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A Day Out with the Supermarket Women
by Pam (pam@mrdouble.com)

* A Day Out with the Supermarket Women *

Pam tells us about the time she and her daughter were invited to spend the day with the women from the local supermarket. Wendy is to be the prize for the best employees. She is taken on the bus, in the pool, for lunch and on the way home! Her mother also has fun with the hotel manager's daughter.

Ever since Wendy had been chosen as the Supermarket Princess, we had been welcomed as honoured guests whenever we went there to do our shopping. I loved the way the women showed their admiration for my darling sixteen year old, by following her with their eyes and licking their lips. They made it obvious that they were still lusting after her.

Wendy teased them sometimes by letting the more attractive ones have glimpses of her body, mainly her legs and breasts. She remembered the way the women had used her at their party and had often told me that wished there was a way to repeat the experience.

The manageress of the supermarket, Clare sometimes saw me walking around the store and she often called me into her office for a cup of coffee. One day, she poured me out a cup and said, "Pam, I am going to organise a day out for the girls. We are running a competition to find the best workers and the outing is to be part of the prize for the winners."

I nodded, "It seems a good idea," I said. "And what is the rest of their prize?"

"Well, if you agree," she said, "I think that they would love to have you and Wendy go along with them for their day out. After all Wendy is still their Princess!"

I discussed the offer with Wendy, who agreed. In fact, she was delighted to think that she was to spend some more time with her lesbian friends. We had several meetings with Clare and the organisers of the outing. No expense was to be spared in giving the prizewinners a good day out.

The twenty winners, Clare, Wendy and I were to be taken in a luxury coach to a country house hotel, where we would have the exclusive use of the facilities from 11am to 6pm. There was a sauna and swimming pool, and we were to be given the use of a lounge. All meals and bar bills would be paid for by the company. The hotel manageress had been consulted and had agreed to Clare's special requirements.

So on Wednesday, we found ourselves on a coach bound for the Woodburn Hotel. It was a lovely sunny day, and we were all dressed accordingly. Wendy was wearing a loose white blouse, which buttoned down the front. She had on a long skirt, with a slit up the front. High-heeled sandals completed her outfit, which suited her sweet innocent looks.

All the prizewinners looked very nice, glad for once to be out of their usual overalls. Wendy was pleased to see Debbie among them. She was the woman who had looked after her at the previous party and I knew she and Wendy were really fond of each other. I sat with Clare at the rear of the coach and watched as Wendy went and sat with each of the women in turn, to renew the acquaintance with the partygoers and meet the new girls.

I was pleased to see that the atmosphere in the coach was heating up, as the women lost no time in renewing their friendship with my daughter. Indeed, they appeared to be trying to win a prize for the longest kiss! I know only too well how delightful it is to kiss my darling's lovely wide mouth, so did not begrudge the women their fun. After Wendy had been embraced and been caressed by all the women she came up to Clare and asked if she could sit on her knee. Of course, Clare said yes and held her arms out to the eager teenager.

As Wendy sat down, the skirt split open to show Clare and me the full length of her long legs right up to her golden fur. Her blouse had been opened already so Clare was able to slip her hands into the opening and onto the firm breasts. As she weighed the creamy breast flesh in her hands, Wendy let out a grateful sigh and held her mouth up to be kissed.

The handsome manageress took possession of the offered mouth with hers and kissed my girl deeply. Wendy moaned gently as she took in her lover's saliva and felt the nimble fingers on her swelling nipples. I gently lifted my daughter's ankles onto my own lap and parted the muscled thighs.

Working together, Clare and I brought the princess to her first orgasm of the day, Clare with her kissing and nipple massage, and I with long fingers deep in my girl's quim. I looked up to see we had an audience watching enraptured as Wendy sobbed her way through her first climax of the day. As we let her relax, I withdrew my fingers only to have them seized by Debbie who sucked them clean of my daughter's rich cunt juice, with a blissful look on her pretty face. "I hope I get some more of that," she said with a smile.

We reached the hotel on time. The manageress, Mrs Barnes, who told us we had the place to ourselves except for her staff, who were the soul of discretion, greeted us at the front door. She assured us that we could do anything we wanted all day long. Food and drink would be provided. The sauna and pool were ready for us and the big lounge had been prepared to Clare's instructions. Mrs Barnes suggested that after our swim, we might like to wear just bathrobes if we would feel more relaxed that way.

Coffee was being served, so Clare and I sat and had a cup while discussing what might happen during the day. The other women took my Wendy off to the pool. Clare said she wanted every prizewinner to have a wonderful day.

"I just hope Wendy can handle all the sex she is likely to receive. I have asked Debbie to keep an eye on her."

I told her not to worry. "Wendy has been looking forward to this day. As long as the women are gentle with her, she will be okay." I said. "Shall we go and see what is happening in the pool?"

We found Mrs Barnes leaning over a balcony with the pool below her." Who is the youngster?" she asked.

"She seems to be the centre of attraction."

