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Brothers' Sex Slave
by Catfish (

* Brothers' Sex Slave *

How I was tricked into becoming a sex slave to my brothers. This is the story of my youth, next I will tell your how my youth has effected my adult married life.

When I was ten years old my brother Charlie started asking me to play with his dick. I did and he also would play with mine and I seen nothing wrong with it. I notice my brother didn’t play with mine as long or as well as I did his dick.

Soon my other brother Leo ask me to also play with his dick. I didn’t mind because Leo could tell the best stories as I played with his dick. This went on for a long time as Leo would always have a story ready as I played with his dick.

Well Charlie said he had over heard some of the guys at school say the whores in the city gave guys chic-a- chogs. Leo or I had never heard that term so Charlie explained it to us. It seems it is licking the spot between the asshole and where the balls started, and he also added that it included licking of the balls. "Bo I bet that would feel good," Charlie said.

Anyway after several months of asking and Charlie telling me that if I did him first he would do me. I finally agreed. I started by licking his big balls and went toward his asshole and he went wild and started jacking off, I continue licking his balls for about thirties minutes before he cummed.

I immediately pulled away to get away from his squirting dick and move up beside him waiting for my turn and as you would expect he refused. "Bo there was is no way I ever do that and I can’t believe you did," Charlie said as he laughed. I left filling humiliated that he had fooled me into giving him a chic-a-chog.

About a day or so later Leo dropped his pants and fell back on his bed and asked me it I would give him a chic-a-chog. I guess Charlie had told Leo about the dirty deed he tricked me into. He asked me about it and I dropped my head as he laughed at how Charlie had tricked me. "Bo I will tell you a story if you licked my balls," Leo stated.

I loved his stories and the humiliations of licking his balls was getting to me. I didn’t see any harm, I had already done my other brother I thought it was only fair, besides Leo wasn’t tricking me into it. I dropped to my knees and grabs his dick and began stoking it as I lick his balls. He was soon fucking my fist as I held his dick and sucked his balls. Soon Leo was pumping cum from his dick onto my fist as he shot his load. I washed my hand as Leo got dressed.

At school I heard guys talk about queers and make fun of them, but I felt I wasn’t a queer I didn’t want another man to love me I didn’t know what to think. I soon found myself enjoying the humiliation of licking another guys balls and I would jack-off thinking about it.

I began thinking about licking and even sucking dicks. I would have great orgasms thinking about being a dick sucker to my brothers, the humiliation would always make me have the ultimate orgasm. One day as I was playing around licking Leo’s balls I move down and tongue his ass and move to his balls and suck one of them and then the other into my mouth I slowly let them drop from my mouth and pulled down his throbbing dick to my tongue and licked it from base to tip.

I could tell by his moaning that he like it. I again licked his dick from the base to the tip and licked around the head as his moaning got louder. After a few more licks on the shaft of his dick I couldn’t resist it I sucked the head into my mouth and sucked like a baby on his dick. Leo slowly fucked my mouth as I sucked on his dick. Leo speed increase until he pulled out and went to the bathroom and finish in the commode. I also was sucking Charlie’s dick as well, but Leo was my favorite because of the nasty stories he would tell me as I sucked his dick.

Over the next several months I found myself sucking my brothers off more and more. At school I would listen to all the guys making fun of dick suckers or queers as they called them. Once a week we had a boy scout meeting and one of the scouts name Chris was telling all us guys about Tommy one of the other scouts how he had talked him into sucking his dick. He when one to tell us how he told him he wouldn’t cum in his mouth.

Everyone busted out laughing as Chris told us he shot his load in Tommy’s mouth. Tommy show up at the scout meeting and everyone was laughing at him as they chased him and called him names. I watched as my own brothers was the first to chastise poor Tommy. I just wonder what my brothers thought about their dick sucking brother.

I thought about Tommy sucking Chris’s dick and how he had tricked him into eating his cum. It reminded me of how I was tricked and now was sucking my brother dicks. I thought about the humiliation that poor Tommy had went through, and it made me as horny as I had ever been. I started fantasize about me sucking Chris dick instead of Tommy. Chris would have all the scouts hide and watch.

"Please don’t cum in my mouth," I would say.

"I wouldn’t do that Bo, I will pull out first," Chris said. He then would grab my head and hold it in place as he fed me his cum.

