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Golfing Vacation
BY Mredfox (mredfox@comcast.net)

* Golfing Vacation *

My husband and I are golfers and we got friendly with this new couple at our course who owned a condo in Florida, which they invited us to when they went there for a week. It was in a complex that had two golf courses, no waiting and the third day we were there, the weather was miserable.

Gwen and I both did not want to play in the nasty weather, so our husbands went without us, leaving just the two of us for about five hours or so. They were no sooner out the door when Gwen took her robe off, leaving her totally naked, came over to me, put her hands on my face, told me she wanted to fuck me so bad it hurt and kissed me.

Now she was built like the proverbial brick shit house, big tits, narrow waist, killer ass, jet black hair, a forest around her pussy and I have to say that on more then one occasion I had wondered what she looked like naked. I never wear anything to bed, so I was naked under my robe and with her tongue in my mouth, she opened my robe and pressed her hot body into mine.

My pussy flooded and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back, pressing my crotch into hers and I wanted to fuck her so bad, it made my pussy ache. I'm not built badly, not quite like Gwen, but close and I have a forest around my pussy too, my husband would have it no other way. Gwen grabbed my pussy, whispered in my ear, "I love hairy pussies baby and I knew you would have a real hairy pussy for me to enjoy and I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

I was so hot now my pussy was dripping and Gwen said, "Look how hot my baby's pussy is for her Mommy, babies pussy is leaking fucking cum for her Mommy like a faucet."

Her talking to me that way made me even hotter and I wasn't very far away from cumming. She then told me how fucking hot my body was, that my pussy was made for her to fuck and how much I was going to enjoy eating her hot pussy. She now had three fingers in my cunt, telling me how good my hot little cunt felt and when I told her she was going to make me cum, she told me what a good little fucking pussy I was, that she knew I was a hot-cunted little whore, made just for her to fuck.

She then told me to cum for her, show her how much I loved my Mommy and after I came for my Mommy, she was going to take me to bed and make me her lesbian lover. Even with her three fingers filling my pussy, I shot my sweet nectar out like a hose being turned on and covered her arm with hot cum.

She told me what a good little cunt I was, cumming on her Mommy and then put her fingers in my mouth for me to lick clean. While I was cleaning my cum off her fingers she told me I was such a juicy little twat, and a hot-cunted little whore, she was going to make me own personal fuck doll and I almost came again. She led me into the bedroom, telling me what nice tits I had, made for her to suck on, an ass that was made to be fucked and that she knew I was a really hot fucking piece of ass, made to be her piece of ass.

She pushed me onto the bed, crawled in between my legs, made me tell her I wanted her to have my pussy and that I will always be her pussy, my heart was beating like a trip hammer, I could feel the hot blood coursing through my veins as I thought, she is really going to take my pussy, then she kissed my cunt lips and stuck her tongue in my cunt hole as far as she could.

My hot little cunt exploded, so much cum shot out she couldn't swallow it all and her face was covered with my cunt juice. She got on top of me then, made me lick her face clean, then went right back to my pussy, putting her fingers in my cunt while sucking on my clit. I was so fucking hot, my ass was bouncing all over the bed, I was moaning like a cheap whore and then I felt her finger sliding into my asshole.

I was literally going crazy with lust now, she was finger fucking my pussy and asshole at the same time, while sucking on my clit, then she put more fingers up my ass, while she had worked her whole hand into my pussy at the same time. My pussy was so overwhelmed, it kept exploding like a fourth of July show, one hot orgasm after another.

I never thought I could cum like my new Mommy was making me cum, I had never been this hot in my whole fucking life, nothing existed now but Gwen's fingers and mouth making me hers. She made me cum until my pussy was totally dry and fucked out, she made me pant like a dog and then took me in hers arms, kissing me and telling me what a wonderful pussy I had, a cunt that was made for her mouth and from now on I was going to be her personal little fuck bunny. There was no question I had fallen in lust with her and surely would be her personal fuck bunny, whenever and wherever she wanted to take me.

After I was able to breathe normally again, she put my hand on her dripping pussy and told me it was time for me to take care of my Mommy's pussy and as the guys say, she made my tongue get hard for her hot cunt. I got on my hands and knees, couldn't resist rubbing my face in all her pussy hair and the aroma of her boiling hot pussy, made my pussy get all wet again.

I started out licking her pussy lips all over, kind of chewing on her cunt lips and then I licked her from her asshole to her belly button and she let out the loudest moan ever. Then she was kind of moaning for me to take care of Mommy's pussy, make Mommy cum like a good little girl and I went nuts on her cunt. I was licking and sucking her cunt like a mad woman, making her moan even louder it seemed.

Her ass was moving all over the bed, so I pinned her legs back to her shoulders like my husband does to me and that gave me even better access to the target of my affections, her hot, sweet juicy cunt. I was determined to make her cum so many times her pussy was going to run dry and it didn't take long before she was screaming, "Oh Jean, eat me! Jean! Oh Jean!" over and over.

Her whole body stiffened up, she made a kind of gurgling sound and filled my mouth with the sweetest fluid in the whole world. I loved the first taste of her pussy I had, but her hot cum filling my mouth was so fucking good, I came as I savored the taste of her hot pussy juice. I lost count after I had made her fill my mouth with her fuck juice eight times and ate that hot, sweet pussy until she went limp, telling me she couldn't take any more, so I made her cum one more time for me and then stopped eating her still very hot pussy, very reluctantly.

We laid in each others arms, kissing and feeling each other up until our pussies got so hot we needed to fuck again and then we did a sixty nine. We found out that Gwen liked being on her hands and knees eating pussy because it made her feel like such a little whore and I liked being on the bottom giving my pussy up because it made me feel like such a big whore.

We ate each other until we were both so tired, our jaws hurt and we swallowed enough hot cum to fill a bath tub it seemed like, then we went back to holding and kissing each other, telling each other how wonderful the others pussy tasted and that we were going to be lovers forever.

The men had decided to play both courses as it had cleared a little, which was perfect for Gwen and I, we ate each others pussies so many times, had out fingers and fists in each others holes so often, we couldn't walk that evening, both claiming we must have caught the flu or something.

The men went to play the next day, we stayed behind and sucked and fucked each other the whole day, minus the fingers this time, as we didn't think the men would buy our not being able to walk two days in a row.

True to her word, Gwen took me every chance she got after we got back home and then one rainy day, her daughter caught us locked in a sixty nine and what happened between her daughter and myself is another story in itself.

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