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I Didn't Feel Like Reading
by Nameless Blogger (namelessB@gmail.com)

* I Didn't Feel Like Reading *

The sun coming through the curtains, a book never read, and a fuck under millions of fingers of water that neither one of us will soon forget.

I've never been able to help myself with you. In your presence, I become a dedicated version of an intense sexual drive. This morning wasn't any different. I woke to the sound our bathroom door closing, followed by the water pushing its way through the shower head.

I closed my eyes again. Imagining your naked body leaving this warm bed and taking the few steps it took to reach the bathroom. I allowed the light that was peeking through the curtains to kiss your arms and your neck. Then I questioned whether or not it was the door that woke me, or you kissing me like you always do before you leave the bed.

I turned on my side, fully frustrated by this point and not knowing what to do about it. I opened the nightstand drawer to fetch the book I had been reading. I was sure that making a valid attempt at reading it would take my mind off you. Looking at the book in the drawer, I laughed to myself and an evil grin took its rightful place upon my lips. Next to the book laid our handcuffs and seeing those handcuffs gave me an amazing idea. No, there would be no reading this morning.

I got right out of bed with the shiny metal restraints in hand. Walking towards the bathroom, I could feel the heat inside of me rising as the thoughts of you increased. I opened the door carefully, thankful that you hadn't locked it out of habit. I wanted so desperately to surprise you. I knew how much you would like the fear of something so unexpected. Our shower was large, we both agreed on that when we had the house built. There was plenty of room for me to accomplish what I had planned. Seeing your naked silhouette through the foggy glass only proved to frustrate me and in that moment, I knew I couldn't wait anymore.

I threw open the door and took pride and pleasure in the look in your eyes. You hadn't a clue that I was with you and the fear in you proved it. Without letting a word escape your mouth, I grabbed your hand and pushed you against the wall with my body. I clamped the cuff down on your right wrist and lifted it above your head against the wall. For a moment, you fought me. Still scared, you may have even worried for a second that you would be late for work. I tossed the remaining cuff over the shower head and grabbed your other hand. Click.

And so you hung there before me. The shower head was too high for you to pull yourself off and I loved the fact that you had to hold your feet ever so slightly off the ground. I wanted to tell you that it would be worth the pain to remain in that position, but I wanted to fuck you more than I wanted to deal with words. I couldn't help but stare at you for a moment. So perfect, every part of you. So amazing and unbelievable that you are mine.

I got onto my knees in front of you. The warm water was now covering my hair and face. I kissed your thighs and slid my mouth and tongue up to your pussy. Sliding a finger inside of you to make sure you were wet, and not from the water. You knew better than to say anything, but I loved that you moaned just loud enough to make sure I would hear it over the pounding of the water.

Thrusting your hips, you were doing all you could to bring me closer to you. I could hear the handcuffs battling with the pipes. The smooth sound of water, surrounded by the metallic clank of that which bound you. It was a perfect symphony, really, and although I didn't want it to stop, I knew that I wanted to make you come even more.

I grabbed at your hips, pulling your legs apart just a bit more than they already had been. I stood up, kissing every inch of your body until I was finally looking you in the eyes. You had the look of a trapped animal. I knew that you wanted to be free and that there was only one way to allow you to be. I kissed you. I fucked you with my lips and slammed my fingers inside of you. First two, then three, then I was lifting you up against the shower wall. Pushing harder, feeling your come cover my hand, only made me want it all the more.

Our kissing turned into biting. The vein in your neck, locked in between my teeth, fueled me. Words finally left your mouth. Words like 'baby', 'harder', and 'fuck me'. All those words that you know I love to hear filled my ears and gave me the strength to give to you want you needed so badly. I felt you close tight around my fingers. Trapping me like I had you. Your breathing quicker, your body flinching, your moans low and from the bottom of your stomach. I came without touch and you came in convulsions.

Lifting you up had given you the inch that you needed to pull yourself off the shower head. You wrapped your cuffed wrists around me and smiled that smile that only utter satisfaction can produce. The water ran over us both as we struggled with figuring out how it could be possible to crawl inside of one another.

It never seemed that you and I could get close enough, but we loved finding new ways to try. Such a perfect moment spent with you. The sun coming through the curtains, a book never read, and a fuck under millions of fingers of water that neither one of us will soon forget.

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