About this time all the scouts would burst out laughing as I am gagging on Chris’s cum that is running down my throat. I am then forced into the middle of all the scouts and I have to go from one to the other giving blowjobs. I am total humiliated as I jack my dick to the greatest orgasm of my life. Things changed for me after that I didn’t need the nasty stories any more I just craved humiliation of dick sucking.

There was a stream that ran through our property and there was a hill next to the stream. I love stripping naked and walking around feeling like someone would catch me and force me to be their sex slave and order me to suck them off. Anyway I went to the top of the hill and stripped naked and left my clothes on the hill and walked naked down the hill toward the stream.

Once at the stream I stepped into the water feeling the cool water on my feet, and wonder what the water would feel like on my dick. I laid down in the water and it felt wonderful as my dick got hard. I stood up, my dick stood straight out as I heard Leo yell for me. I ran back up the hill and hid to make sure Leo was alone. He was as I seen him making his way down the trail.

I yelled at him to come up the hill I was horny and wanted his dick in my mouth. Leo came up the hill and saw I was naked laying in the leaves. Mom and Dad will kill you if they catch you like this, you better get dress its dinner time. I look at Leo and said you want a blow-job. Sure was Leo’s reply as he unbutton his pants and pulled out his dick and I quickly sucked it into my mouth and sucked and licked his dick.

He fucked my mouth like crazy as he quickly reach orgasm and pulled his cock out of my mouth and finished jacking off as his cum shot from his dick onto the leaves next to me. He told me to hurry up don’t be late as he zipped up and turned to leave. I said okay as he left. I reach down and grabbed two of the leaves that was coated with Leo’s cum and held them to my nose as I jacked off. The humiliation was wonderful as I also reached a quick orgasm.

I use to play strip poker with Leo and I would lose on purpose until all my clothes were on Leo’s side of the table. Being naked in front of my fully clothed brother was humiliating and my little dick was hard as I ask Leo if I could bet a blow-job.

"Sure," Leo said.

I could tell Leo’s dick was getting hard, because we had done this many times before, and he knew that I would soon be sucking his dick. Leo wasn’t stupid he knew I was losing on purpose. He deal the cards and I lost again.

"Let me do double or nothing," I asked Leo.

"You got it," Leo said as he deal again. I lost again.

"Dam two blow-jobs!" I stated.

"Yeah looks like I'll be having some fun after while."

"How about another double or nothing?" I asked.

"Done!" Leo said as I felt my little dick swell even larger, the humiliation was driving me crazy. I lost again now its (4) blow jobs.

My little dick was even harder and I continue double or nothing and kept losing on purpose. (8), then (16), then (32), then (64), I did another double or nothing and lost again. I was so horny and wanted Leo’s dick in my mouth. (128) "One hundred and twenty-eight blow-jobs I better get started" I told Leo.

"Yeah," as he pulled his dick out as I crawled under the table and sucked his dick.

I always wanted to let Leo cum in my mouth but I was afraid that it would make me sick and I would have to go to the hospital. Could you image the humiliation I would have to face telling the hospital workers and doctors that I got sick after eating male sperm.

Anyway, things went along find for about a year and I was in Leo’s bedroom playing with his dick under the covers so my sister and other brother couldn’t see. My sister finally went to bed and my other brother left to fix him a sandwich. Leo turn to me and said, "That really feels good, thanks."

"That’s nothing," I said as I went under the sheets and sucked his dick into my mouth. I ran my mouth completely down the shaft and deep throated his dick. Leo was loving this as his dick was as hard as a rock.

I heard my other brother coming into the room so I pulled my mouth from his dick and came out from under the covers as my other brother came back into the room. I then resumed playing with his dick under the covers again.

"Thanks," said Leo.

"I have to go to the bathroom," I said then I whisper to him, "Follow me in ten minutes."

"Okay," he whispered back.

I went into the bathroom and stripped naked and played with my dick as I waited for Leo. Soon there was a knock at the door and it was Leo and I let him in. Leo seen me naked and started to remove his clothes. "Its okay, you can leave your clothes on," I said.

I explained to Leo that being naked turned me on.

