look around in confusion as a number of figures surrounded and approached her. Women, she thought, but dressed in what appeared to be rather bizarre costumes. She squinted, trying to make out what was going on, but it was difficult to see what was happening, as the lighting in the room was extremely dim.

Was this some sort of dream?

Dream or not, the figures felt real enough. Hands pulled at her clothes, first slipping off the jacket and then unbuttoning her blouse. For some reason, the fact that they seemed to be taking care not to ruin the clothing comforted Monique. There was no brutality; no threat. She was just being gently undressed. Almost before she knew it, she was standing naked in the midst of the bizarre figures. Monique blushed, embarrassed, and tried vainly to cover herself with her hands.

The figures took her arms led her to what appeared to be some sort of examination table. The young lawyer tried to pull away, frightened, but her captors handled her easily, turning her around and forcing her to lie down backwards over the table. Monique was now on her back, looking upwards into a light, unable to make out anything more than vague silhouettes above her. The dream-like quality of the scene intensified as her perceptions retreated even further into what she was now certain was a drug- induced haze.

She felt something cool on her arms. Confused, she turned her head to see two thick bands of what looked like rubber cuffs being fastened to her wrists. The cuffs had two shiny metal D-rings attached on each side. Monique started to mumble a protest, but was immediately distracted by the feel of something being done with her legs.

She turned her attention downward to see a pair of white transparent rubber stockings being pulled up her legs. 'That's not right,' she wanted to say. 'I don't wear things like that', but all she could manage was a quiet moan. It still felt as though her mouth were frozen. Monique tried to bring down her hands to remove the stockings, but found, to her surprise, that her wrists had been fastened to the top of the table, above her head. She wriggled, trying to pull her hands free, but the cuffs on her wrists held firm.

Once again, she tried to say something, to protest. This time she was cut off by another person's mouth on her own. She gasped in surprise at the feel of the other person's lips covering her open mouth; the other person's tongue boldly exploring... Her eyes slowly focused on the face in front of her... It was a woman. SHE WAS BEING KISSED BY A WOMAN!! Monique moaned and tried to turn away, but the woman simply grabbed her head and held her head steady.

Monique moaned and tried to twist away as she felt a hand - she assumed it was the woman's - sliding along her exposed breast... teasing and rubbing her nipples. Against her will, the young lawyer felt her body responding. She was now thoroughly frightened, and the idea of kissing another woman made her want to throw up, but still... but still her body responded; nipples grew hard... The captive felt herself begin to pant and even started to kiss back.

What was happening to her?

The woman's face filled Monique's view, but she could still feel what was happening to her lower body. She felt her feet being forced into some kind of extremely high-heeled shoe. Even lying on her back, the angle her feet were being forced to assume was uncomfortable, if not actually painful. She twisted her ankles, trying to dislodge the shoes, but they wouldn't come off. They seemed to be attached to the thick rubber cuffs that were tightened around her ankles. After the shoes were fastened on, her feet were pulled upwards and apart and tied in that position.

And still, Monique was helpless to do anything other than return the passionate kisses of her insistent partner. To her horror, Monique felt her pussy beginning to moisten as the warmth from the kisses and fondling slowly but surely worked its way downward. Her whole body was now awash with blurred and unfamiliar sensations... the stockings; the rubber cuffs; the kissing... She might have felt her back being lifted briefly from the table and a thick rubber material slipped under, but she wasn't sure. She did, however, feel the material wrapped around her tummy and slowly pulled tighter and tighter. Just when she thought she would no longer be able to breath, the tightening stopped, and she felt a set of lacings begin done up along one side. The rubber material - a corset? - covered her abdomen up to just below her breasts.

Despite the discomfort of her position, Monique felt herself approaching orgasm. She couldn't help it. The feel of the other woman's tongue and lips through the haze; the feel of those gentle hands - there was now clearly more than one person fondling Monique's small, firm breasts - was driving her wild. She felt the pleasure rising higher...

and higher...


The hands and mouth suddenly pulled away, and Monique was left panting, eyes closed and mouth open, just on the verge of coming, but not quite there. Not quite there...

Not quite...

Frustrated, she opened her eyes to see what had happened. Her earlier confusion had begun to lessen, and her perceptions were beginning to sharpen. What was...

A hand grabbed her mouth and stuffed something inside. It was soft rubber, and felt like... like a penis? Not large, but it did fill her mouth. Arousal forgotten, Monique moaned in protest, and tried to push the intruder away with her tongue, but it was fastened on with some sort of a strap which ran behind her neck. Monique was forced to suck at the rubber phallus in order to prevent herself from gagging.

