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The Social Worker by Pallidan (lee120fs@datasync.com)

* The Social Worker *

A young woman finds her first job as a social worker is to go to a slum area of the city and brief a mother on a young problem child. She finds out being a social worker is not all its cracked up to be.


Diane had just been hired as a social worker for the city and had been given her first task by her boss Miss Gaines, a large black lady. The task was in the ghetto section of town but she didn't care. She needed the money to support her well off lifestyle. She was divorced and making plenty of money but she spent as much as she made. As she approached the torn up buildings she found the one she was looking for and parked and walked up 5 flights of stairs. She knocked on the door.

Who's there?

"I am Diane Walker from the city social services department. We had a few complaints about your kids and I am here to talk to you." Diane said through the door.

The door opened and a large black lady in raggedy clothes moved aside so she could walk in. The room had very old furniture but she went to the couch and sit down, not even brotherly to ask permission. She wanted to get this done fast. Besides the facts were already known, all she had to do was tell the lady and leave.

Donna, the large black lady, closed the door and then moved to the couch and sit down very close to Diane so that they were touching. Diane tried to move to the side but Donna moved with her so she decided to just explained the complaints to her and leave. She proceeded to tell her about what was reported and the actions the city had to correct the problem when she felt Donna's hand slide on her right tit and felt a sharp pain as she had pinched it through her bra.

"Stop that," she warned, pushing Donna's hand away. "Or I'll have to add that to the list of reports on you."

Donna smiled and then put her hand on her bare thigh causing Dianne to shiver.

"I'm not joking; I'm going to report you this moment." She yelled. "Owww!"

Donna had pinched her thigh and it hurt like hell. She jumped up and headed to the door with Donna following behind slowly. When she reached it, she found it wouldn't open. She tried again. Owwww! The bitch had pinched her ass. Owww! Again.

Diane turned around and slapped Donna across the face.

"I mean quit bitch," she said.

She started to say something else when she felt a knee in her crotch. The pain was horrible, as she gripped her cunt and look up; Donna slapped her hard on the face cheek causing her to let go of her pussy long enough for her to kick it again. She buckled under reaching for her cunt as she slid to the floor in a sitting position. She didn't see it till it was too late as Donna kicked her in the tits causing her head to bounce back into the door. She was hurting all over.

"Stop, please, I won't tell anyone, I promise." She yelled in pain.

"Of course not you little white tramp," said Donna, gripping her by the hair and pushing her forward on her belly on the floor. She laid two quick kicks on your ass causing her dress to rise up over her waist as Diane starting pleading and crying on the floor. Her hands didn't know what hurt more as she fanatically tried to protect each part of her body from the next onslaught.

"Listen cunt. If you don't do everything I say when I say it; I'm going to beat you up so back even your mother won't recognize you. And don't brother yelling, the folks around here are used to seeing white girls getting beaten up and enjoy it as much as me." The woman was yelling down at her. She kicked Diane in the side causing her to clench her stomach from the pain. "Yes, please. No more please." Diane pleaded.

"Get your ass in the air now slut and head on the floor. Pull your dress up and those honky panties down to your knees. I want to look at my new slave ass." The woman commanded her.

Diane in fear raised her ass and lifting her dress on her back proceeded to lower her panties. She was ashamed and tried to avoid looking back for fear she would kick her again.

"Your ass is too white whore. I think I'll have to put some color in it with a few spanks." The woman yelled again. "You'll like that slave, won't you, or should I continued kicking you till you crippled and worthless? Tell your mistress to spank your naughty white ass."

"Please mistress," sobbed Diane. "Spanked my worthless white ass."

Donna squatted behind Diane and took position to spank her ass. This cunt was easier to tame then most. Probably was pampered all her life. She raised her hand and slapped the ass as hard as she could enjoying the sound of Diane yell.

"Tell me to spank it again, sweetie." She demanded again.

"Please, spank my ass again. Not so hard, please mistress." Diane pleaded.

Donna slapped it again harder this time. "Do not tell me how to spank your worthless ass slut. Now wiggle that ass of yours for the next 18 and beg each time or I shove your ass right out the window." She warned.

