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The China Connection
by Pallidan (lee120fs@datasync.com)

* The China Connection *

When the company starts to slide, a woman is sent to China for training. Not the training she expected as she soon finds out.

Leigh arrived at the China Fashion House. She was tried of her long journey on the flight but was told to come here first and arrangements would be made for her. She had been the manager of a large New York fashion saloon owned by Mrs. Karen Johnson. The fashion show had been famous for years but lately it was losing money fast.

Only the China connection of the chain was making a ton of money so Mrs. Johnson demanded she go there for training for 6 months. She hated the idea but she didn't want to lose her job so here she was. Paying the taxi, she walked inside greeted by a young Chinese girl and led to Ms Chia office.

Upon entering, she noticed Ms Chia was an elderly lady in her late 40s and overweight for her age. She motioned her to have a seat and then resume talking on the phone in Chinese while watching her. She was nervous and definitely wanted to get this over fast so she waiting impatiently for the woman to get off the phone.

The young girl brought her from tea, as she remained seated. Finally she thought as the lady hung up the phone.

"You must be Leigh," said the woman. Looking over her glasses at her. "Welcome. Where is your baggage?"

"It's outside," said Leigh, "look I here because I was told I had to come. Right now I very tired and need my beauty rest. If you get one of your girls to get my bags and take me to the hotel, I'll be back early in the morning so we can get started. The sooner the better."

"Oh course," said Ms Chia. Ringing a bell, a young girl came in and she told her something in Chinese as she departed. Leigh was very light headed. Too much time in the air she thought. She started to get up and everything went black. The last thing she remembered is turning to see the old lady smiling.

Leigh awoke with a pain in her jaws. She realized that something had been put in her mouth and looked below her nose to see a black plastic thing coming out her mouth. Her whole mouth was full of it and her jaws were being stretched. She couldn't move her legs without her tits hurting so she looked down and saw her tits were tied with rope and attached to her big toes with twine. Her hands were also tied behind her back preventing her from freeing herself. All she could do was roll from side to side.

She looked around and saw she was in some kind of torture room. There were things all along the wall, benches with straps, hooks all around and plenty more. She had heard of places like this in books and video but she never wanted to try it. She was in panic and totally naked. The cool air chilled the room, as she couldn't protect herself. She tried to get up and fell back. She was a large lady in her mid 30s with medium breast and a nice round ass she liked to flaunt at her models. Now they were totally exposed to anyone here. She heard the door open behind and shifted positions to Ms Chia enter in a black thong and another nude young Chinese girl to her side barely 20. Ms Chia had large oversized saggy breasts and a large bumpy ass that wiggled as she came closer. In her hand, she held something that looked like a horse riding crop.

"My, my. How's my doggie," she said in English and hit Leigh ass hard with the crop. Leigh tried to yell but the gag prevented it. "Don't look so proud now do you? You were sent here for training by Mrs. Johnson who forgot to tell you that we run a white slavery ring here. We have fashion shows with our white sluts and rent them out to well paying customers. With you blond hair and nice ass, I sure you will fit right in. Your ass is mine too do with however I want and for as long as I want. Mrs. Johnson said to train you good so when she comes over next. She said you had one hot ass she would love to fuck."

Leigh cringed in fear and wiggled trying to escape to no avail. She stared up at her captors with pleading eyes trying to talk through the gag.

Ms Chia continued. "You will learn to crawl like a dog. Serve men and women anyway they want and perform any tricks they desire. You are worth lees than a dog and if you disobey you will be punished severely for each offense. She yelled something to the Chinese girl who walked up and grabbed Leigh legs lifting them high above her head so her ass was sticking straight up in the air. The old lady then proceeded to walk up and raising the crop started bringing it down again and again on her ass.

She was screaming through the gag as the crop was cutting in her ass. She couldn't even move it as the girl held her legs tight over her head preventing any movement. The pain was horrible and she was sure her ass was bleeding from the attack. She closed her crying eyes to try to hide the pain as it finally stopped.

