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A Story by Pauleena


Rich young American teenage boy on vacation in Mexico meets local boy and shares sexual experiences with him and 2 of his friends.

Harold Spencer Eversly was on vacation in Acapulco with his Mom. He was sixteen but looked younger. His father had died suddenly when he was only eight leaving his Ma a very rich woman. She was very possessive and Harold was something of a mother's boy.

They traveled around a lot, all over the world. Harold had been to a lot of different schools but not learned much. He figured he didn't have to with the money coming to him from a Trust when he was 25. Until then he was quite happy with the way things were. Most of the schools he'd only attended for a short time so he didn't make friends.

All he knew about sex he'd got from sex comics, porno magazines and porno videos. He liked gay sex videos the best. One of his mother's housekeepers, a Filipino lady called Josefa, had shown him his first porno video when he was twelve. It was just before he went to bed that night. He was having a milk drink watching the TV. He had on just a pair of shorts.

Josefina put the video in the VCR and ran it. She'd shot the video on a camcorder when she worked as a nurse at an orphanage in Manila. It showed some young boys about Harold's age jerking off and sucking each other's cocks. He'd got a real boner watching it. A real hard-on sticking out of the front of his shorts. He started to play with it like the boys on the video. Josefa laughed and then she showed him how to masturbate properly.

That first time when he came (dry of course), his cock quivered and jerked and he got such a lovely feeling right through his body. He'd never felt a sensation like it. He wanted it to go on and on and on but it didn't and afterwards he felt quite weak, but it was a pleasant weakness and Josefa helped him to bed and kissed him goodnight.

So he became addicted you could say and after that night he did a lot of jerking off. After he was thirteen and able to ejaculate semen Josefa used to take her panties off, the panties she'd worn all day, and get him to jerk off and shoot his lot all over them. She used to sell them mail order through porno magazines. She didn't let him do anything sexual to her though. She was very religious.

His Mom had rented this villa on the beach outside the town. She was busy most the time, busy having fun. Having fun with her girl friends at the yacht club and golf club and country club and with the handsome beach bums they picked up. She liked her sex casual, with no strings and she didn't mind paying for it.

That day Harold decided to go for a ride north along the beach, look for some action. Just what action he didn't really know. He got out the trail bike and roared off. After about six-seven miles he came to this small fishing village and it looked like a real broke-down place. Few boats drawn up on the beach and a biggish ruined building that used to be a fish cannery and past the cannery the ground rose up and the beach ended. If Harold wanted to go further he would have to go inland.

It was a real hot day by then so he sat down at a table outside a cantina (the only cantina in the place) and when a young guy came out he ordered a Coke. The guy was about Harold's age, not as tall and slimmer but good looking. He smiled at Harold and pretty soon they were chatting. His name was Angel. But he says they are going to be good friends so Harold can call him Angelito. When Harold has finished his Coke Angel says why don't they go for a swim. Harold says okay. They walk along the beach away from the village towards the cannery. They reach the wreck of a small boat high and dry on the sand.

Angel strips off his tee shirt and jeans. Underneath he's got a pair of red shorts on. Harold strips down to his clean white shorts and they run out into the sea. Sea's warm and they swim and horse around for quite a while. Then Angel splashes out onto the beach and flops on to the sand in the shade of the wrecked boat. Harold joins him. He has a strange feeling of anticipation and excitement. He doesn't really know why. Then Angel stands up and takes off his shorts and lays them out on the boat to dry. Then he stands looking down at Harold.

The sight of him standing there naked had a strange effect on Harold, he felt his cock stirring under his damp shorts Angelito dropped to his knees beside Harold, and he had a half-hard on. Angelito's cock was short and thick, the purple head, exposed due to Angelito's being circumcised, looked like a ripe plum, full and shiny. He had a mat of black hair curling round the root of his dick and spreading up his lower belly almost to his navel.

Angelito smiled showing his fine white teeth "Now Senhor Arrol I think we have these off no?" He laughed as he gripped the waistband of Harold's soggy shorts and tugged them downwards. "Hey wait up Angel." Harold cried out making a half-hearted effort to hang on to them. But Angelito tugged hard and got them down to Harold's knees. Harold's prick released from the clinging cloth sprang up stiff and taut. It was long and thin and the pinkish tip protruded slightly from its tight foreskin, compared with Angelito's his pubic hair was just a fuzz of fairish down. Angelito's rod now stiffened up into a full hard- on. His dick was shorter than Harold's but much thicker, it stood rigid against his belly, and the purple knob fully charged up had an angry glowing aspect.

He pulled the shorts free of Harold's legs and threw them to one side.

"Look what you're doing with my shorts Angelito." Harold cried, making as though to get up.

"Don't you worry Senhor Arrol, jus' lie down." He felt Angelito grasp his shoulders and push him backwards, a strange sensation filled his body and his hardened dick quivered. Should he deck the Mex (could he deck the Mex?) and leave? Oh what the shit let's see what happens he thought besides he was experiencing a strange feeling of expectancy, his breathing rapid and shallow, it was as if all his being was centered in his throbbing dick and there was a strange ache in his balls.

