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Educating Debi
by FOXI (address withheld)

* Educating Debi *

A young woman becomes the plaything of her Aunt and a porn ring. She finds out that her life is about to change in this erotic series.
Chapter 1

Marla knew that she could depend on Viv to find a girl for their next film. Young pretty girls were not hard to come by in the porn industry. But her little niche in the industry was very specialized and finding a hot young thing to do the things she wanted was very rare.

But so far both Viv and her were doing fairly well with three films to their credit and loved by the very wealthy who could afford them. They captured the ultimate in submissiveness in the young things that partook. They usually started out innocent. But after the filming they were ready for the hardcore stuff.

Marla looked at herself in the full length mirror and marveled that she still had good looks at age thirty five. Her body was still trim and boyish looking but with small pert breasts and a cute heart shaped ass. Her shoulder length brown hair and eyes made her look exotic.

Viv was much older but kept in very good shape. Motherly indeed to the young girls who she seduced into the business she was still a hot woman to look at with her auburn hair cut short and her green eyes. Her body though fuller was still a nice asset to the business.

Viv knew the routine. She usually went out looking for the girls at the mall or at the cinemas. They were easy to find but very hard to sell. She was at a standstill at the moment until Marla noticed several family pictures on her bedroom dresser. One showed a young girl with long straight dark hair and a body to die for. She showed Viv the picture.

"Who is this girl Viv?"

Viv looked and smiled quickly.

"She's my niece Debi. Hot little thing isn't she? She could take your breath away."

Marla looked at Viv who realized why Marla was asking.

"Uh, no. She is in the family. It could be a lot of trouble." She put the picture down and Marla picked it up again.

"Come on Viv. We need the money and I've got a great script that begging for a girl like her. It's so nasty that we could get an easy twenty K for it. What is she the perpetual virgin?"

Viv looked back at the picture and smiled again. She knew Debi well. Her daughter and Debi slept over the house numerous times together. They were best friends. She knew the girl was only sixteen years old and had a boyfriend that she was sleeping with. So she was no virgin. And her daughter mention that they played together sexual at times. So it wasn't that the girl was totally innocent. But the work both Marla and her did was as far from innocent as one could get.

"I don't know Marla. She fucks but not like what we want."

"Just bring her over Viv and let me find out if this beauty has what we need. Besides she's gonna be graduating from school soon and will need college money."

Viv thought about Debi fucking before the camera and felt a tingle run through her to her pussy. She always wanted to see what the girl looked like.

"Alright Marla ill do it but remember, if she gives us the slightest problem we cancel the idea."

"No problem Viv. But I know that this hot little thing will warm up to the idea. I just know it."
The very next day Viv called up her niece to invite her down to the cabin where they filmed all their movies. It was very private and offered all the background shots possible for the films they specialized in.

Along with Marla and Viv they brought Max Marla's big black dog who she claimed was her lover on numerous occasions. Viv told Debi that a very special person wanted to see her. Debi knew that Viv was into some sort of film business but no one ever asked what.

Within the hour a small car pulled up to the cabin and Debi stepped out wearing tight jeans and a skimpy knit top that barely concealed her beautiful breasts. Her long dark hair flowed to her ass. When she saw Viv she ran to her and hugged her.

"Oh Auntie I'm so glad you called me. It's been so long and I haven't been to the cabin in years."

Viv hugged her again feeling the girl's warm body next to hers and the firmness of it. She really was stunning. Behind Viv stepped Marla who was wearing a string bikini and really looked hot.

"This is Marla. She's in charge of the filming and directing of the movies we make."

Marla came close to Debi who smiled and shook her hand.

"I heard all about you and how beautiful you are but it didn't even come close to what I'm seeing right now."

Debi blushed and Viv laughed. Soon they were inside the cabin and sitting on the huge couch that played a role in a few of the films.

"Tell me Debi do you have any plans for the future once you graduate high school?" Asked Marla who sat close to the young beauty.

Viv delivered a cocktail to all surprising Debi who took the drink and sipped it happily.

"Well id like to go to college but money is pretty tight. I might have to wait."

"It's hard to believe that a beautiful girl like you can't find the money you need. The girls that work for me earn thousands very quickly and that's for just doing a few days work."