That discomfort, however, was quickly forgotten when she felt something - a finger - sliding slowly into her anal passage. Monique squealed loudly and looked down. She just caught a glimpse of her lower body - stocking- encased legs held upwards and apart in a set of metal stirrups, and a shadowy figure kneeling between her legs - before a pair of hand pulled her head down and slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

The enforced blindness only intensified the feeling between her legs. Monique felt the finger in her ass sliding in and out, liberally smearing some kind of cold, lubricating substance. The finger was withdrawn just as a tongue started sliding along an exposed nipple. Monique, still partially aroused, gasped and involuntarily hunched her back upwards towards the tongue, nipples hardening, as first one mouth - and then another - began sucking at her breasts.

At the same time, she felt a long, thin nozzle being slid up her ass. Monique squealed and tried to clench her anal muscles, but the earlier lubrication made it impossible for her to prevent the intrusion. A moment later, she began to feel a warm rush of liquid gushing into her. This lasted for about thirty seconds, after which the nozzle was quickly pulled out and something else - something thicker and harder - inserted in her ass and left there. She tried to expel the liquid, but found that she couldn't.

Monique groaned and writhed on the table, her fogged mind overwhelmed by contradictory sensations. Her belly felt bloated and cramped, but the feel of the mouth sucking at her breasts overcame the pain and discomfort. Then she felt something at the mouth of her pussy... something long and hard... cold... a dildo? Slowly the object was slid into her wet pussy. Monique moaned, and couldn't stop herself from trying to lift her lower body upwards onto the rubber cock. At the same time, she felt hands pulling at her head and hair, but she ignored them. All that mattered to her were the sensations in her breasts and pussy.

This continued for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. Monique whimpered in frustration; every time she was just about to come, the dildo was removed and the mouths pulled away from her nipples. Whenever that happened, the pain from her bloated belly would overcome her, driving away the arousal. And then, inevitably, the mouths and dildo would return, and she would quickly be brought back up to the brink of orgasm.

Only to be held back...


And again...

Once again, she was brought up just short of achieving orgasm.

Things seemed to move quickly all of a sudden. A panel was slid up at the lower end of the table, leaving her plugged ass hanging loose over the edge. The but plug was pulled roughly from her ass, and the lukewarm water gushed out. Monique tried to hold it in, not wanting to void herself in public, but her anal muscles were almost numb. Frustrated and humiliated, Monique began to cry.

She heard someone laugh.

Just as the last bit of water dribbled out, she felt something very cold on her nose and then up her nostril. The front of her face went suddenly numb. Before she could really focus on this new sensation, she heard a clipping sound, and felt something pulling at her nose. It wasn't painful, but it definitely felt strange. She almost thought that she felt something lying on her upper lip. Sort of like...

Her confused thoughts were interrupted by another flurry of activity around her. The lower panel was extended, once again supporting her ass, but the support under her head suddenly disappeared, and she felt her head being pulled downwards over the side of the table. The strap was undone from behind her neck, and the rubber phallus was pulled from her mouth, leaving a long trail of drool to fall down on her face.


Mouth suddenly free, she begged them - whoever they were - to stop. The drugs she had been given earlier had worn off a bit, because she was now able to speak. Those words were ignored, however, as rough hands grabbed her head and slipped on some kind of helmet. It seemed to consist of a number of leather straps which covered her head. A single strap went down over her face along the bridge of her nose and then spread out to surround a kind of metal ring, shaped in a circle, was centred over her mouth. A strap and buckle under her chin held the harness, and ring, in place. This was followed by a thick leather collar with four D-rings which was buckled in around her neck.

"N... no... don't... what are..."

Her protests were cut off by a shape which moved into her upside down line of sight and pressed against her mouth. She couldn't see properly, but her sense of smell told her what it was: a woman's pussy! She moaned and tried to turn her head, but it was held firm between the other woman's thighs.

"Come on little puss," a voice whispered to her. "Give a lick."

That voice? It sounded...

"Come on, little puss..."

Monique groaned a humiliated 'no', but the woman continued to press her crotch down against the young lawyer's face until she could no longer breath. Finally, Monique opened her mouth and tentatively stuck out her tongue. The taste made her sick to her stomach, but the pressure immediately eased up a bit, and she was able to breath again. Tearfully, Monique began to lick as best she could. It was better than suffocating...

As she began to suck and lick the woman's pussy, the captive lawyer felt hands touching and manipulating her breasts and pussy. She still had not been allowed to orgasm, so her sensitive nipples immediately went hard again. Suddenly, she felt the same cold feeling that she had felt earlier on her nose, and her nipples went numb. Then she felt the pulling sensation, but couldn't tell what was happening. Her attention was fully taken by the now sopping pussy at her face.

It was all she could do to keep from choking with revulsion at the taste and smell of the other woman's pussy juice. As if at a distance, she felt the cold sensation a third time, this time at her pussy. Just as she felt the odd pulling sensation, the woman whose pussy she was sucking came, and flood of pussy juice covered her face and ran into her mouth. She swallowed the repulsive liquid, desperately trying not to vomit.

