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The Hunger
by Harry Sachs (

* The Hunger *

A married man explores his hidden taste for men and satisfies his desires.

It's odd that nothing predictable precipitates my occasional hunger for the touch and taste of another man. I can't blame it on a full moon, alignment of the planets or change of seasons but it's been a part of me for most of my adult sexual life and I've come to accept it for what it is; a natural urge with its own agenda. It's a subconscious lust that lurks in the back of my normally heterosexual libido that eventually awakens without warning, but now, at this point in my life where I relish any passion, it's hardly unwelcome and I look forward to the hunt for a man's body to satisfy my hunger.

I felt it beginning to stir recently when an erotic image cropped up at an odd moment. My thoughts were on something else when suddenly I was thinking about my hand slowly pulling on an engorged cock, slick with precum and I could almost feel it throb as I imagined my grip tighten around it. Then I pictured a rough, unshaven face between my thighs and my rock-hard dick sliding between its masculine lips, sucking greedily.

I could almost feel a warmly lubed finger probing my tight, little-used ring, patiently encircling its entrance and then artfully moving within and I remembered the delicious anticipation for the wonderful fullness as another slips inside along with it, stretching me open and preparing me for a swollen cock. As the hunger slowly builds with each vivid fantasy I make plans to slip quietly away from my straight life and satisfy my lust.

So I make my plans, prepare myself and allow the hunger to grow. As it happens, I'm lucky enough to live in a gay Mecca in Southeast Florida, so my field is abundant and nearby. Years ago, I felt I had to travel several hours to find lovers so I'd avoid an embarrassing encounter while back in my straight existence but at my age now, 43, I'm discreet but not in hiding. I've stayed in decent shape and work out frequently, taking care to maintain a taut ass and defined chest. I'm tall and my body is reasonably lean and muscular and though I'm hardly Calvin Klein model material, I do catch more than a few looks as I walk in to the first bar of the evening.

I've prepared myself mentally as well as physically; I've taken care to shower well, trim my pubic hair close and shaved myself smooth along the back cleft. I've also made sure to clean my neglected ass for my favorite activity, being mounted by another hungry man needing badly to release inside my tight hole. So with the confidence that I'm equipped for my evening, I eye the crowd looking for men somewhat older than I, masculine, like myself and intensely horny but relaxed and patient.

I take a space near the corner of the bar and order a beer. It's only 10:00pm but I'm not looking for the younger party studs so my types typically have already begun their evening and I notice several groups on both sides of me. I make some small talk with the bartender and get a laugh from him at a small joke I made.

One of a group of three to my right looks over to check out our conversation and we make brief eye contact and exchange quick smiles. He's an attractive man, about 50, dressed a little too tropical for my taste and he turns back to his friend close by, he too in his mid-to-late 50's but built nicely and makes a comment apparently about me since they both slyly look my way.

Standing with them is another man about the same age but with closely cropped grey hair, a trim goatee, wearing a button-down shirt and blue jeans. Obviously listening in on the conversation he looks straight at me and gives me a warm smile and a slight raise of his glass as a salute.

I do the same and soon enough, the tropical guy is introducing themselves to me. He's Eric and his partner, David is the one standing close by. Roger, whom I'm warming to rapidly, is a friend from out of town. They invite me over and I join them at their side of the bar and the conversation is soon familiar and friendly. They had all been to a dinner party that had gotten dull and snuck out for some drinks so Roger could see more of Lauderdale. It turned out that Roger and I had each spent a lot of time in Chicago and that was fuel for more conversation between the two of us and more chance to feel for body chemistry.

I caught him looking me over several times and was pleased that he didn't attempt to conceal his interest yet was not making crude, overt remarks about big dicks and hot asses, which I don't possess anyway! I was wearing some very tight pants, without underwear of course, so there was no concealing my equipment; the outline of my firm penis was easy to see in the right light. He was intelligent and articulate but had a dry sense of humor that I've always enjoyed and he touched me often during our talk.

