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Catfight Duel
by Pallidan (lee120fs@datasync.com)

* Catfight Duel *

Taming the Neighbor Mary had been an on-line mistress under an alias name for several years when a woman begged one day to be her slave. She knew the woman by the email address as her own neighbor, a woman married to a wealthy man and a total bitch. She couldn't believe her luck and started her out doing various humiliating things and taking photos of them, which she masturbated at night looking at them and waiting for the day when she would confront her.

Once she had her plug her ass and put on a tight corset. She then had her go outside with it on and pull weeds from her flowerbed while she walked over and made idle talk. She enjoyed the look of discomfort on her face as she talked and did everything she could to end the conversation and leave.

Of course, she kept going till she was all red in the face. When she had all she needed to blackmail her, she sent her an email that she was to get totally naked, plug her ass, and clamp her pussy and tits. She was to stand in the corner of the room for 30 minutes.

The front door of the house was open as she walked in. She stood looking at Sue standing in the corner. She was pushing the plug in and out of her ass and rubbing her pussy at the same time. She enjoyed the sight for a moment before interrupting it.

"You look so cute Sue." She commented. "Don't stop because of me."

Sue jumped at the voice and turned around looked at her. Her face was totally red and she froze momentarily trying to figure out what to do. She had been discovered and ran towards the bedroom passing Mary as the plug fell out of her ass in the hall. The clamp on her pussy fell also, as Mary laughed at how that must have felt. She started towards the bedroom behind her and found her hiding behind the door.

"You just as well come out," she said sitting on the bed. "I know all about how much a slut you are since you have been sending your pictures to me for over 3 months now." :If you don't obey me, I have to send them all to that wimpy husband of yours and he may kick your ass out of the house."

Sue looked out from behind the door in shock. She now understood her situation and knew she was in trouble. She had dreamed of being a slave to a woman for years now but would have preferred anyone other than Mary, her neighbor. She slowly came out and stood before her totally humiliated and exposed. The cloth pins were still on her nipples and hurt like hell but her pussy was still sore and wet.

"Much better," said Mary teasing her. "You seem to have lost this." She held up the butt plug and looked at the defeated face of Sue. "I think it belongs in that big ass of yours." "Turn around and bend over while I put it back in." "Be sure to spread it for me so I can get it all in."

As Sue turned around and bent over, she walked over and enjoyed the sight of her large ass spread in front before putting the head of the dildo at her anus. Taking great delight in the effect, she began pushing it in till it was totally inserted in her asshole.

"I didn't tell you, you could play with your pussy and plug when you were standing in the corner did I." She pointed out bluntly.

"No mistress." "I'm sorry mistress." Sue replied meekly.

"Grab your ankles and push that butt of yours back." Mary commanded. "I think 25 swats on each cheek are in order." "If your plug comes out again, I am going to shove it in your mouth first before I put it back." "Is that understood, slut?"

"Yes mistress," said Sue releasing her ass cheeks and grabbing her ankles. She pushed her butt back and tried to clench the dildo with her ass muscles as tight as she could.

Mary started slapping her ass and listening to her yelps. She slapped hard till she was pleading with her and even harder trying to get the plug to slip out. After the twenty hit, it finally slipped out on the floor as Sue was starting to cry. She applied the last five on each cheek and then picked up the dildo and walked in front of her. Sue was shaking her head no as she slapped her face hard and told her to open up. She slid the dildo inside enjoying the look of disgust on her face.

"Looks like we can't tell one end from the other," she teased walking in back and rubbing her redden ass. She pinched each cheek and then moved her hand down to her pussy.

"So you enjoyed it slut. Good." She said. "I have plenty of uses for you in the future." "Put that dildo back in your ass slut and get on all fours."

Sue pulled the dildo out of her mouth and started pushing it back in her ass moaning from the intruder in her sore butt. She then got down on her hands and knees.

Mary removed her dress and then sat down on her back in her bra and panties. Grabbing her long blond hair, she slapped her ass. "Start crawling slut," she said, as Sue started crawling down the hall. She would slap her ass and pull her hair at the same time enjoying her yells. She made her crawl to the dining room before she let her stop. She then got up and removed her bra and panties and sat down on the chair.

"Come here and eat me slut." She commanded.

Sue, teary faced, crawled forward as Mary grabbed her hair again and pushed her face in her cunt. She rested her legs on her back and clinched her thighs tight around her head so she couldn't escape. She was enjoying the tonguing on her clit and demanded she continued deep inside her pussy. She came on her face and started grinding her cunt all over it. She made her get on her back in front of her.

I have another hole that needs attention slut she said getting up and straddling her head began to lower her ass down on her face as Sue pleaded with her not to. When she was firmly on top with Sue nose planted between her ass cheeks, she sat down further till she felt her tongue working on her ass hole. She rose up every once in a while to let her have air before lowering her ass down again on her face.

Sue had quit licking around her asshole by now and was using her tongue as a dildo as she starting rocking back and forth on it. She knew she was broken by now and totally hers to use. Masturbating her pussy she came a second time and then got up and sat back down in the chair. Sue just lay on the floor with glazing eyes look up and not moving.

"Get your ass back in the corner slut and stay there while I rest." She told her.