Angelito lay next to him on his side; he felt Angelito's dick brush against his thigh, his own cock quivered again. Angelito put an arm beneath Harold's head the hand gripping his shoulder, his other hand played across Harold's belly, brushing it lightly, with his finger tips, Harold's cock jerked wildly. He felt the nipples on his chest harden and, a thrilling contraction of his anus. He felt Angelito's hand brush the head of his stiff dick and then close round the shaft and grip it, sliding down and pulling his tight foreskin back, exposing the swollen up head.

Angelito smiled down at him "I give you nice feeling in your cock Arrol, ver' nice feeling, ver' nice." He began to slide his hand up and down the solid shaft, pulling back, pushing forward, pulling back, pushing forward, backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards. "Is stiff eh, Arrol, and Angelito make it stiffer and stiffer."

Harold's dick quivered in spasms under his hands. Angelito paused and leaning forwards spat saliva on the flushed and bulging kernel of Harold's rod. He rubbed it in with his fingers and making a ring with his thumb and forefinger rubbed the swollen head alone.

"Is that good Arrol, is that good?" he asked grinning broadly, "I tink so, Arrol, I tink so. Your balls they tighten up Arrol, you go off like firework Arrol, like Roman candle I tink." He fondled Harold's balls. "Very soon, very very soon. You go whoooosh!"

Harold was possessed by an almighty sensation of pleasure, this was no furtive jack-off under the sheets or in the can, this was, this was, "Oh! Oh!" he shouted, "Its, its, its, cummin'" He writhed his hips, he felt his balls tighten. He bucked upwards as Angelito pulled back his foreskin to its limits, his cock was iron hard, he felt it start, rushing in spate up the shaft, he cried out as the fountain of hot cum spurted forth, splashing across his belly and chest, his heels drummed on the ground and his limbs fell slack as the indescribable feeling consumed him.

Released from Angelito's grip his cock flopped limply, dribbling a last thin trickle on to his thigh. Angelito now rubbed saliva on to his own dick and began caressing it by rubbing the palm of his hand over it and stroking it with his fingers, and then he took Harold's hand and put it on his stiff hard-on. "You do for me now Arrol, you do for me," he commanded.

Harold took it in his hand and Angelito by the pressure of his own hand forced Harold's fingers to grip the rigid shaft and as he did so Harold felt a new sensation as he held another guys throbbing cock in his hand. He experienced a feeling of power, raising himself he pushed Angel on to his back and then leaning over he drooled saliva on to the swollen purple head of Angelito's dick and using both hands, one on the shaft the other on the glistening plum head, glistening with his own spit, he worked away vigorously at masturbating Angelito. As he did so his prick was stiffening up and rising fast.

"I'll jack you off Angelito until you cum, I'll make you cum all over yourself Angelito, I'll make you shoot your lot and then some. I'll do just what I want with your stiff fat prick," Harold spoke frenziedly.

Angelito lay passive.

Harold rubbed the throbbing purple head and squeezed the shaft. Suddenly the swollen dick twitched and quivered, Harold gripped it tight at the base and gripped Angelito's balls squeezing them.

Angelito cried out. "You hurt my balls nice."

Harold gripped and squeezed and pulled the rigid cock forwards and forwards still squeezing it tightly at the base bringing it down until it was level with Angelito's thighs.

Angelito gasped and Harold suddenly let it fly back upright releasing his grip on the shaft. Angelito sighed a tremendous sigh, his back arched, he cried out wildly in Spanish. Cum shot straight up like the jet from a geyser and rained down on Angelito's torso. Angelito lay limply on the sand. Harold held on to Angelito's prick possessively until it shrank and shriveled. God this was great he thought.

After a while Angelito roused himself, "See Arrol you like that, was good eh?"

"Sure was Angel, sure was," said Harold.

"Okay, now we go smoke a joint Arrol, we get high is okay eh?"

Harold thinks what the hell so he says, "Right man, let's do it."

So they get their shorts on which are dry from the sun and pick up the rest of their clothes and Angel leads the way to the ruined fish cannery. Harold screws up his face at the smell of old rotten fish that comes out to meet them as Angelito pushes open a door. He hesitates but Angelito grabs his arm, "Come on man, smell ain't nothing you soon get used to it. Come on we have real good time." he says and leads the way to a small room at the far end of the shed. Inside on the floor was a stained and dirty mattress and some old car seats.

There was an army footlocker with a big padlock on it. Angelito produced a key, unlocked it and from out the locker took his stash, a plastic bag with dope and rizlas in it. "Sit down Arrol you sit down."

Harold sat on the edge of the mattress. Angelito sat beside him and rolled up a big, fat spliff and then he lit it up and they toked away, passing it back and forth and Harold got high and was smiling and laughing and so was Angelito and then this guy who looks about fourteen comes in with a fat girl who's older, maybe sixteen, and they sit down and Angelito says, "Arrol meet Jose and Conchita," and soon they was tokein too and everyone was laughing and Jose takes his jeans off and sits there in his shorts.