Fearing, she opened her eyes to see the old lady return with a strap-on attached to her waist and was stroking it as she approached. Her eyes watched in horror as the woman lower her dildo down on her ass as she felt it at the entrance to her asshole. She had never been fucked there and tried to yell as she felt it pushing at the entrance. She tried to resist and screamed in pain as it penetrated inside as the woman looked down smiling at her. The pain was horrible as she tried to relax her ass muscles to the intruder to prevent damage but the lady had it all the way in and was pulling it out for another assault as she watched in horror and then felt in enter again. She was being solemnized by an old Chinese woman. A lady of her class and beauty. She tried to think of more pleasant things and boyfriend fucks she had in the past to get herself wet and ease the pain but the lady was pushing faster and faster till she finally passed out.

When she awoke again, she found the gag had been removed and the rope that had attached her tits to toes removed also. Her hands were tied together in front with a foot length of rope between them. Her feet were likewise. Her ass was burning and felt like it had been ripped in half. She rose and stood up slowly to see she was in the same room. She needed to go the bathroom to relieve herself and saw a john in the corner. When she got there, she found there was no bottom to it just an opening at top. She would just have to hold it. She looked around and saw there was just one door that refused to open when she turned the knob. Yelling out loud for help, she heard nothing. She found a small straight stool on the floor and sat down wondering what was going to happen next.

After what seem like 30 minutes the door opened and Leigh watched Ms Chia enter totally naked this time followed by the young girl again. She had a strap in her hand as she watched them approached in fear. She started to beg for relief as the old lady brought the strap down hard across her breasts knocking her completely back off the stool in pain yelling.

"No talk unless I tell you to. Dog come and lick my feet." She demanded.

No way, thought Leigh, as she felt a sharp pain on her back realizing the young girl had hit her with a crop. She started to turn around and she was struck again with it. Once more and she fell to the floor and crawled to the old lady and started kissing her feet.

"The strap fell on her ass. I said lick dog." The woman commanded again.

Leigh started licking. Her whole body hurt and these women were crazy and probably kill her if she didn't do what they wanted. The old lady toes stunk but she started licking the tops of her foot and then in between the toes.

"Much better dog. Now get behind and lick my ass." The old woman demanded.

"Listen, I demand......"

She never got the words off as she felt the strap and crop both fall on her at the same time and then again as she screamed. Crawling behind the woman, she pushed her face in her large sagging ass and started tonguing between the cheeks hoping to get her off as soon as possible. Whenever she slowed down, she felt the crop on her ass reminding her to get busy. Her tongue was dry from lapping as she tried to use her own saliva to keep it moist. The old lady must have been happy with her performance as she walked forward and sat on the stool and called her to crawl over.

Leigh in humiliation crawled over knowing what was coming next and was not surprised as the lady grabbed her blond hair and pushed her face down in her hairy cunt. She didn't want to feel the strap or crop again and worked hard trying to make her cum. She would never be the same again. She felt the young girl face touch her cunt and then her tongue entering her pussy. The tongue was starting to drive her crazy as she increased her pace on the old lady cunt in her face. The old lady came as she felt the girl pull back from her pussy as she tried to lean back to get her tongue. It felt so good and she needed more. She was just about to cum herself. She reached back with her hands to rub her pussy as the strap fell hard on her ass again causing her to yell out in pain.

"You are not allowed to play with your pussy without permission," Ms Chia said looking down smiling at her. Saying something to the girl, she felt her sit down on her back.

"Crawl dog," Ms Chia said as the girl struck her ass hard with the crop.

Leigh started crawling around as fast as she could with the girl weight on her back. When she slowed for a moment, the crop would land on her ass and she would pick up pace. She knew her ass would never be the same again. There must be welts all over it by now.

Ms Chia had attached a dildo to the stool as they returned from around the room and as the young girl got up; she grabbed Leigh by the hair and led her over to it.

"Your ass is too tight for our customers. We'll have to stretch it for a while." The two of them turned her around and pushed her down forcing her ass on the dildo as she adjusted to prevent damage to her ass. Slowly they pushed her down screaming on it as she yelled for mercy. When she was firmly seated and the dildo deeply embedded, they tied her to the stool so she couldn't get up without it. She begged as they continued to ignore her.

"Good dog," said Ms Chia with a smile on her face. "We'll be back in a while."

Leigh just sat panting. Her asshole was ripped in half. She would never be able to go to the bathroom again. She tried to adjust her butt to ease the pain in her ass without much luck. She had to find someway out of here as she struggled to get her hands free with little luck. It seem like hours before the door opened again and she saw Ms Chia walk back in the room with an elderly gentleman to her side and the naked young girl walking behind.