Sue jumped up and walked to the corner and put her nose in it as she was when Mary had came in before. Her pussy was totally wet in excitement awaiting her mistress next command.

Mary let Sue stand in the corner for over 20 minutes while she admired her body and rubbed her pussy in anticipation of how she was going to use her.

"We don't what hubby to know do we slut?" she asked.

"No mistress, he will divorce me." Sue wailed. "He gets very upset at the thought of two females together."

"Good," said Mary smiling. "When he is home, he owns your ass but when he is gone, I expect you to report to me." "You will be my slut and tend to my needs." "Is that understood, slut?"

"Yes mistress, I am your slut." Sue responded wiggling in the corner.

"Spread your ass slut, so I can look at how a slut ass gets plugged." Mary told her admiring her work. "Don't drop your plug."

Sue spread her ass cheeks and clenched her asshole around the plug.

"Good little slut puppy." She giggled. "Now wiggle that ass of yours for your mistress."

Sue started wagging her ass still keeping the cheeks spread and plug in. She was very horny and hasn't had the chance to come yet. She would do anything if her mistress would only let her play with her pussy.

"Is my little slut puppy horny?" Mary asked.

"Yes mistress." "Your slut is very horny." Sue replied gasping for air.

"Please let me come mistress."

"You may play with your pussy only while you walk around the room." Mary replied. "Be sure to push your dildo in and out of your ass with the other hand." "You've had a lot of practice with that."

Mary watched as Sue started walking around with one hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and the other pushing the dildo in and out her ass. The sight was making her horny as hell and ready for another licking from the slut. She watched as she came walking and her whole body shaking with the orgasm. She almost fell to the floor in her climax.

"Come here slut and lick my pussy." She commanded. "I want that hot tail of yours by the couch so I can slap it."

Sue walked over by the couch and got on her knees to the side. She put her face in her mistress pussy and started licking. Mary was slapping here ass as she licked. It didn't take long to get her off.

You have thirty minutes slut till your husband returns and I suggest you clean everything up. This couch has a nice smell to it that I don't think your husband would enjoy. Tomorrow when he leaves, you are to come to my house totally naked. Is that understood?

"Yes mistress." Sue said till licking Mary clit.

Getting up, Mary turned around and presented her ass to Sue.

"Kiss it all over slut." She demanded. "Tomorrow you can lick it again."

Mary awoke early the next day and went to the kitchen to await her slut arrival with a cup of coffee. She heard the knock at the door and opened it to see Sue totally naked covering her pussy and tits with her hands.

"On your knees slut and beg to come in." She told her smiling.

"Please mistress," said Sue getting on her knees. "Please let slut come in."

"Crawl to the kitchen slut while I finish my coffee." Mary commanded her.

Sue crawl behind Mary as she walked to the kitchen and sat down.

"I need a footrest slut." "Get over here." Mary glanced and told her.

Sue crawled forward as Mary placed her feet on her back and enjoyed the rest of her coffee. She admired her round ass and the pucker hole between the cheeks just waiting to be abused. She took her time and then told Sue to go to the frig and return with two carrots.

"Put one carrot in your ass slut and the other in your pussy." She commanded. "Good girl." "Now come here." "I want to masturbate my pussy on that brown nose of yours." "Keep your tongue in slut till I tell you to lick."

Sue placed her nose in Mary pussy as she took her time rubbing her cunt using her nose as a rag. She was getting hotter and hotter to put her tongue in that clit. The humiliation of having her face used as a sex toy was driving her wild. When Mary got up, she expected to lick her clit but instead, she turned around and bent her ass into Sue face and started the same over again. The carrot in her pussy was getting loose as well as the one in her ass. When Mary stood back up she thought she was going to get to lick her but instead Mary grabbed the morning paper and started rolling it up.

"You're going to crawl to my bedroom and pick up all the dirty laundry in the your mouth slut and put it in this hamper." Mary smiled down. "Now start crawling."

Sue started crawling to the bedroom as Mary swatted her ass with the newspaper. She found 3 pair of panties, a couple of shorts and several shirts, which she picked up one at a time and carried to the hamper. Sue would swat twice as hard when her mouth was full. With the last item, Mary left and returned with a strap-on attached to her waist as Sue stared up at it wishing it were in her hot pussy.

"Put that carrot in your ass in your mouth slut and bend over in the hamper."

She yelled. "I'm going to fuck that hot ass of yours good."

Sue removed the carrot and put it in her mouth and bent down into the cloth hamper. She felt the dildo at the entrance of her asshole and tried to relax her ass muscles for what she knew was coming. Mary seem to waste no time trying to shove it in as she tried to adjust her position for better penetration.

In the beginning she forgot about how horny she was as the dildo was large and felt like her ass was being split in half, but the more she relax and the dildo going in and out, the more she was getting hot again and enjoying it. Her head was deep in the hamper but her ass was wiggling in back trying to suck the cock deeper inside. She came shortly after and had a moment to relax before Mary removed the cock and pushed the hamper upright forcing her upside down in it and bracing it against the wall.

"Stay put slut." Mary laughed. "I'll come let you out in a little while."

"Just suck on your carrot."

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