We saw all the women with Wendy naked in the middle. "My daughter," I said proudly, "Is she enjoying herself do you think?"

"I should say so," Mrs Barnes replied, pointing to where my girl was standing in the pool.

"What is going on?" asked Clare.

"I think the women are swimming under her and eating her cunt underwater. It is a kind of competition to see who can last longest."

Wendy was obviously enjoying having her cunt meat eaten in the cool water. We three watched entranced as she was brought up to a peak by the swimming women. As she gave in to the sensations, she laid back in the water. Her head was supported by one of the women who kissed her through the climax. Another was eating her pussy and two more were suckling her nipples. Their puffiness showed me how turned on she was. The rest of the women were grouped around, no doubt wishing it were they fucking the glorious girl.

When Wendy had relaxed again, she was led by the women into the sauna. Mrs Barnes immediately signalled to Clare and me to follow her into her office where she showed us her closed circuit TV system. Quickly, she turned a knob until we saw in full colour wide screen what was going on in the sauna. My darling girl was laid out on her back with her lovely limbs spread widely. Her skin was glowing with sweat and water. Debbie was seated so that Wendy's head was on her lap.

We counted six women besides Debbie and Wendy crowded into the sauna cabin. We could see others watching from the doorway. The lucky ones were literally ravishing my daughter's body. Her flesh was being rubbed all over by the sweaty bodies of her lovers, breast-to-breast, belly-to-belly, cunt to cunt. Such action could not last long, and eventually all eight participants sank into an exhausted heap. Mrs Barnes was worried about leaving them in the heat of the sauna so she went down and we saw her and her staff taking the debilitated women out to the shower area and washing the combined sweat and cunt juice from their bodies.

Clare and I went into the lounge where a few of the women were beginning to assemble for lunch. They were following Mrs Barnes's advice, wearing just the white bathrobes provided by the hotel. The hotel staff had laid out a wonderful buffet, with cold meats, salmon, lobster and salads. There were gateaux and trifles for dessert, and champagne stood cooling in buckets. I was amused to see a display of distinctly phallic vegetables, cucumbers, rhubarb, carrots and so on. I wondered which of the women would be the first to put them to good use!

By about 1.30pm, all the guests had assembled, except for my Wendy and her friend, Debbie. I wondered if this was by design, when Clare stood up. She made sure that we all had a glass of champagne and spoke, "Well done, all the prize winners. I am sure you are all hungry after your swim."

There were a few giggles at that. "You may partake of lunch in a few minutes, but first I want to propose a toast." She continued, "To our Princess, Wendy."

As the women all held up their glasses to toast my daughter, the door of the room opened and Debbie pushed a trolley into the room. On the trolley was my lovely daughter, stark naked and garnished with fruits and cream. Her head was framed by her blonde hair and lying in a bed of bunches of grapes. Her breasts were covered in cream with half strawberries pressed to her flesh. Wendy's belly was covered in slices of melon, leading to her pubic fur which seemed to have redcurrants threaded amongst the gold. Lines of cream studded with bananas and raspberries led from the ankles right up Wendy's long legs to her scarlet cunt lips which were distended by a peeled pear which Debbie had lovingly inserted into my daughter's tight vagina. The pink pearly clit was anointed with a dab of cream.

All the women clustered round and I saw several congratulating Debbie, who Clare told me had dreamt up the whole scheme. Debbie wheeled the trolley over to where Clare and I were sitting. My lovely daughter looked up at me, "What do you think, Mum?" she asked, "Do you think I make a good dessert?"

"Darling, you look delicious and I think you will be the favourite choice from the menu today." I laughed.

Clare and I sat drinking champagne and nibbling the delicious food, while watching the women enjoying themselves. Some of them had shed their robes and were sitting on the sofas naked. We noticed that some of the older women had paired off with younger colleagues and were openly petting. The phallic food had been discovered and was being put to good use.

We saw two of the younger girls being comprehensively fucked with a carrot and cucumber. Wendy was not neglected. Ten of the prizewinners were lunching off her well-loved flesh. All we could see of her was a sea of bobbing heads licking and sucking the fruit and cream. Her mouth was not neglected for her faithful lover Debbie had taken possession of it. She was alternately pouring cream into it and sucking the mixed cream and saliva out into her own greedy mouth.

As we watched, we saw one of the older women sink between Wendy's thighs and began to eat the pear buried deep in my girl's quim. All of us heard a distinct sucking sound as the ripe fruit was sucked out of its hiding place. Immediately two other girl's mouth met at the entrance to my daughter's cunt.

They competed to get their tongues into the juicy vagina, then one of them moved to her clit and licked it clean of cream. As they worked on my darling's vulva, Clare could not resist pouring a stream of champagne over and into the gaping pink cunt flesh. This mixed with the juice coming from Wendy's pussy and the saliva from her lovers' mouths to make a delicious drink, which was avidly lapped up by the women.