"This is Mr Chung." She announced as they approached. "He is a good man. You are to lickie his dick doggie till he feels good.

Leigh watched the old man get in front of her and unzipped his pants. His erected cock sprained out and was within a foot of her face. She tighten her mouth as tight as she could. She was determined she wasn’t going to lick that nasty thing.


Leigh yelled out in pain as the crop came down hard on both her tits.

"Lickie doggie." Ms Chia repeated. "Make Mr Chung cock cum in your mouth." She pulled the crop up to strike again but Leigh knew better than disobey as she opened her mouth and engulfed the cock inside. His cock was average in size as she mouthed it in and out till the crop came down on her poor tits again with the command to take it all in her mouth. She swallowed her pride and started deep throating his cock like she had done many times in the past with some of her boyfriends to prove she was good at it. It didn’t take him very long to cum as it spurted down her throat before she had the chance to pull away.

"Good doggie." Ms Chia said as the man put his cock back in his pants and they started walking out again. Leigh yelled at them to let her loose to no avail as they walked out totally ignoring her. Her asshole was still burning below and the taste in her mouth was totally disgusting but there was nothing she could do but just sit. Finally, the door opened again and Ms Chia walked back in with the girl again.

"Time to train doggie to walk." She announced as the young girl approached and Leigh watched as she attached a metal collar with leash around her neck. She started to protest but saw the woman hold the crop up just waiting for her to say something. The girl then attached a couple of ankle bracelets around her ankles and some rope with about 2 foot gap to each as she just sat in disbelief at what she was enduring. Finally the girl untied her from the stool and help raise her up and off the dildo as she cried out in pain.

"You will walk with your hands and feet. Ankles are not allowed to touch." Ms Chia explained.

Leigh tried to protest but the girl yanked on the chain and Leigh voice was cut off immediately. It was a choker and she knew from training a dog in the past what it could do as it tighter around her neck.

"Get in position doggie." Ms Chia demanded.

Leigh couldn’t talk as the chain was tight around her neck. She tried to get down on all fours as the crop came down hard on her ass as she immediately pushed her ass back up in the air. Gosh that hurt.

"Now we walk." Ms Chia announced telling the girl to start moving and warning Leigh what she would get if she slowed down or let her knees touch. It was very awkward to move as Leigh did her best to try to move along. Several times her knee would touch the floor as they passed through the door and the crop would come down hard on her ass globes in back and she screamed in pain. As they walked out the door, Leigh noticed a large room with people sitting at sewing machines and other hardware working away as they entered. All of them was Chinese and busy at what they were doing. They were all nude and Leigh glanced up to see several white women and men like herself were between the legs of some licking them as they worked. As she slowed down looking, the crop landed on her ass again as she picked up pace. She was so humiliated crawling between them in her position but there wasn’t anything else she could do at the moment.

"Don’t worry, Ms Chia said from behind. "You no work in factory. You will be fucktoy for successful business people like myself."

The thought didn’t make her feel much better as her she continued crawling totally red face through the gap in the room into another doorway. It was a rather large office and their were several women seated as she entered. A couple was Chinese and another was African she noticed.

"New fucktoy," Ms Chia announced. "Not trained yet. You can play with her first, but pay Chin on the way out. No freebies."

Leigh watched as the young girl dropped the chain and turned and walked out with Ms Chia out the door. Glancing up, she could see the women smiling and knew what was in store for her. Yelling, she tried to get up and run for the door only to get tangled in her ropes below and fall down. The two Chinese women was on her at once grabbing her chain and pulling her back to the couch. She was yelling as one sat down and spread her legs while the other held her chain in her hand and her hair with the other hand forcing her face down in the woman crotch. She yelled for help till her face was firmly planted and a hand slapped her striped ass in back demanding she lick. Crying, she immediately started licking the woman cunt.

As she licked, she felt the other woman hand roaming her butt cheeks in back. The hands felt good on her sore ass as she quicken her pace on the woman clit in response. She was actually getting off as the woman came on her face and the two switched places for her to continue. As she felt a hand on her clit, she started pushing her ass back to allow more access to it as she licked as fast as she could on the new cunt in her mouth. Soon, the second woman came on her face as her hair was pulled back so she was sitting on her knees. She glanced over to see the black woman was now totally naked on the couch sitting backwards with her ass pointed out. One of the Chinese women led her over by the chain and demanded she lick her ass and pussy till she cum.