Marla watched the girls eyes widen in surprise and waited for the all too important question to pop up.

"Wow what type of work pays that so fast?"

"Well the type of movies your Aunt and I do are very specialized. They are movies that are privately owned by very wealthy men and women."

Debi looked a bit confused and Viv sat near her and took her hand.

" My dear we make very sexual films that many enjoy."

Debi's mouth opened by nothing came out. She blushed a bit and finally spoke.

"You make porn films Auntie?"

It was now Viv's turn to turn red and she quickly answered.

"Well Dear, yes...sort of. You see we make a very unique type of film that only collectors can afford and it pays very well to the girls in the movies."

Marla decided to pull out all the stops.

"You see Debi I saw your picture and knew that you could be our next star. I promise you that within a month you would have enough money to go to college. You're just so beautiful and we didn't want that young beauty to go to waste."

Debi sat there for a second and thought about what her Aunt was asking of her. Could she even attempt making such a film? Yet she does it in the car with her boyfriend almost every night. Sometimes in public places. But to put it on film. She didn't know.

"I don't know... Auntie. I've never even thought of doing such a thing."

"I know dear but think of your future. The movies we make are not viewed by the public but sold to discreet customers throughout the world. Also there are no men involved. So you don't have to worry about that. You will only be seen by the customers outside the U.S.A. And we are willing to pay handsomely for you. Does a thousand dollars a shoot sound fine to you?"

The amount took Debi's breath away. A thousand dollars. She would have to work at the store for a whole two months just to come close.

"Come on baby. I think you just might enjoy it. Tell you what let me ask you some important questions that we ask all our girls and if you still think your not made for this then we can only say thank you and good luck." Replied Marla looking over the young hottie sitting next to her.

Debi looked at Viv and smiled.

"Ok. But if I don't like it then ill leave and you and Auntie can look elsewhere."

They all agreed.

Marla got up and grabbed a clipboard with a form on it. Debi could see that it had numerous questions on it with boxes to check off.

"Ok honey lets start. Now I will tell you up front the questions are very personal and graphic so please don't be shocked. It's important to know if a girl is right for our movies. Ready?"

Debi nodded and Viv held her hand.

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen," said Debi nervously.

"Have you had sex yet?"

Debi blushed but answered.

"Yes," Viv squeezed her hand.

"What type of sex? Was it with a boy or a girl?"

"My boyfriend. I haven't had sex with a girl."

Viv could see Debi squirming a bit on the couch but she was doing fine.

"What kind of sex do you and your boyfriend have?"

Debi bit her bottom lip but answered. "You know... regular fucking."

"Do you suck his cock?"

"Oh my god!" She blushed more but Viv whispered into her ear that it was ok to answer. "Yes."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes," she smiled awkwardly.

"Does he have a big cock?"

Debi put her hand out to show that his cock was about six inches long.

"Do you like fucking him?"

Debi looked at her Aunt and saw Viv nod ok again.

"Sometimes I do."

"What you're saying is that he doesn't always satisfy you."


"Does he cum too soon and leave you without an orgasm?"

Debi looked at Marla like she was a psychic. "All the time."

"Have you ever had an orgasm Debi?"


"By your boyfriend or by masturbating?"

Debi's eyes widened but she squeezed her Aunties hand and answered all the same. "Mostly by masturbating."

"What do you think of when you masturbate honey?"

Debi bit her lip again unsure how far she wanted to go but Auntie looked at her with those big green eyes and she went ahead. "Sometimes I think about other boys."

"What do they do to you baby?"

"I let them fuck me."

"Just in your pussy honey?"

"No. Everywhere."

"You mean your mouth and also your ass baby?"


"Do you like the idea of fucking more than one guy and them doing all those things to you?"


"Do you think about girls too Debi?"

Debi's breathing was coming shorter and more excitedly as she answered.

"Sometimes." Viv began to rub Debi's leg as she answered to calm her but enjoyed it greatly.

"What do the girls in your fantasy do to you?"

"You know kiss me and touch me."

"Do you think about the girls licking you between your legs?"


"Do you orgasm?"


"Do you like touching yourself honey?"

"Yes I do."

"Are you fully naked when you masturbate honey?"

"Yes I do it on my bed."

"Do you use your fingers to cum honey?"


"How many can you slide inside your pussy baby?"