I intentionally reached past him for a napkin on the bar and brushed my inner thigh across his knee. He smiled and complimented the thin material of my pants and how soft they must feel without anything on underneath. I invited him to feel the fabric and he ran his fingers over the top of my thigh and circled down over my hardening dick and back up my inner thigh. "Very nice," he said.

Meanwhile, David called over a man in his mid-30's who he and Eric said they had met at a party. David was getting pretty drunk and was running his hand over the newcomer's ass and introduced him as Daniel, as they spoke with their heads close together. Daniel didn't seem to mind and soon had his hand on David and Eric's ass at the same time. I thought that this was getting interesting.

The five of us continued drinking and Eric, David and Daniel insisted on drinking shots. I looked at Roger who was tipsy by now and said, "What the fuck?" Soon we were downing tequila and slamming the shot glasses on the bar. A moment later, the glasses were refilled, compliments of the bartender, and down they went. Of course the mood grew more boisterous and we were all laughing and having a great time. Eric piped up, "Let's go back to our place for a jump in the hot tub and some sake." Sounded like a fine plan to all of us and I followed them in my car to a very nice Oriental style ranch house not far from the bar.

On the drive over I thought about the possibility of an orgy, something I hadn't yet done, and how hot that would be or just making a move on Roger; he had been maybe too much of a gentleman so far but I was sure he was attracted to me. I'm an aggressor to a point but then I'm not a top nor a passive bottom so I decided to let events evolve on their own. I was feeling very warm from the tequila by now and my horniness was growing but my urgency was dulled only slightly.

We went through the house and got a brief tour but Eric had Daniel's hand and was steaming toward the hot tub with the rest of us laughing behind them. In the beautifully landscaped garden there was a small wooden pagoda with a traditional Japanese tub underneath. It was already bubbling and Eric immediately undressed and wobbled into the house and returned with a bottle of sake but no glasses. Daniel, David, Roger and I undressed and threw our clothes over the lounges scattered around the garden and climbed into the hot but soothing water bubbling in the tub.

It fit five of us very intimately and it wasn't long before I felt hands running up my thigh and gripping my cock, causing it to stir to life. We drank the sake from the bottle and passed it around, laughing at each other's sloppiness. We tried exchanging mouthfuls but were pitiful at it and laughed as the strong wine drooled out between our mouths. Gradually the laughter quieted to soft talking and soon Eric and David were nuzzling Daniel, who was seated between them. Eric kissed Daniel's neck and worked up to his ears, nibbling at his lobes. Daniel sighed and rested his head back while David moved his mouth slowly to Daniel's nipple.

I felt the hand still caressing my cock and balls, gently massaging my hard cock so I filled my hands with Roger's and Daniel's. I slowly jacked the two of them, feeling Roger grow steadily with each stroke and Daniel's already thick shaft stiffen more and I closed my eyes, resting my head against the tub and feeling the hunger well awakened but not yet ravenous.

Daniel's breathing became shallow and soon he was being lifted up off the tub's bench so that David could take his cock in his mouth. As I watched David suck first the head and then slowly push down to it's base, I was surprised at how big he actually was. In my hand it didn't seem quite as impressive but he seemed to grow longer in David's mouth. David's hand firmly grasped Daniel's staff as he eased the engorged cock further down his throat and slowly returned to its full head. Eric kissed Daniel, his tongue swirling deeply in the younger man's throat.

Whoever had been fondling my cock soon let go but I still had my hand on Roger's, which had swollen larger and fit my hand nicely, not too long but thick with a perfectly formed head. I looked over to him and his eyes were closed as he gently thrust his hips in time with my strokes. Daniel was stiffening and squirming under David's mouth but David did not want him to release yet so he backed off slowly and whispered in Daniel's ear. Daniel nodded and slowly got out of the hot tub and moved over to a chaise lounge nearby and lay on his back. David was beside him in an instant and had engulfed his cock back into his mouth. Eric quickly disappeared into the house and returned soon with a small box, which he laid, beside David. As David expertly brought Daniel back to brink of cumming, he again broke off and reached into the box for a tube of lubricant. He squeezed some onto his fingers and reached beneath Daniel, who parted his legs obediently.