Soon the teenager's body had been licked clean. Wendy had had a stream of orgasms, which left the girl exhausted. She was taken off by Debbie for a refreshing shower. The women were all naked now and Clare and I were able to enjoy the sight as they formed several daisy chains on the carpet so as to all get full satisfaction. Gradually the sounds and smells of their lust subsided, as one by one they fell asleep.

Mrs Barnes tiptoed to our side. She confessed she had watched the whole scene from her office and had noticed that neither Clare nor I had joined in the orgy. "Would you both like to come up to my bedroom, where I can promise such good customers a special treat?" Of course, we agreed at once.

She brought us to a bedroom door on the first floor of the hotel. "And here is your treat," she said as she threw the door open. In the middle of a large bed lay a lovely teeny girl fast asleep. "This is my daughter, Poppy." Mrs Barnes whispered. "She saw most of the fun going on downstairs, and I can promise you she is well primed for anything you want to do with her. Bon Appetit." She laughed as she quietly closed the door and left us alone with her nymphet.

Clare and I went over to the bed and we examined the supine girl. Poppy was just wearing a baby doll nightdress and this did not hide any of her perfect body. "Isn't she perfect?" whispered Clare, "Look at that face, she looks angelic."

"I wonder if she is cherry," I said, "It would be awful to imagine a man's ugly dick busting her."

Clare agreed, as we undressed, both of us eager to enjoy the teen babe we had been so generously given. It made it more exciting to think of the darling's mother watching us ravage her pet. We knew she would now be in front of the TV in her office! "Would you like to start with her top or bottom?" I asked Clare.

"If you don't mind, I would love to have her top," she replied. That left me with the girl's legs, bum and cunt. Of course I did not mind!

We gently woke the girl. Mrs Barnes had been right that her daughter was well primed for sex. The moment she saw us she put her sweet mouth up to be kissed. While Clare obliged with a deep French-kiss, I quickly stripped down the slender body. It was so lovely, long slim legs, a hairless mound with just the suggestion of a slit. Conical breasts surmounted by cute pink nipples, just aching for an experienced lesbian's mouth.

As we had agreed I left the pet's mouth and breasts to my co-lover and went straight for the adorable little quim. I put the slim thighs wide apart so that the outer vaginal lips parted disclosing neat little inner lips. I opened these with my eager hands and a wave of girl scent intoxicated me. She smelt so pure and fresh with overtones of musky need.

I popped her clit and was delighted to find it well developed for one so young. "Look at this," I said to Clare.

She broke the kiss to have a look, "The little minx has been masturbating," she observed.

I bent my head to take the sex-bud between my lips. It tasted divine, salty and sweet at the same time. By this time, her girlish cunt was flowing come-juice, due to my manipulation of her clit and Clare's nipple suckling.

Together we worked the teenager's body to bring on the climax she needed so much. She came beautifully with all the classic signs of extreme arousal. Breast swelling, nipple erection, clitoral exposure and a cunt flowing generously. Clare and I then swapped over and I had the pleasures of the girl's mouth and tits while Clare savoured her reddened cunt.

By this time our double experience was paying dividends. We were able to keep the darling's climaxes rolling through her passion-wracked body. Eventually, we judged that the girl had had enough pleasure so brought her down gently to a state of relaxation. I cradled her in my arms while Clare gently sponged down the ravaged teenage body, cleaning off most of the evidence of her sexual ordeal. We all three had a nap together before the handsome supermarket manageress and I rejoined the party downstairs.

While we had been away, the prizewinners had not been idle. Debbie told us that they had held a sexual Olympics, in which the women had competed under various categories. We were presented with the winners of the French Kissing Marathon, the Breast Suckling to Orgasm Race, and the Cunnilingus to Climax Competitions.

We laughed to see my Wendy stretched out exhausted on a sofa, looking like the cat that had the cream. Her body was stained with her own and her sex partners' juices, sweat and spit. It transpired that my daughter had been the arena that each competitor had used in their championship efforts.

Wendy told me later that she had been comprehensively kissed by eight women, been suckled to orgasm by ten and had had her cunt sucked by all twenty prizewinners. Naturally, she had totally lost count of her climaxes after the first thirty! But I knew my own girl's powers of recovery. She would soon be ready for more!

Soon it was time to go home. The women reluctantly dressed and saying goodbye to our hostess, they boarded the coach for the ride home. "Thank you so much for a wonderful day," said Clare, "and thank you for giving us your lovely daughter."

"I hope we weren't too much for the little darling." I added.

Mrs Barnes told us she was delighted that we had given Poppy such a good lesbian going over, perhaps now she would stop pestering her mum to let her fuck the hotel's waiters!

During the journey home, Wendy once more entertained all comers. She was soon naked once more, and the women made sure that as each mile passed, their Princess was royally shagged again and again. No one was left out, but the biggest round of applause was given to their manageress who took part in an athletic 69 with my daughter on the back seat of the coach, with all her staff watching.

They certainly learnt a lot from their boss that day!


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