Diane started wiggling her ass as Donna was slapping randomly on her ass. The pain was too much and she was crying while she begged for another. When Donna was done, she knew she wouldn't be able to sit down for weeks and she was crying like a two-year old baby. Donna pinched her ass causing her to yell.

"I just love to pinch you fancy white chick's ass," she said. Pinching her clit, Dianne screamed and jumped from the pain.

"Get those damn clothes off and crawl to the couch bitch," said Donna getting up and then walking to the couch and sitting down. She had lifted her dress and was stroking her cunt as Diane looked at her in fear and panic while she removed all her clothes. She couldn't afford any more pain and slowly crawled back to the couch as Donna spread her legs and pointed down to her pussy.

"Get your tongue in here bitch and do what white girls do best. It better be good or I get the neighbor boys to come over and shove their large cocks up your ass till you can't walk again." Donna warned her.

Diane lowered her head and crawled forth and started licking the heavy bush of Donna's. Donna gripped her hair roughly and placed her tongue in the spot she wanted. She kicked the side of her ass, telling her she better get better at it fast or she'll change her mind and get the boys.

Diane was licking furiously and somehow with all the pain on her body, she found herself getting excited. At first the taste was horrible, but now she was starting to enjoy it. She needed no more punishments as her tongue seem to be working in earnest like it was her pussy being licked.

Donna came on her face and looked down at her. "You're just like all the other white whores, Ms Gaines sends me." she said. "Easy to beat up cunts who never had to work in their lives."

"You see, cunt," she said. "I train all the cunts that she sends and we make a lot of money off your worthless asses."

She smiled at the fear and surprise on Diane face. "Yes you are all screened so no one will miss ya and then we train you to worship black women and men." She laughed and gripping Diane head shoved it between her thighs again. "Start kissing my cunt slut."

Diane started kissing her cunt in fear. What could she do? The lady could beat her up easily and she didn't have any clothes to run away even if she could get the door open. Maybe later she could figure something out. She was still thinking when Donna pushed her by the head on her back to the floor.

"Now for some serious licking," she said, looking down she lifted her dress off exposing her large breasts and huge ass. She stood astride Diane prone body and turned around so she was looking up at her ass as she proceeded to lower her ass downward on her face.

"Nooooo," cried Diane, turning her head to the side trying to avoid what was settling down on top of it. "Owwwwww."

Donna was slapping her tits hard as she proceeded to return her face to the upright position as Donna then sat on it so her mouth was in her asshole. She couldn't breathe and was panting loud.

"Get that tongue of yours in there bitch or I'll sit harder on your face till you pass out." Donna yelled at her.

The pressure on the sides of her face was hard, as Dianne proceeded to lick around the dirty asshole and then started working her tongue up inside. Her breathing was becoming more difficult as she was trying to get her to cum before she suffocated. Soon her tongue was deep in her asshole and going in with ease.

"Nice little white whore," said Donna rocking on the tongue. "I might keep you for my own with that tongue of yours."

"Of course, Ms Gaines will get visitation rights," she added laughing.

Diane was still licking and probing in earnest as Donna gripped her tiny white tits and started pinching slowly.

"That's more like it," she said. "I knew you were a tongue slut all along. Nice little tities too. Don't make me mad or I'll to take a paddle to them and flatten them out a little."

She came again with her ass muscles clenching Diane tongue, which was buried inside. Finally her asshole relaxed so Diane could remove her tongue as she rose up.

"Come slut on your knees while I show you around and tell you your duties." Donna told her. "Crawl like the bitch you are."

Diana crawled behind her new mistress. Donna opened a cabinet and got two cuffs and told her to turn around. She fastened her hands together in back and just above her ankles. She then grabbed her tit and told her to follow her. She was led to a large bathroom where Donna made her face the sink area and then roughly pushed her over the counter.

Taking a brush, she starting working it in roughly in her asshole till it was firmly seated. It didn't have much resistance since Diane had gotten very excited despite herself from her earlier treatment. Grabbing a toothbrush she told Diane to open her mouth and she inserted it in. Next, she turned her around to face the toilet.

"You are to clean that john with this toothpaste till it is sparkling clean. Do you understand?" She yelled at her. She slapped her ass twice to see if she understood. Diane shook her head yes while Donna slapped her ass again and told her to get started. As Diane got on her knees, Donna said she had to make some calls but will return shortly for inspection. She watched Diane put her head in the toilet to wet the toothbrush and departed form the room.