David only allowed Daniel's penis head back in his mouth while his hand worked Daniel's ass unseen. Daniel moaned and thrust up, vainly trying to bury his engorged cock into Daniel's warm and expert mouth but David controlled the younger man's arousal. Daniel moaned sharply and ground hard against David's hand, apparently at the moment David inserted his second and third fingers.

Eric began kissing Daniel again but Daniel cut the embrace short and found Eric's erect cock, stiff and urgent for attention. Daniel sucked hungrily on Eric's slender penis while David rolled Daniel over on to his stomach and I could now see three fingers probing slowly in Daniel's ass. From my seat in the hot tub, I turned so that I could watch this erotic scene unfolding before me. I leaned against the side of the tub and kneeled on the benches within so that I could comfortably watch Daniel being taken by the two lovers but my own hunger had grown and I was secretly wishing to be in Daniel's place, between two men demanding and extracting pleasure from him.

David removed his fingers from Daniel's ass and reached back inside the box and retrieved a condom, which he expertly unwrapped quickly and rolled down his hard cock. He placed a lounge pillow underneath Daniel and mounted him, positioning his cock at Daniel's now relaxed hole. David, propped on his elbows, slowly sank his sheathed cock past the tight ring and hesitated as Daniel jumped from the initial intrusion.

Daniel's moan was muffled by Eric's cock which was pumping steadily in and out of his captive mouth. Eric was slowly fucking Daniel's mouth and Daniel gripped Eric's cock with both hands, propped up on his elbows, continuing to moan as his ass stretched to accommodate Daniel's thick cock. As David withdrew his cock slowly from Daniel's ass, Daniel relaxed and David sunk once again this time to the hilt and then began slowly increasing his strokes into the younger man's hole. Daniel gasped for air from around Eric's cock but never released it from his grasp and sucked it back down his throat.

I had become almost unaware of time or where I was, transfixed by the sex between the three men. I was startled when I felt Roger press his warm body up to my back, one hand reaching around to my hard cock, the other tweaking a stiffening nipple. I sighed and pushed back against him as encouragement. His jacking was slow and circular, gently rolling the head of my cock in his hand but he tortured my nipple deliciously. "Who would you rather be," Roger whispered in my ear. "What is it you like best about what you're seeing?" His rough beard, much like in my fantasy, rubbed my cheek and neck, stinging but arousing.

I felt his erection pressing against my back so I reached around and guided it between my legs, rubbing against my balls. My head was leaning back onto his shoulder and I said back, "You don't need to be told, do you? I want what you want." My attention was diverted when Eric moaned loudly, shooting his cum down Daniel's willing throat. David was now thrusting deeply into Daniel, his eyes closed and his face a grimace of pain and pleasure. I reached down and fingered Roger's penis head as he pumped it along the bottom of my ass, running my finger underneath, tracing over the sensitive skin. He pulled my nipple for my reward and I gasped, loving the pain turning to pleasure under his forceful touch.

David's moan started low in his throat but grew to plaintive yell as he came, his ass spasming and his full body weight upon Daniel, grinding hard against his firm ass with each downward thrust. "Fuck me, fuck me hard," Daniel gasped as David spasmed into him. Soon the three were quiet allowing me to focus on Roger's attention to my cock which had me grinding back against him wantonly. We heard the three of them leave the lounges for Eric and David's room and once they left, Roger guided me from the tub. I helped him out and we embraced for a deep, tongue- grinding kiss. His finger massaged the top of my cleft and smoothed down to my puckered hole. Our cocks ground together, still wet but also sticky from the precum leaking from us both. He finally led me backwards towards the lounges.