Finally, the woman pulled away, and Monique was left gasping and panting for breath, face shining with pussy juice. She lay like that for a few moment before the panel supporting her head was replaced. Blinking away the pussy juice that had gotten in her eyes, she looked downward and saw...


The lights had been turned up a bit, and she could see better. It was the young secretary from work. She seemed to be dressed in a weird leather outfit, but Monique's eyes were immediately drawn to the arrangement at her crotch. Suzie was wearing some sort of harness which supported a long, black rubber dildo, the other end of which disappeared into Suzie's pussy. The girl approached slowly approached between Monique's widespread legs.

"S-Suzie," Monique groaned, trying to ignore the taste of pussy juice in her mouth. "Wh... what..."

The secretary said nothing. She just leaned forward and inserted the long dildo into her ex-boss's sopping pussy. There was no resistance. Monique groaned, but was unable to suppress the spasm of lust which fluttered through her lower tummy.

"What... what are you..."

Suzie grinned and pumped her hips back and forth.

"S-stop it..." Monique groaned and writhed on the table as the girl fucked her. "No... don't..."

Suzie smirked. "Don't what?" she asked, speaking for the first time.

"Don't... don't..." Monique couldn't help herself. Tears of humiliation ran down her face, but she had to come. She absolutely had to! "Don't..." Oh god. Could she say it? She had to: "Don't s-stop," she whimpered. "Don't stop."

Suzie's grin widened, and a number of people around the room began to laugh. "Does the youngest partner at Parker and Company wanted to be fucked by a secretary?"

"Ohhh.... no... y-yes," Monique groaned. "Oh yes." She began to buck her hips off the table in time with the younger girl's thrusts, desperately fucking back at her. She was so close...

"You want to come, you little lawyer-slut?"

"Yessss......" Monique was now beyond humiliation. Beyond caring. Her entire world centred on that wonderful thing between her legs. Frantically now, her sleek body covered with a sheen of sweat, she bucked and writhed on the table, groaning and whimpering.

Just about there...

Just about there...


Suzie pulled out.

"Nooooooooo..." Monique thrashed about on the table, overcome with frustrated lust, but it was no use. The dildo was gone; she couldn't close her legs or reach down with her hands to finish the job. There was nothing she could do. Eventually, she stopped writhing and just lay there, panting and sobbing as her arousal slowly receded.

After a few minutes, she blindfold was replaced and the world went dark. Once again, she felt hands running over her body: something that felt like a bra, only tighter, was placed on her breasts and the straps hooked over her shoulders; she felt something cold on her upper lip and chin and a strange tugging on her nose and then... breasts. The numbness was beginning to wear off, and she began to feel an ominous ache in the places which had previously been frozen.

While this was being done, she felt a hand at her pussy, teasing her clit. She quickly became aroused again and was soon moaning and writhing on the table. Again, however, the teasing stopped short of allowing her to orgasm. When she finally stopped panting, she realized that her wrists and ankles were no longer tied down, and she was being helped up to her feet.

The hands pulled her off the end of the table and steadied her as she tottered on the ridiculously high heels. Her feet felt almost perpendicular to the floor, and she found herself barely able to stand, much less walk. Her wrists were quickly and efficiently locked together behind her back and she was forced to walk, with small, careful steps, about ten feet across the room.

The blindfold was suddenly pulled from her face. Blinking, she looked... straight ahead at a full length mirror.

At herself!

The woman in the mirror...

She was more or less the same size as Monique, with more or less the same features... but that was where the resemblance ended. Where Monique had been an attractive, but conservative, young lady, this woman looked like something out of some kind of bizarre porno movie. This woman's long, slender legs were sheathed in white, rubber stocking, which ran upwards from a set of bright red, absurdly high-heeled "slut" shoes to her upper thighs. The stockings were attached by a red elastic material to an extremely tight, rubber corset. The corset itself, which ran from just above the woman's abdomen up the just below her breasts, was laced tightly up the front.

The woman's waist couldn't have been more than eighteen inches in the corset. The woman was wearing a tight, rubber push-up bra, which made the most of her small, firm breasts. Those breasts were further pulled upwards by a slender chain which ran from two small rings in her nipples - RINGS IN HER NIPPLES! - to a larger ring which hung down from her nose. The chain was just tight enough to pull slightly on the nipples, and this caused the woman in the mirror to keep her head facing submissively downward.

The woman's head... well, the hair was different. Where Monique had sported blonde, shoulder length hair, this woman had an ultra-short, spiky haircut, which was barely visible underneath the leather harness which covered her face and supported a metal O-ring over her quivering lips. The single leather strap which ran down her nose gave her wide, blue eyes a cross-eyed expression. Monique just stood there, balanced precariously on the high heels, staring at her image in the mirror.

What had happened!