Diane started rubbing the toothbrush around the bottom of the john and then started slowly working up. She could hear sounds from the living room but couldn't make out the words. The last time she wanted to do now was make Donna mad. The bitch would probably kill her.

The brush in her ass was a new feeling. She had had doctors' probe in there but had never been fuck there yet. She was finding it exciting and sexual arousing as she scrubbed the toilet and the brush rubbed against her ass cheeks. She then hear the doorbell ring but knew deep inside it wasn't going to be anyone to help her since no one knew she was there. She could hear female voice sounds but couldn't make out the words.

Donna returned to the bathroom and said they had a special visitor and removed the toothbrush from her mouth.

"Follow me slut." she said as Diane crawled behind her out of the room.

As they entered the living room, Diane could see Ms Gaines in a long black grown with a large slit up the front. To her side was a busty white blonde in her mid 40s naked. Her tits had a small chain attaching them together and her bald pussy area had a clamp attached between the lips. Above her pussy was a tattoo that said property of Mistress Gaines. Ms Gaines was smiling as Dianne crawled into the room to a few feet from her.

Ms Gaines introduced Diane to her boss lady Mindy who was also her slut toy. Pulling her tits chain down, she made her turn around and spread her white ass to show was an asshole she was for her mistress.

"I didn't expect you today," said Donna. "I just started training this one and it's much too early."

Diane didn't say anything other then to look at the red bottom of the elderly lady bent over and spread with red marks all across it. She knew her fate and that Ms Gaines was going to use her the same way soon.

"I caught her letting a boy fuck her ass this evening in the bathroom," said Ms Gaines slapping the blonde well built ass, "and brought her over for a punishment reminder. You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all, said Donna. Since she likes to be butt fucked, I think we'll use the toy stool for her. Watch closely Diane." She said smiling down at her. "You will get the same treatment someday if you disobey."

Donna told Mindy to go get the stool and bring it in. Mindy was crying but went to another room and brought back a stool to which she attached to two clamps in the floor. The stool was about 4 inches high and had a long thin dildo sticking up the middle. Ms Gaines sat on the couch to watch.

"You know the drill," said Donna as Mindy slowly squatted above the dildo and lower her ass till she was seated in a bathroom position with half the dildo inserted in her asshole.

"Remember to chant properly," said Donna, as Mindy starting fucking her ass on the dildo up and down and yelling "fuck my ass please". Diane was stunned from the sight and knowledge of how her asshole must feel while trying to maintain her balance while she rode it.

"I'll have to get her some diapers if she keeps this up," said Ms Gaines. She then looked at Diane watching and reaching down spread the V in her gown showing her large hairy pussy. "Come here slut and lick my pussy unless you want a turn on the stool."

Diane watching the girl in torment didn't even brother to fight them. She hastily crawled forward and buried her tongue in her pussy, lapping her wet juices. "A little motivation never hurts," laughed Ms Gaines guiding her by the hair. Donna finally told Mindy she could stop and sat down fully on the dildo and remain there. She walked over to Ms Gaines on the couch with Diane licking her cunt and wiggling her ass.

"She's much better at assholes," said Donna. "Here let me help you."

Ms Gaines laid back while Donna lifted her legs up and spread her ass wide.

"Put you tongue in here and get to work piggy," she said to Diane who moved down to her asshole and started working around the rim. Upon command, she started n using her tongue as a dildo in and out the loose hole.

"Ah, much better." said Ms Gaines. "I almost came yesterday when I was interviewing her for the job thinking about how her mouth would feel in my ass. I knew that wagging tongue of hers could be put to good use."

Diane was unaware of what they were saying. Her only thought right now was pleasing her mistresses and not getting seated on that dildo stool. She felt Ms Gaines shake and liquid dripping down her ass as she continued to lick it all off. Donna moved her head away as Ms Gaines slowly returned to her normal sitting position.

"Lick her feet while we talk," said Donna sitting on the couch beside her.

"Do you think we should let the slut off the stool yet," she asked Ms Gaines.

"Not yet," replied Ms Gaines. "Let's unlashed it from the floor and have her walk around holding it in her ass for awhile. You don't mind if I borrow your cat for a while do you?"

