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Lisa and Mary-Jane - 1 by Stam (jcorboy4679@hotmail.com)

* Lisa and Mary-Jane - 1 *

Lisa and Mary-Jane are life-long friends who become a little more than just friends. Mary-Jane who is deeply in love with Lisa, comforts her friend when their plan for Lisa to lose her cherry to Johnny goes awry.

"Don't fucking do that, Johnny," Lisa Warren said.

She slapped at his hands as they tried for the 100th time, on their date, to grab her tits! And who could blame him?

Lisa was a stunning, 14-year-old cream-puff. She had long, blonde hair, framing a face that could be only described as beautiful. She had firm, high-rising titties. They weren't overly large, maybe 32s, C-cups, but they were the largest boobs in her ninth-grade class.

Johnny had no way of knowing it yet, but her big, pink nipples with huge, darker-hued aureoles covering the whole end of each boob, would make any guy's mouth water! She had a narrow waist, maybe 22", a gorgeous, shapely ass that turned into two long, luscious, silky legs. She was the whole package!

There was many a pubescent pecker getting rubbed every night with thoughts of young Lisa Warren!

Johnny was 17, in the 12th grade and he had picked this little hottie for a date based on her sheer sex appeal. She seemed totally unconscious of it, but she just oozed sex. Rumor had it that she was cherry and there was nothing, man, nothing, Johnny liked more than sticking his cock where 'no man had gone before!'

Johnny was a stud and got lots of cunt-action and he couldn't understand why Lisa wouldn't even give up a feel yet. Hell, he'd bought her a burger and a ticket to this dumb movie, hadn't he? He wondered what else she might want before she agreed to give it up.

'Women!' Johnny thought. Even the ones that gave it up regularly always wanted something in return. As if just the thrill of riding his pecker wasn't enough!

Lisa wasn't really sure either why she was being hard- assed with Johnny. Here she was with the handsomest stud in school. She was a virgin but lately had really had a hot twat. It constantly itched her. It was forever tingling and creaming! Some days she had to go to the can and put on a pad, even when she was between her periods, just to soak up the cunt-cream that seemed to want to leak out. Just from the normal sexual situations around the halls of school.

Always, there were boys feeling up the tits of girls they had pinned against the lockers. And furtive glances down deserted hallways always seemed to find little girlie hands rubbing boy's peckers through their jeans. Lisa avoided being in these situations but her little snatch was telling her different things. She'd see some stud kissing some young fluff and her box would just vibrate!

She thought she might like to be in these sexy situations! But now she was in one, with Johnny, and no teachers and /or parents and she was freezing up. 'Figure it out, girl,' she told herself, 'before you fucking blow it! And the wrong fucking way!'

At night, Lisa would lay in bed and grab herself a handful of her cunt! She'd play with her oozing cream and rub until more cream squirted! She was glad her parents had recently given her her own room because her moans and squeals when she squirted out a cum would certainly have wakened her little sister.

Lisa's best friend, Mary-Jane, had recently let Johnny poke out her cherry and she told Lisa it was out of this world!

"You rub cums from your snatch, don't you?" asked Mary- Jane, matter-of-factly, as she lit a cigarette on their walk home.

"Sure I do," replied Lisa, taking a cigarette from Mary-Jane and letting her light it for her.

"Well, trust me, Lisa, those thrills are nothing compared to when you are squirting around a cock! And Johnny's got one hell of a pecker, let me tell you!"

Mary-Jane put her cigarette in her mouth and put her arm around Lisa. Her arm was trembling.

She felt she had to play up the time she had spent wriggling on Johnny's cock! The truth was, that yes, Mary-Jane had enjoyed riding Johnny's pecker, somewhat, but who she really wanted was Lisa!

The girls had been friends for years. They had done everything together. Got their first periods within days of each other. Developed tits at about the same time. Started smoking together. Started noticing boys together. Practiced kissing on each other. And now that Mary-Jane had given up being cherry it seemed natural that Lisa should also.

But, the truth was, Mary-Jane had fallen deeply in love with her friend.

Of course, Lisa loved Mary-Jane also. But she never thought anything beyond that Mary-Jane was her best friend. The girls told each other everything, Lisa thought. Mary-Jane had told her that she was going to let Johnny bust her cherry and had run to Lisa's after, to tell her all about it.

