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by Anonymous

* Blunder *

We were all staying in the hotel. There were a lot of us, and the parade was tiring, but afterwards the group split up and went all over town sightseeing.

I had just taken a shower and slipped on my gym shorts...I was leaning on the railing of our balcony high above the city and staring at the beautiful sight.

Allan, one of the guys sharing our room was there too. So I knew who it was that came out on the balcony. He stood behind me and his hands on my shoulders didn't make me jump.

He commented on the sight, and how good we had marched that day. The more he talked, he massaged my shoulders. I told him how good it felt and he moved his hands to where the straps had surrounded my shoulders above my pecs.

I closed my eyes and felt my cock rise. If anyone in the band was going to touch me like that, Allan was the one I had wished would. He was tall, all American looking, red hair, freckles, swimmers build, and when he played drums I would often just stare...and miss my own cues.

His hands moved to my pecs and his fingers pinched my tits. I didn't comment and he pinched them harder and harder asking me if I felt it at all. I moaned and said yes. He knew I liked it.

I made small talk about the band, how good I thought he was, how I had loved to watch him in the rock band he was drummer for...and how much the drum playing had developed his arms. He did have the roundest shoulders...which I had thought of licking some time in the gym shower with everyone watching.

His hands moved down to my stomach as he made comments that I wasn't in bad shape stomach especially. It was true, the good lord had had given me a defined stomach, and when I swam a lot, it got even more did my legs, butt, and back.

His hands slipped down into my gym shorts and rested on either side of my hard cock. They felt warm there...and he pulled me back so my buns pushed against his cock under the towel he wore.

I moaned my approval and wiggled my butt. It was what I had seen a guy do on a porn tape once when I snuck into one of those sex store booths...and spent a lot of quarters to learn all I could about man to man sex.

His hands moved around my hips and on my buttocks. He made a remark about he had looked at me march in the line ahead of him and sometimes lost his beat looking at my butt.

This was all very brave stuff coming from two schoolmates who didn't know when the others would come bounding into the room.

I let him pull my gym shorts down over my hips, as I continued to watch the scene down in the street. I felt Allen's cock press against me, all hot and sticky. I felt Allen's hands spreading my butt cheeks, and felt him place his cockhead against my opening.

I had never thought this would happen to me, I know that I've always been attracted to other guys, but I had never thought to make a move on anyone before. And her was Allen, just about to fuck me. I couldn't think straight; my heart was pounding so hard I could hear the blood rushing through the veins throughout my tense body.

Then Allen gently pushed into me, and the feeling was wonderful. I thought there would be pain, but there wasn't, just a fullness, that I had never felt before. Allen started to slowly thrust in and out of me, leaning over my back, occasionally grunting when he pushed deeper. We were lost to the moment, hunched over the railing of the balcony, having really great sex with each other for the first time.

I let him fuck me, and I was really enjoying it...I was loosing control. My mind thought only of the sensations, and my fantasies about Allan.

The door burst open and Paul and Clyde came in laughing about some event they had just endured while sightseeing. They suddenly got quiet and I was glad because just before they entered, Allan was pushing his
hard cock into my ass.

Allan told them to stay or go, but to shut up and close the door. They closed it and Allan returned to recapturing my attention with his cock in my ass.

Paul and Clyde knew...but it was too late. So, I figured, if everyone in the band was about to find out about me, I might as well make it worthwhile.

Allan and I moved to the bed and fucked for quite awhile before I realized there were sounds coming from the other bed. I turned my head to see Paul and Clyde sucking each other's cocks and glancing at us.

They later told me they had been playing around with each other and Allan all year.

That night was the best one we had traveling. The four of us learned more about each other and ourselves then we had in the four years in school.

And as we left, I was glad that we all had another year and a half left together...not to forget the summer coming up.

It was my blunder to give in I guess...word did get around the band...and other places in school.

But instead of hurting me, I started to meet some new friends. eggheads, jocks, a coach, and there was Allan of course...who became my best friend...

...what a blunder...

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