"Of course not," said Donna as she got up and unlashed the stool from the floor. Mindy was told to pick up the stool while maintaining it in her ass and bend forward. Donna returned to the couch and order Diane to lick her cunt while Ms Gaines got up and grabbing the cat started lashing Mindy's ass and thighs as she walked around the room begging her mistress for pity and saying she would never do it again.

Diane tongue was busier than ever. These ladies were crazy and she knew not to get on their bad side. Her tongue was raw but she dare not stop till they let her. Donna was patting the top of her ass saying good doggie as she lapped her cunt.

Ms Gaines finally quit lashing on Mindy's ass and thighs and told her she could remove the stool and dildo from her ass, but be sure it was clean before she put it back up. Mindy slowly removed the stool and placed it on the floor and then started sucking on it. Her body was covered in welts. Ms Gaines turned to watch Diane licking on Donna's pussy. Walking over to her, she slapped her ass with her hand.

"Get at it slut. You better learn to lick a black lady pussy better than that. Here let me her." With that comment, she reached down and grabbing Diane brush still in her ass, started twisting it while working it in and out.

Diane increased her pace to get Donna off faster. She didn't want anything she saw with Mindy earlier.

"Teach her the proper way to respect her mistress Donna," said Ms Gaines, grabbing Diane hair. "You're not going to disobey me are you slut?"

"No mistress." Yelled Diane still lapping Donna's cunt.

"Good," said Ms Gaines slapping Diane ass with the lash. "Mindy put that stool up and get your robe back on before I let the neighborhood kids have some fun with you."

Donna told Diane to tongue fuck Ms Gaines asshole while Mindy was getting dressed. When she arrived, Ms Gaines raised the back of the dress and shoved her fingers up her loosen asshole.

"Won't be long before diapers," she laughed at Donna. "You can drive a truck through this one."

Donna opened the door for her, as Mindy was lead by her ass out the door.

Looking back at Diane sitting on her knees on the floor with a blank stare. Donna turned. "Get on your belly and crawl over here and lick my feet white slut. Be sure to kiss them first."

Diane lay on her belly and began worming her way to Donna. The carpet was cutting on her breasts but her pussy was soaking wet and dripping. She needed this, she thought as she finally arrived and started planting kisses on Donna's large feet. Working her way between the toes, she started cleaning in-between them and then inserting each in her mouth. Donna was pleased with her new slut first day and decided to reward her.

"Go get that stool. I want to see you ride your pussy on it." She commanded her.

Dianne thrilled at the thought ran to the next room and returned with the stool used earlier. She squatted down on the brush still in her ass and started to ride the fake cock. She was finally getting relief for her aching pussy need.

Donna watched from the couch as her plugged ass bounced up and down with the dildo sliding in and out of her cunt. She grabbed a camera by the side and started taking a few pictures of the slut. She got up and walked behind her taking aim and then slapping her ass hard.

"Faster bitch, ride my cock faster." She yelled down.

Spank. Spank.

Diane was now really rocking on the fake cock. Her pussy was on fire.

"This is how I reward my white sluts for pleasing me." Donna said reaching down she grabbed the end of the brush and started working it in and out Diane ass while she fucked up and down on the dildo.

"You do want to please me don't you cunt?" Donna toyed with the brush.

Diane could feel a climax coming fast.

"Yes, yes. Mistress. Fuck my white ass." She yelled begging. "Make me your white bitch.

Donna started laughing as Diane climax on the stool. Her body covered in sweat and still rocking to achieve the next orgasm.

"Naughty, naughty little whore," Donna laughed taking her hand off the brush and slapping her right ass cheek. "It's not going to be that easy. Hold that stool in your cunt and walk around the room till I decide what to do with your worthless ass next."

Diane grabbed the bottom of the stool and got up barely able to maintain her balance. She had to get her ass higher than her head to keep the plug inside. She started slowly trying to move around the room with the dildo and brush still inside her holes. She didn't care how she looked as she struggled to put one foot forward and then the other pushing the stool plug in deeper as she walked.

"Oh by the way. My daughter should be home soon." Donna laughed. "I'm sure she would be so excited to see her new social worker has taking an interest in her.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

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