The girls had cuddled and giggled and smoked and Mary- Jane told Lisa all the details and assured her there was nothing to be afraid of. Together the girls had mapped out the strategy to get Johnny to cock-poke Lisa's cherry too! Like it was going to be hard to get Johnny interested it that!

But now that Lisa was with Johnny in the darkened movie theatre, she found she didn't want him touching her. A couple of times he got a pretty firm grip on her tit before she could slap him away and it felt good all right, but something was wrong. Lisa's usually horny cunt wasn't creaming. She wasn't sure what was wrong.

On the screen some girl was being kissed and loved and fondled by some guy and the sight of that at school usually had Lisa creaming! Handsome Johnny had his arm around her, titty-feeling when he could avoid her slaps, and she'd let him kiss her a couple of times. But she felt nothing. All she wanted to do was go home.

Johnny and Lisa watched the rest of the movie. Johnny got one more little kiss and got his hands slapped a few more times. By the time they left the movie Johnny was pretty fed up but Lisa was just such a juicy- looking cunt that he hated to give up on balling her. The thought of sinking balls-deep in this fucking twat was just irresistible! But he sure wasn't going to kiss her ass, if that is what she expected!

So Johnny got Lisa in his yellow Mustang, broke his rule by letting her have a cigarette in his car and drove out to the lake. He parked, took a blanket from his trunk and he and Lisa walked down by the water.

Johnny spread the blanket on the sand, lay on it and invited Lisa to lay beside him.

Instead of joining the high-school stud on the blanket, Lisa started to cry.

"I can't Johnny," she sobbed. "I went out with you tonight to get my cherry popped and I know you want to do it for me, but I can't, I just fucking can't!"

Johnny'd had enough of this shit!

"What a prick-teasing cunt!" he yelled at her. "My balls are just aching. Shit, damn, fuck!"

"I'm sorry, Johnny." Lisa cried. "If you want, I'll jerk you off."

"Fuck it. I'm leaving. You know how many cunts around school I can fuck? I thought you were a cute little cherry, that wanted to grow up, that's all. Fuck you, Lisa!"

Johnny dialed his cell phone. "Hi, Sandy-cutie," he said, when her heard this slag's voice, "Johnny. Got a hot twat tonight? I'm coming on over! Get that snapper ready for action!"

Johnny threw his blanket in the trunk of his Mustang and roared the fuck out of there for easier pastures, leaving Lisa sobbing on the beach.

Lisa cried for a bit and then took her cell phone out of her purse. She lit a cigarette and phoned Mary-Jane.

Mary-Jane heard the sobs in Lisa's voice. "What's wrong, honey? Where the hell are you? I thought you'd be getting that cute ass fucked off by this time!"

"Oh, Mary-Jane, it was awful. I'm still cherry! Johnny left me here at the lake. My parent's aren't home. Do you think your Mom will bring you to get me?"

"Of course, sweetie. We'll be right there."

Mary-Jane lit a cigarette and went to find her Mom.

Twenty minutes later, Mary-Jane's Mom pulled up to the edge of the sand at the lake. "Do you see her, Mary?"

"Yeah, Mom," Mary-Jane said, pointing, "There she is. Wait here. I'll go get her."

In a minute Mary-Jane and Lisa were getting in the car. They got in the back together. Mary-Jane's Mom could see Lisa had been crying.

"Are you all right, dear?" she asked with concern, as she offered cigarettes to the girls. She clicked her lighter and gave the girls lights before lighting one for herself.

"I'm fine." Lisa managed a smile as she exhaled a big cloud of smoke. "Thanks for coming to get me. Just take me home, please."

"No, dear, I think you better stay with Mary-Jane tonight."

Back at Mary-Jane's house the girls went up to her bedroom. Lisa lit a cigarette and sat on Mary-Jane's bed.

Mary-Jane got herself a cigarette and sat beside her and put her arm around her.

"Tell me all about it, honey," She caressed Lisa neck.

"Oh, Mary-Jane," Lisa said, blowing smoke toward the ceiling. "Johnny kept grabbing my tits! Like he fucking owned them! Then he took me to the lake and wanted me to lay on a blanket with him!"

"But that was the idea, Lisa!" Mary-Jane put her head on Lisa's shoulder. "You were going to get Johnny to poke your cherry, remember?"

Lisa took a last drag from her cigarette and crushed it out in the ashtray beside Mary-Jane's bed. Mary-Jane did the same.

"I know, honey, but when he touched me it just didn't feel right. Not like you touching me right now!"

