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One Hour To Go
by Etiene (address withheld, edit by

* One Hour To Go *

One hour to finish then I must leave. Patty, my wife, has been on the road for almost two weeks. It’s not so much that I miss her, I crave her is more like the real issue. Sometimes I don’t even know where she travels. Yesterday, when she learned I didn’t update my daily journal, she nearly blew a gasket.

Anyway, I have to pick her up at the airport soon. I’ll take the Mercedes in case she wants me, it has a nice back seat. Well, actually I will go along, our driver really gets her, I suppose. Not that she’s fussy or difficult, we just understand our relationship.

Traveling, which Patty does in style is first class air with four star hotels. Nothing but the best. Too much time on the road can make anyone grouchy; hopefully, she won’t be too upset with me if I get done writing in time. Once I insisted I go with her. Got screwed by several guys in a gay bar bathroom while she watched. Strange men using both my bottom and my mouth, so I stay home now, but remain thankful they used condoms.

Patty has rules, lots of rules actually and I know them all. If I ever want to cum with her, I follow the rules. Be certain there are fresh cut flowers by her bedside, clean linens, fresh towels and a full roll of toilet paper. Have the maid dust, clean the windows and have candles burning.

Dinner is served promptly at 7:30 p.m. Cocktails at 7:00 p.m. Laundry cannot sit in the basket. Those are just a few. Once, I questioned clean windows when it was obviously dark outside. Patty made me watch her masturbate and fuck other men for three weeks before I could touch her. I don’t question anything anymore.

Patty tells me to be careful when I masturbate in her absence, as I must never soil her sheets. She left two pair of dirty panties for me to sniff when I jerk off. For those of you who don’t know me, I get strong erotic sensations, even hot and sweaty from smelling Patty’s worn panties. Especially with my own wet cum stains sprayed on them. I get hard smelling or tasting them.

For the last two hours I’ve been surfing the web reading cuckold stories, downloading photos to put my mind in the right place, while stroking myself. I need to clean cum from my legs before I see Patty. Soon, I will have to wear my condom and leave to get her. I’m already hard again, but unfortunately, no matter how horny I get, Patty simply won’t allow me to make love to her. Other things sometimes, but I don’t get to fuck her. In fact, she doesn’t really touch me much.

Patty took off from Dallas about three hours ago. She travels there to fuck Pete. He’s a Dallas based petroleum engineer she met traveling with her old company. I must admit she has good business sense. She sold her old consulting firm for almost fourteen million bucks. She visits Pete every month. When they first met, Pete was married to a woman Patty worked with in Dallas, her name was Rue. Pete and Rue divorced several years ago. Ever since, when in Dallas she stays at his house. I’m lucky if she’s home a week a month.

Last time Patty returned from Pete’s, she complained, “My pussy is sore from all that fucking. He wears me out. His cock pumped me every morning and I sucked him dry each night.”

Sometimes she spreads open her pussy at the airport before departing. She takes his hard prick inside her for a goodbye fuck. I can only imagine the sucking, grinding and lusty sounds as he pumps his last load into her. Arriving home leaking Pete’s cum, she becomes my liquid present. Once, she made me drink a condom full of sperm, which she brought home inside her pussy. I had to suck a used condom out of her then swallow the contents. I never even knew whose cum I ate. I don’t mind her getting fucked, as long as she shares the details when she gets home.

What else can I do? I really don’t have any skills and can’t compete with her. I suppose I’m more than a servant to her, but not much. Just a guy, she’s the glorious one. I seriously doubt making Patty’s life less pleasurable would do anything to enhance mine. Probably just irritate her and I’d suffer. She does take good care of me in exchange for her eccentricities, maybe indulgences.

When in the mood, Patty demands a lengthy massage before I can touch her sexually. She makes me plant my face square in her bum, while I massage her hips and back. Though I am permitted to slide up to kiss her neck and nibble her ears, Patty is clear I will rim her before and during each massage. I tongue fuck her ass and lick up any cum, if it’s there.

She doesn’t have to insist because there is nothing I find more erotic than licking Patty’s ass. Her taste I do crave. The smell of the massage oils, the warmth, the music wafting through the air and the view of her ass facing me with my anxious tongue only inches away often makes me orgasm. The combination of touch, smell and sight is usually enough to keep me perpetually hard. Add the magic of another man’s sperm dripping from her well used snatch and there is no place closer to heaven on earth.

Tonight, I already know Patty has brought me a present, her juicy cum filled pussy, providing I complete my journal. Several months ago I purchased a pussy plug from an online store. The plug holds the sperm in. I’ve licked Pete’s load from Patty on several occasions and it is tastier than the others. I don’t know why, but his is good. Sometimes I lick his semen right from her pussy at the airport or while we ride home. Other times, we go home, I wash her pussy and suck the washcloth. Pete is really a great guy.

Whenever he visits our home, he is always polite to me. He let’s me suck him off while he drinking his morning coffee. I love his hard cock spewing cum into my mouth. Sometimes I get to watch them fuck or suck each other. I usually masturbate and cum whenever Patty lets him unload in her mouth. I do so much want to feel her pussy around my hardness, but that’s not allowed. Tonight everything is ready. Her bed is made with clean sheets, flowers are in place, and massage oil is warming in the heating pad. I hope it is perfect. Dinner will be braised beef tenderloin, white asparagus and broiled red potatoes. Warm spinach salad served with onion soup, topped with broiled cheese. Desert is to be pralines and fresh fruit. I selected her favorite port from the cellar. She should approve.

I’m bringing Patty a reefer cookie and some cocaine as she instructed. By the time we drive home she will be stoned, relaxed hopefully. Patty specifically asked for a cookie because she has every intention of having me suck her for a long, long time. When Patty is high there is no telling how long she will keep me between her legs. Fucking her ass with my tongue for sixty minutes isn’t out of the question. She masturbates while I rim her.

I’ve been told to shoot my sperm onto her asshole tonight and then lick her clean. I’d love to eat her like that everyday. It’s even better when there’s some guy’s spunk inside her pussy and she rolls on her back, spreading open. Is there anything better than licking a freshly fucked pussy? Better than licking lover’s cum from your wife’s dripping thighs?

Tomorrow night Terry joins us for dinner. Terry replied to my Craigslist post. I was seeking a bi male lover. Patty almost killed me when she read my journal. I was hoping to find a nice guy I could have sex with while she was away. Terry does graphic art and runs a company out of his spare bedroom. Terry replied because he likes sex with married men. We met over coffee, but soon adjourned to his house. We sucked on each other’s cocks all afternoon.

When she read everything about Terry in my journal, Patty decided I could suck his cock if she was there to watch. Terry looks cute to her, but she hasn’t fucked him yet. I hope she doesn’t, but if she wants to what can I say? Patty likes her guys cut. Pete’s hard dick is about the same size as mine, but Terry’s cock is much bigger.

Terry mentioned once it’s been over ten years since he even tried to have sex with a woman. Patty already assured him that if he she wanted to fuck him he would be hard. But for now she allows the two of us to suck and jerk off. Once married, Terry even has two teenage kids. His sexual fantasies are about men. I admitted to him that other than Patty, I would rather suck his dick than do anything else.

So, now I have to make regular entries in the journal before she gets home. If not, my punishment is her strap-on inside Terry. I know, you’re thinking what kind of punishment is that, but I don’t want to share him. She has her own men. Now I’m just dreaming about how sweet Pete’s cum will taste leaking from Patty’s pussy. Forty minutes left to catch up my journal.


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