In the mirror, she saw Suzie Myers, now dressed normally, come up behind her. Monique moaned and leaned backwards as Suzie reached around and began teasing her nipples.

"What do you think of my appearance now?" the girl asked, sliding her fingers down the front of the corset to the captive's crotch. "Not quite so wild, hmmm?"

Monique, still in shock at her new appearance, was unable to answer. Suzie's hand reached her pussy and... and pulled. Startled, Monique looked down to see Suzie's fingers playing with two golden rings which hung from either side of her newly pierced pussy. The horror of the situation suddenly overcame her, and she began to cry in earnest. How could she ever go back to work - face her colleagues - with all of these horrible... things attached to her? Suzie laughed and slipped a brutal finger into her ex-boss's pussy. Despite everything that had happened to her, Monique began to become aroused again...

"Don't cry, little puss," Suzie told her. "Your career as a lawyer is over, but you have a new career now." Monique moaned and squirmed as Suzie reached another hand around and began playing with a pierced nipple. "My friends here at the 'club' were looking for a new toy," Suzie continued, "and I thought you'd be perfect. You see, they like to play these little games - you know, dress up and such - but it's really no fun to play with someone who likes it... too much." Tears streaming down her face, Monique tried to say something, but she just couldn't stop panting...

If only she could come.

She was getting close again...

Suzie stopped playing with her just as another woman walked into Monique's field of vision. It was... the woman looked almost exactly like... like Monique! She was even wearing Monique's clothing. The captive lawyer stared, eyes wide behind the leather harness.

"Oh," Suzie laughed. "You haven't been introduced yet. This is Sandra. She's going to be winding up your affairs for you."

The woman named Sandra smiled nastily and nodded her head. "Don't thank me," she smirked. "It only seems fair. "After all, you're going to be pretty busy around here."

Monique started to say something, but the words only came out as a gasp as Suzie tugged at the chain which connected her nipple ring to her nose ring. The woman named Sandra laughed and walked away.

Suzie's tongue slipped out and licked at Monique's ear as she continued talking. "My friends here like to play a particular little game. They like to see how long they can keep little girls like you aroused without actually coming. They have all sorts of special toys that'll keep you on the edge without letting you come. All sorts of toys. You see," she explained, once again running her hands over Monique's breasts, "they're experts at it. The record is almost six months. But I think they'll break that record with you."

Monique jerked forward in Suzie's grip. "S-six... m..."

Suzie laughed. "Oh yes," she chuckled. "As I said, this is your new career. A lifetime career. They'll keep you here for at least a few years - they have some very nice kennels in the back for slave bitches like you."

Suzie stopped laughing and leaned in, whispering intently in the captive's ear.

"And all the time you're here, they'll keep you bound, gagged and costumed. You'll never be free: you'll eat what they give you, when and how they give it to you; sleep when they let you; shit and piss only when they let you - if you ask nicely enough; you'll never be free, and they'll never, never let you come. The fun part is that you'll constantly be forced to give them sexual pleasure... just like any other sex toy - fucking, sucking and everything else they can think of. But you'll never come."

Suzie pulled her face away from Monique's ear and began molesting her pussy again. Monique tried to say something - anything to change things - but all she could do was moan and squirm in the girl's grip.

She had to come!

"And after they're finished with you here," Suzie continued, "one of the members will 'inherit' you. I understand that Sandra - you've met her - has nice, quiet estate in Mexico where she breeds women for black market babies."

Then, without warning, she pushed her captive forward. Unable to balance on the high heels, Monique fell painfully to her knees. Suzie reached down and inserted a large, two headed dildo into the captive's mouth. It fit in through the O-ring and was clipped in place. Once fastened, Monique was forced to suck on the rubber phallus while the other end stuck out a good six inches from her face.

Another woman, someone Monique didn't recognize, moved forward and grabbed a hold of the face dildo. The woman guided the head of the dildo into her pussy, grabbed Monique's face, and pulled. Monique felt a sudden stab of pain as her breasts were jerked upwards by the chain attached to her nipple rings, but was unable to lower her head. Her vision was quickly obscured by the woman's thick, pungent pussy hair, as she found herself forced to fuck the woman with her face.

"Well, I'll leave you to it." It was Suzie, whispering in her ear. "Enjoy your new life here. It's not quite the same as being a high-priced lawyer, but I'm sure you'll get to like it. After a while."

Monique tried to say something - anything to convince Suzie that this was a mistake; that she was sorry for getting her fired - but all she could do was gurgle and moan; and jerk her dildo - face back and forward in time with the woman's urgent thrusts.

From behind, she felt fingers on her pussy, playing and teasing her clit. Again, she felt a wave of humiliated arousal surge through her body, but she knew, as her tears ran down her face and mingled with the juices of the woman whose pussy she was fucking, that she would never, never be allowed to come.

And so, Monique began her new career.

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