Then he got the girl's tee shirt off, just pulled it up and over her head and she didn't resist at all. She got no bra on and her big heavy sagging tits swung loose and Jose was making them swing and squeezing the big nipples that were like rubber teats, pinching and squeezing, touching up her big fat tits and she just laughed.

Angelito he put his hand in Harold's shirt and stroked his nipples and Harold's dick sprang up hard and stiff through the opening in his shorts and Harold was laughing uncontrollably it seemed and the fat girl and Jose pulled Harold's shorts down. The fat girl was lying face down across his hips and sucking his dick, pushing his foreskin back and sucking on the head and Jose pushes the girl's loose skirt up and pulls her panties down and off and gets his dick out of the opening of his shorts.

He's got a long thinnish dick standing real stiff and hard. He spits on one hand and rubs his dick with saliva and then he gets behind the girl and she pushes her big fat ass. He puts a hand between her legs and works his fingers in her slit and when she's moist and ready he shoves his dick into her. He works away with fast strokes, fast strokes and getting faster, in out, in out and it don't last long and he suddenly grips her thighs and pulls her back hard against him and shouts out "Jeeeeezzzzz" and shoots his load with a big shudder and she just keep on sucking Harold's dick and Harold just keep on laughing and laughing.

Then Angelito said, "For fucks' sakes Jose an' you Conchita you knock it off. I'm gonna fuck Arrol good, give him real Mex job for fifty dollar. That right 'Arrol?" Harold laughs and grins and says, that's right Angelito." and takes another long drag at the spliff. And Jose pulls his dick out of Conchita's cunt all limp and dripping cum and he says "Okay Angelito you the head honcho man" and then he says " Angelito why don' we all fuck together" and Harold says "Great man, great" and Angelito says "Coss' you plenty more bucks man" and Harold still laughing says "Sure plenty bucks for plenty fucks."

And Angelito gets a packet of rubbers and a tube of KY from the locker and he puts a rubber on his stiff dick which is standing straight up against his flat belly and he rubs KY on the rubber "Safe sex eh Arrol, safe sex, never know where you Yanquis been eh?" he laughs. He pushes the girl away and makes Harold kneel on all fours on the mattress. He puts plenty KY on his fingers and pushes two of them up Harold's ass and rubs them in and out. Harold's dick stiffens up some more and then Angelito takes his fingers out and gets right behind Harold and pushes his legs open and then he gets his big hard-on into Harold's ass. Then he shoves it and pushes it and works it right up, right up until his balls are right up against Harold and Harold catches his breath and gasps and grunts and Angelito works away in and out, in and out, in and out.

Then the girl crawls between Angel's legs and Harold's legs and she gets on her back and she pulls Harold's hard-on downwards and starts sucking Harold's dick again, she pushes his foreskin back and licks round the rim of the swollen purple head and Angel has his arms round Harold and he's rubbing his nipples and Jose he pulls the foot-locker round and sits on it and he's got a hard on again sticking up stiff and proud and he presses Harold's head down and makes Harold suck his dick.

Meanwhile Angelito's shouting out "I fuck you good Arrol, fuuuuck you goooood right up your tight asssssss. We fuck like the dogs Arrol, like los perros, si jus' like the little dogs." And he laughs and he reaches down and gets the girl's panties and he holds them over Harold's face. "You smell that Mexican pussy Arrol, you smell that good, hot Mexican cunt, and after you give me money you fuck her for free eh? Fuck her up her ass you want."

All the time he goes in and out, in and out, in and out, and he's panting and Harold sucks Jose's dick tasting that metallic sort of taste, moving his head up and down up and down. Jose begins to squirm and twist his hips and he pushes his dick up harder into Harold's mouth.

Angelito's ball bag tightens up and he pushes the girl's head away and he gets a grip on Harold's dick and starts to jack him off. He rams away getting faster and faster as he feels himself starting to come. The girl reaches up and squeezes Harold's balls but not hard, just squeezing and pulling down sort of. And then Angelito pulls his dick nearly out and slides it right back in again up to his belly and he shouts out "Jesus Maria I'mmmmmmmm cumminnnnnn, cummiiiiiinn, Arrol, I fucked you gooooooood, fucked you like the little dogs."

His load shoots up and out into the rubber, he pulls Harold's foreskin right back and Harold's dick jumps and quivers as he shoots his load of hot cum all over the girl's face. Spurt after spurt and Jose cries out, "is here man, is here no can stop it maaaaan you gonna get it all my cum, cum, cum, cum right down your Yanqui throat."

He goes off like a fountain. Harold tastes Jose's salty spunk in the back of his throat and has to swallow fast as it jets and jets out. Angel collapses forward his dick still firmly up Harold's ass and under his weight Harold falls sideways on to the mattress. They lie there still joined together, just like a couple of dogs.

The girl wipes her face with her panties and then wipes Jose's dick, which is going limp now. Then she holds Jose in her arms and they fall asleep like two young animals after play.

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