"I use only two."

"Is that enough for you?"

"I guess."

"Have you ever put a finger inside you ass baby?"

"No. Not yet."

"Do you like sex honey?"

"Yes a lot."

"Would you like to have some great sex that will make you cum so hard you just might faint?"

They all laughed at that and it lightened the tenseness of the moment.


Marla wrote quickly as Debi watched and finally stopped to look at her.

"You're perfect for our movie if you want it?"

Debi looked at her Aunt.

"Do you think I should do this Auntie?"

"Baby you're beautiful and really hot to look at. You can make good money and go to college find a great husband make babies and forget that all about this."

Debi looked back at Marla.

"Alright Ill do it. What do I need to do?"

Both women hugged her and thanked her and then Marla told her to stand up.

"I want to look at you. Turn for me...that's right. You are a beauty aren't you. Nice ass and flat tummy and great tits."

Debi laughed and Marla then told her to remove all her clothing. Debi slowly did so as Viv got a camera to take pictures.

"Already star material." Chimed in Viv who began to snap photos immediately.

Soon she was naked in front of Marla and Viv. Marla paraded around her looking at this young hottie and almost drooled.

"Incredible body you have honey. Viv get the shaver please we have to style her up a bit."

Marla made Debi lie down on the couch and explained that she was going to shave her pussy clean. Debi opened her legs for Marla who got down to business and quickly shaved the hair from her leaving her a bald pussy. She took some cream and gently rubbed it over Debi's cunt. Debi loved the feeling but tried to hide it.

"Did you like that baby?" Asked Marla smiling at her as she rubbed cream inside her thighs. Debi just nodded fully aware that her Aunt was now filming it. It felt incredible and she wasn't sure how to handle this new feeling. She had never done anything sexual with girls before but now she was with a beautiful woman who was touching her and making her feel very sexual. Viv knelt down close to where Marla was rubbing the cream on her.

"Feels good doesn't it baby?" Came Viv's soft sensual voice.

Debi's breathing was getting shorter and much more excited at every touch of Marla's fingers and she spoke through shaky lips.

"Yes it feels wonderful."

Debi closed her eyes as Marla continued to rub upwards over her flat tummy to her small breasts. She added more cream and began to rub and fondle both breasts making the girl moan softly as her nipples hardened in response to the ministrations of Marla. Marla's expert fingers pinched and pulled the girls nipples till they were swollen and full.

"You like that don't you sweetheart?"

"Ohhh yesss." Mumbled Debi as the erotic feelings overwhelmed her entirely. She had never in her life ever thought to imagine something like this ever happening to her.

And yet here she was naked on a couch before her Auntie and her friend being touched and fondled. She could feel her pussy getting wet and that thought made her moan louder. What was this woman doing to her to make her respond so? Who was she?

Maybe her Auntie always knew. All she knew was that it felt great and she wanted more. Marla could sense the change in the girl. It was submission to what was happening. She was being trusted now to do whatever she wanted and she looked at Viv who smiled back with the same thought in mind.

"Turn over baby." Came Marla's voice a command but done in a soft sensual way.

Debi did as she was told and rolled over onto her stomach. Her ass was beautiful. Heart shaped and so firm and tight.

"Open your legs baby. Let me rub some cream on you."

Debi did as commanded and opened her legs wider opening her body up to Marla who was kneeling on the floor between those long slender thighs. Marla wasted no time rubbing cream first on her back then downward over the girl's lovely asscheeks.

"That's it baby open more for me."

Debi felt her ass cheeks opened further and Marla's fingers sliding down between them with that lovely cream. Marla's fingers rubbed everywhere. Delicately over Debi's asshole then down to her open cunt always making sure that it hit the girl's clit on its return voyage. A deep sigh of pleasure came from the girl as Marla's fingers opened the girl's pussy wide displaying her pink wetness. Viv was there with camera filming every caress.

"Look how beautiful your hot little niece is Viv. What a juicy little cunt she has. Look at that big clit too. I think she's liking this."

Debi felt Marla rub up and down her pussy inside her vaginal lips. It felt so damn good. So much better that her boyfriend. OH GOD!

"I think she's ready Viv. Let's try her out."

Debi lay there wondering what would happen next. She wasn't long in finding out!


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