Once there, he picked up the box left by David and took me by the hand back to the house toward his guest room. As we passed the master suite we glimpsed Daniel getting his reward from David and Eric as they both sucked languidly at his swollen cock, desperately needing release. Once in Roger's room, he closed the door and lighted two candles.

I lay back on the bed and admired his body, the first time I really had seen it. While my height, he weighed perhaps ten pound more than me. His pubic hair, which I noticed early, was shaved and he had a metal bar pierced close to the base of his penis, which somehow I missed during our fondling. He had a light matting of grey chest hair over his well-defined pectorals. My hunger now needed to be fed and I waited impatiently for him to come to bed.

He placed the box on the bed next to me and lay on top of me with his full weight, continuing the passionate kissing we started earlier. He moved his mouth away from mine and lightly tongued across my neck and down to my nipples, now gently sucking on the one he had been unmerciful with earlier. His strong hands firmly grasped my biceps, not allowing me much movement and trapped beneath him. The sweet sensation shot through my body, arousing every nerve along the way it seemed, turning every touch into an erogenous caress.

Glancing up at me as I blissfully smiled back he continued his trip down to my navel, then finally to my cock, springing hard in the air. He took in only the head at first, rolling his tongue across the sensitive skin underneath and then sunk down the length of my shaft. My head went back, my eyes closed and the fantasy had become a reality as I felt his bristly goatee rub across each thigh. I gripped his head with my hands and guided him up and down the length of my cock.

I was close to cumming but I couldn't allow that yet so at the point of almost no return, I gently pulled his mouth away from my engorged dick, leaking precum covering his chin.

I smiled and said it was time for him to be on his back so after rolling him over I worked my way around his nipples (one was pierced which I pulled with my teeth, causing him to moan and grasp my head hard. The metallic taste mixed with his musk intoxicating), down his stomach and finally to his waiting hard-on. Remember that I haven't had a cock in my mouth in several years so I employed the best of the techniques I had just witnessed earlier that evening and was rewarded for my efforts with an earnest moan and a thrust toward the back of my throat.

I took my time, tried not to gag or touch it with my teeth but luckily, he was not long enough to choke me but thick enough to be very satisfying. I focused intently on the perfect head, tracing around the edge of the cap and licking up from below its opening, spreading its hole slightly with my tongue and lapping the warm precum streaming steadily from within.

Perhaps he felt my cocksucking skills were lacking because I faintly heard the box opening and though I wasn't paying much attention, I soon jumped at the coldness of the lubricant being liberally applied to my anxious hole. I continued sucking but was distracted by the first of his fingers snaking inside. I must have squirmed slightly because he backed off slowly and then circled its outline and gently persuaded it to open. I couldn't concentrate on his cock at all by now and had spread my legs and crouched up on my knees for him to have better access. Soon enough I was accustomed to one finger exploring me and then another. I only shuddered slightly but the pain mixed with pleasure was wonderful and I was in ecstasy.

He drew his face close to mine and asked how long it had been since I'd been fucked and I admitted I was bisexual and long overdue, although as briefly as possible because he had now found my prostate and was gently massaging it, causing me to thrust back to meet his insistent fingers. I told him I needed it badly and wanted him fucking me.

He smiled and promised to be patient but I was more than ready. As he withdrew his fingers I sat up and gently pushed him back on the bed, where I straddled him and guided his cock toward it's target. He thankfully remembered to grab a condom which I applied and aimed the head at my relaxed hole. I slid down slowly, feeling the head fully inserted and my ass-ring tightened around it. The sharp pain caused me to grunt but I took several deep breaths and waited before sliding down to where I felt the metal ball pierced at the base, cold but very pleasurable.