Mary-Jane shivered. She took one hand and caressed Lisa's cheek and turned her face to hers.

"Does me touching you feel good, Lisa?"

"Fucking right it does! Better than Johnny!"

"Like this?" Mary-Jane pulled Lisa's face closer, leaned forward and their lips touched!

Lisa got all shivery. "When Johnny kissed me and licked my mouth I hated it! But your lips feel good Mary- Jane!"

Mary-Jane was very excited! She kissed Lisa again and their mouths opened and their tongues tickled each other's!

Lisa's hands were fondling Mary-Jane's hair and holding her head in place as they kissed. It felt fucking good! The girls had kissed many times before, practicing for the day they'd kiss a boy, but somehow this was different. Their tongues were being naughty and spit drooled from one mouth to the other. Lisa could taste Mary-Jane's red lipstick and knew Mary-Jane liked her pink, peach lip-gloss. Their mouths stayed entangled for a long, sweet time!

When they broke their kiss for air both girls were breathing heavy.

"And what about when Johnny touched your titties, sweetie? Did it feel good like this?"

Mary-Jane slid her hands under Lisa's top and cuddled a titty in each hand. She squeezed gently and her thumbs strummed Lisa's hard nipples.

Lisa shivered more and thought she had never felt anything so fine as Mary-Jane's soft hands tenderly fondling her breasts.

She kissed her friend some more! Sweet, tender kisses! She threw her top off. Mary-Jane stood up and removed her blouse.

Mary-Jane had nice-looking titties also. Not as big as Lisa's, but they had a darling shape and nipples that poked right out there!

Lisa reached out and cuddled her friend's titties. She'd never touched anybody's boobs 'cept her own and thought Mary-Jane's were certainly creamy and smooth! And jiggly! Mary-Jane took one of Lisa's nipples into her mouth and sucked!

In contrast to when Johnny was touching her, as Mary- Jane sucked Lisa's tit, Lisa's box was shivering and pumping out cream! Sugary thrills were racing up and down Lisa's spine! She moved Mary-Jane's mouth to her other tit so her friend could love that tit-peak too!

Gently, softly, Mary-Jane pushed her friend down on the bed. She kissed Lisa and rubbed her boobs all over Lisa's bigger ones. Lisa sobbed and Mary-Jane sighed with the thrills that roared through their bodies as their nipples rubbed together.

Mary-Jane left Lisa's mouth and spent a long, sweet time loving up Lisa's titties! She went at Lisa's knockers like there was no tomorrow! Every lick, every suck, every kiss on her friend's knockers was causing more cunt-cream to puddle out of Lisa. Lisa hugged her friend's head and took her face from her tits every so often for a long, loving kiss! Lisa moaned. This all felt so right!

Mary-Jane was in fucking seventh-heaven! She loved Lisa and here was her darling, trembling under the sucking of her lips! Mary-Jane hadn't touched Lisa's snapper yet. But she could smell the sex-cream and knew it was pouring out of her friend. But Mary-Jane wanted to take her own sweet time and savor every delicious taste. And thrill her friend as much as she could!

She cuddled Lisa's boobies together and got both Lisa's nipples into her mouth for some sucks and love. She slid her lips up Lisa's neck and licked around her ears. She kissed her baby's eyes and kissed her honey's sweet, sweet lips.

Lisa was moaning and shivering and clutching Mary- Jane's hair.

"Oh, Mary-Jane!" she whined. "That's feels so, so good. So right! Kiss me some more, darling!" Mary-Jane was only too happy to oblige!

Mary-Jane slid her lips around Lisa some more and worked her way back to Lisa's knockers. 'Man,' she thought. 'Lisa must have some kind of sugar-coating in her blouse to get these nipples to taste this fucking sweet!" She gently took the nipples in her teeth and pulled and tugged at them. Lisa squealed with the delightful thrill that caused!

Now Mary-Jane's tongue was in Lisa's belly-button, licking all around. Lisa liked that a whole lot!

The closer Mary-Jane got to Lisa's honey-pot the stronger was the smell of cunt-cream. She couldn't wait to kiss Lisa's snatch and gobble her goo! Mary-Jane licked around Lisa's abdomen and Lisa's ass was wriggling on the bed.

Mary-Jane thought it was time. She reached down and grabbed a handful of Lisa's snapper! Mary-Jane just hoped her Mom didn't hear the shriek of pleasure that came out of Lisa then!