Leigh own cunt was soaking wet now as she started working on the larger woman asshole and clit. The two Chinese women were driving her crazy pulling on her tits and rubbing her clit and ass as she licked. She kept trading off licking the woman clit and driving her tongue deep in her asshole till the woman finally came slamming her large ass back on her face as she continued lapping it. Her tongue was raw but she had cum once and was nearing another when they stopped. All of the women got up and was putting their clothes back on as she just sat on her knees panting. She tried to reach between her legs to rub her clit to another orgasm when one of the women told her she better not do that or else. When they were dressed, she was demanded to kiss each one of the ass and thank them for letting her lick their pussies. She was totally disgusted at herself and excited at the same time. She heard them walk out and then the young girl entered the room again and taking her chain demanded she crawl again.

This time Leigh didn’t complain as her cunt was dripping all down her thighs. As a matter of fact, walking that way was causing fiction on her clit and she was starting to get excited again. Fuck them, she thought, I’ll get away later. Right now I’m going to cum all over their precious floor. She almost did too as they entered another office area and Ms Chia was sitting at a desk. The girl walked her around as Ms Chia pushed her chair back.

"Crawl underneath and lickie doggie." She demanded.

Leigh crawled backwards under the desk as the woman moved the chair back up. She had no panties on as her chair pushed forward till Leigh was pinned underneath the desk with her face to her hairy bush. She knew what was expected and immediately started licking her clit. Her own cunt was on fire as she kept tightening her thighs around it where no one could see. She heard the door open but she didn’t care as she was close to cumming herself.

"Hi honey." A voice Leigh recognize immediately as Linda Johnson yelled out. "Have you started training the bitch yet?"

"You are early." Ms Chia responded. "We didn’t expect you till the end of the week."

Leigh was turning red in anger at the woman who betrayed her being in the same room. At the same time didn’t won’t her to discover she was there so she kept quiet. She felt Ms Chan cum in her mouth but kept licking in hoping she wouldn’t exposed her to the bitch like this.

"Couldn’t wait that long." Linda responded. "My cunt been wet ever since I put the bitch on the plane. Even, brought my 12" black monster to shove up her sweet ass."

"Have a seat. My girl will entertain as usual. Ah, there she is." Ms Chia replied. "Please have some tea."

"Gladly dear." Linda responded. "Lick my pussy sweetie while I chat with your mistress. I expect you to lick slow at first and then get your tongue wagging"

Leigh could tell by the noise that the girl had gotten done on the floor and must have been licking her ex- boss cunt. Ms Chia came a second time on her face. This time she rocked all over Leigh face as she continued to lap.

"Are you alright." Linda asked. "Do you have some slut underneath your desk as usual?"

"Yes." Ms Chia replied. "Good doggie. Very good doggie. How is the tea?"

"The tea is great but this worth needs a lesson in proper pussy licking." Linda was saying. "Where is your crop so I can beat this worthless cunt while she tongues me? You really must be slowing down in your training techniques. I think I must be getting tired. I don’t feel that good. My head is dro………………"

Leigh heard a loud bang behind her and then Ms Chia moved her chair backwards so that her cunt was out of her face. She grabbed Leigh chain and pulled her out of the desk as Leigh immediately got up in her normal doggie walk position. She knew she was going to give her to Linda and her ass was grass but what could she do. As soon as they came around the desk, Leigh immediately saw Linda passed out on the floor much the same as what happened to her when she arrived.

"Strip and take the cow down to the dungeon." Ms Chia told the young girl standing there with cum on her face. "She will make a good fucktoy and milking cow for our lower paying customers. Keep her making babies for slaves. Business has been bad and its time we get a new executive overseas."

She smiled down at Leigh who was staring in disbelief. "You are a good doggie." She said. "I think I will keep you awhile. Go lickie bitch face goodbye so we can go take care of business."

Leigh was glowing in excitement as she crawled over and gave Linda a big lap all over her face. Hope you smell that cunt juice, she thought, when you wake up.

Ms Chia gave the chain a pull and Leigh immediately started crawling behind her. She felt so proud that Ms Chia had told her that she was a good doggie and gave her ass a good shake in back towards Linda still passed out on the floor.


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