I smiled and told him I enjoyed his piercing and he said most everyone loves it. I rocked back and forth gently to grow reaccustomed to the fullness. Soon I increased the tempo and depths of my strokes and savored every inch my tight hole grasped. I toyed with his head, almost allowing it to pop free, only to pull it back within my firm ass's grip. His eyes were closed and his hands were pinching my erect nipples. His cock was gliding across my prostate and I was now uncontrollably bucking downward to accentuate that wonderful feeling. I had all of him in me and we were panting and moaning as I increased the tightness of my hole as I pulled up.

He had a firm grasp on my ass as I rode his thickening cock toward climax, his other hand pulling on my erection. We found a gratifying rhythm and I felt my orgasm growing near. I was moaning each time I sunk downward, his cock finding its way further into me. He thrust upward, burying it another inch and I gasped, feeling the pressure mounting in my prostate for my release. He must have felt me getting closer, "give it to me," he urged. "Give me your cum."

It was all I needed to hear since I barely waited a moment later before my cock pulsed in his hand and gushed my pent-up semen across his chest and covered the hand milking me. I rocked violently at each pull on my cock as the last of my cum shot across his stomach but soon I slowed and savored the calmness enveloping me.

He moaned and said this wouldn't work and he quickly rolled me onto my back and he was bent over me thrusting deeply. It almost seemed a dream but for the sensations of the lube running out of me, his weight between my legs and the fullness pumping in my ass. I was crying out but hardly even aware of the sound.

Soon Roger gave out a grunt mixed with a moan and his cock throbbed violently in my ass. I clutched his ass to draw him in deeper, forcing his testicles to empty its contents into my warm and tight hole. He cried out at each spasm, his semen filling the condom.

Soon he was spent and collapsed on top of me, his cock twitching occasionally in my well-fucked ass. I listened as his breathing returned to normal and felt him start to shrink out of me, my ass-ring now stretched and well used again. The familiar tingling of reawakened nerves brought memories of other encounters back into my relaxed and sated mind.

He pulled out of me, rolled off and collapsed next to me on the bed. After several minutes I wasn't sure if he was asleep or passed out so I decided to clean up, get dressed and go home. After leaving the bathroom, Roger still hadn't moved, so I put my shirt on but my pants were still outside on the lounge. As I walked past the master suite I noticed Eric, Daniel and David curled like puppies on the bed. I tried not to wake them as I opened the French doors to the garden and found my pants.

As I was putting them on I heard a noise and was surprised to see Daniel standing there rummaging through the clothes, looking for his. "Can you give me a ride home?" he asked. "No problem," I said, "but should we leave a note for the others?" "No need," Daniel replied, "they're regular customers and will probably call me in a couple of weeks."

I was shocked. "You're an escort?" I asked incredulously. He nodded and found his pants and shirt. As he put on his shoes I asked how much, if that wasn't a rude question, he charged for that kind of performance. "One hundred and fifty," he said. "How about you?"

I laughed out loud at that and said my payoff was pleasure; I'm not nearly skilled enough to ever consider charging. "You'd be surprised," he said. "In fact, the deal was I was supposed to bring someone for their friend but I couldn't line one up so I figured they found you."

"I'm 43 years old," I said, "no one in their right mind would pay for me - not even me! I'm not that great looking and not a very good fuck. Daniel shrugged and laughed and said that there are all kinds and not to be too shocked by what people pay for and what turns them on.

I shook my head in disbelief and asked if he was ready to go. He was and was headed out the side gate but I decided at the last minute to leave Roger my cell number in case he came back into town and wanted to play again. After all, he had been the best fuck in memory and his cock was perfectly sized. I snuck back into the room and saw that he had moved to the other side of the bed but was still asleep.

I took a note pad from the kitchen on my way in and wrote my number and how much I enjoyed him and would like to get together again soon and went to set the note on the bedside table. There was one hundred and fifty dollars there that I would swear was not there before.

I laughed to myself again, left the note - and the money - and left the house. My hunger satisfied, for now.

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