What Mary-Jane didn't know was that her Mom was outside her bedroom door, right now, having a cigarette! She dragged deeply and rubbed her own crotch as she listened to her daughter make love to Lisa! She smiled as she listened to the happy squeals coming from Lisa as Mary-Jane got closer and closer to her snatch!

Mary-Jane didn't go inside the sweet pudding just yet. Lisa's cunt-mound was wet and soft and warm. Mary-Jane ran her palm all around the pussy-lips. Lisa quivered, shook her ass and squealed! Then one finger slipped inside! Then two! Lisa's whole body was just vibrating! Pure sugar-cream was melting out of her cunt! Mary- Jane's fingers and hand were fucking soaked with it!

"Oh honey! Oh Lisa-darling, I love you so much. I want to taste your sweet-stuff! I'm going to lick you up now, honeykins!"

Mary-Jane buried her face in Lisa's crotch-fur! Lisa had just started sprouting cunt-down and it tickled Mary-Jane's face! But she didn't notice as she kissed those soft cunt-petals and stuck her tongue in deep and wiggled it all around!

Lisa was going fucking nuts now! "Fuck, Mary-Jane. Oh, God, fuck-a-duck! Kiss my cunt some more, pretty- please, Mary-Jane! I've never had cums like this before! Give me some more cums! Big, juicey ones!"

Mary-Jane's mother, in the hallway, outside her daughter's door, lit another cigarette and grinned. Her other hand was down the front of her jeans which were soaked in her own creamy cunt-squirtings! Rubbing a cum from her own clitty wasn't hard with all the thrill- sounds she was enjoying! Lisa's squeals, as her daughter munched on her muff, had Mary-Jane's Mom's clit just a'singing and a'purring!

Mary-Jane was pretty much going fucking nuts herself! The sweetness pouring out of her sweetie was overwhelming. She licked and gobbled that cream, licked for more! She found Lisa's clitty, sucked and licked it, and Lisa, obligingly, went more fucking nuts and squirted a stream of honey clear up in the air, soaking Mary-Jane's hair! Mary-Jane had never eaten a cunt before, certainly had never seen a box squirt like this! Like a boy squirting cum! For her honey-buns, Mary-Jane wanted to be the best cunt-lapper she could be!

Mary-Jane's tongue was like a big ladle scooping up all the cunt-honey she could. Her uncle had a maple-syrup forest up in Vermont but his sugar trees never had sap this sweet dripping from them, like was pouring out of Lisa!

One of Mary-Jane's hands went under Lisa's ass and she poked a finger up Lisa's bum! Accompanied by a loud yelp, more juice squirted out of Lisa!

Suddenly, Mary-Jane was really fucking glad that Lisa hadn't let Johnny's boner poke her. She had to admit she had enjoyed sliding on Johnny's big stud-pecker but somehow the thought of that big cock poking in Lisa's honey-pie sweetness seemed liked desecration. Mary-Jane wanted this juicy snatch to be hers alone!

Then Mary-Jane remembered the big, strap-on dildo her mother used on the women who came over for girlie- thrills while her Dad was at work. For the lifetime of sex-games she had planned for her and Lisa, she supposed it didn't matter a fuck whether Lisa got her cherry popped or not! But, if her darling wanted to lose her cherry, Mary-Jane, could ask her Mom to borrow the strap-on and do the job herself!

Lisa's eyes were rolled back in her head now and she was whimpering. Mary-Jane figured maybe she'd better ease off from her licking just a bit. She'd sucked Lisa into the 4th dimension, maybe she should slack off before Lisa sailed into the 5th. Mary-Jane wanted to suck this snapper for a good long time!

She took her finger from Lisa's bum-hole, licked it and started just caressing Lisa's golden, sun-kissed body, gently, trying to calm the bundle of sex-nerves down just a little. She sucked up a big mouthful of sweet cunt-sauce and moved up to kiss her darling.

Lisa's eyes were closed and her head was rolling on the pillow. Gently, lovingly, Mary-Jane took Lisa's head in her hands and fastened her lips to Lisa's. Lisa's mouth opened and her tongue went into Mary-Jane's mouth, to swirl around in all her own cunt-honey that Mary-Jane had in there!

Lisa's young body was still twitching with the after- thrills of all her cums. Mary-Jane kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her. The two girls rolled around on Mary-Jane's bed and mashed their titties together, inter-twined their legs and rubbed their cunts together! They sucked tongues. They kissed lips. They squealed. They sucked. They kissed some more.

They were in love.

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