"Okay," Leo said as I dropped to my knees and then laid on the bathroom floor Leo laid beside me with his dick at my mouth. I opened my mouth and Leo slide his dick into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and he slowly fucked my mouth. Soon his pace picked up and his dick was ramming into my mouth and he grabbed his dick and pulled it from my mouth, I reached and pulled it back into my mouth.

Leo moaned and mumbled, "I’m going to cum."

I was so horny I couldn’t believe my own ears, "That’s okay," and I sucked harder.

"You mean, cum in your mouth?" Leo questioned me.

"Yeah, it's okay, I want it," I explained.

That’s all it took because Leo shoved his dick back into my mouth and within a couple of minutes was pumping my mouth again only this time he was ramming his dick down my throat as his pace quicken. Then his dick started to pulsate and his cum erupted into my mouth. It was hot and sticky as I felt it run down my throat. Leo never gave me the whole load and finished over the commode.

Afterward he asked how it taste and I said fine it was hot and sticky but it wasn’t bad at all.

My brothers and I decided to go fishing. There was a fishing hole up above our property that we often went. After getting there we got our poles out and started fishing. Soon three other guys showed up and chased us around and finally caught us, and said they would release us if we would give them blow-jobs. My brothers flat refused as I watched the guys talk back and forth to my brothers finally released us. One of the guys took my bike to get something out of his truck.

I sat back down on the back side of the fishing hole. One of the other guys came over where I was sitting and pulled out his dick. "Your brother’s didn’t want to, but I bet you would suck my dick," he said, as his dick was in my face. "Your brothers said you would open up and suck it," he demanded.

I opened my mouth and the guy shoved his dick into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and played with his balls as he fucked my mouth. I heard one of them say hey look the little one is a dick sucker. Everyone gather around me as the guy continue fucking my mouth.

"What the hell are you doing down there sucking his dick?" My brothers asked.

I removed my mouth from the guy’s dick and said, "You told them I would."

"We didn’t say a word about you sucking their dicks," Leo said. "Looks like you were tricked again. "Well it looks like you will be busy Charlie and I are heading to the house."

I watched as my brothers left as the guy shoved his dick back into my mouth. Well in about ten minutes the guy shot his load in my mouth and his dick was replaced by the other and he also cummed in my mouth. I sucked all three of the guys off and then headed for home.

A few days later I was sitting at the kitchen table play solitaire and Leo walked by. "Want to play strip poker?" I asked.

"Why don’t you just ask to suck my dick and forget about poker," Leo said.

That made me instantly horny! "Well can I suck your dick?" I ask Leo.

Leo stopped dead in his tracks and turned around and said, "BEG ME BO! And maybe I'll let you."

I fell to my knees in front of my brother and begged him. "Pleeeese! Let me suck your dick."

"Strip naked I know you like that," Leo ordered.

I quickly stripped and again was on my knees before Leo. "Please, oh please let me suck your dick," I begged.

"Hell Bo, not even Tommy the boyscout queer begged to suck dick," Leo sneared. That's when I realized that Leo had hit on what was turning me on. "Humiliation," he had the key to making me his personal sex slave.

"I know Leo I'm worse than Tommy. I would have stopped and sucked all the scouts if they would let me," I confessed.

"I thought so. You're just a queer," he stated as he laughed. "Get in the living room in the big blue chair," he ordered.

I got up and when in the living room and sat in the chair. Leo dropped his pants and pulled off his underwear and climbed up on the chair and put his knees on the large arms of the chair and his hands on the wall. This was a great chair because in this position his hard cock was at my lips. "Open up cock sucker," Leo ordered.

I opened my mouth and Leo shoved his cock into my mouth. "Now suck it fagot," he ordered and I sucked and licked the head of his cock as he pumped my mouth. His cock was hot and harder than I had ever seen it, he must be enjoying the humiliation of his brother too. He was ramming his cock down my throat and giving me a throat fucking I had only dreamed about.

His pace was picking up and so was his humiliation. Suck it fag you worthless cock sucker, drain my balls you dick licker. I started playing with his balls as his dirty talk was taking me to a new level of sexual arouser. I felt his balls tighten and his cock started to pulsate and I heard him say, "Eat my cum you fagot," as his cum erupted down my throat as he pumped his load into my mouth.

He just left his cock in my mouth as his cum was still oozing from his cock into my tongue as I licked the head. "Good job slave boy, now take my cock and sucked on the tip and suck out the cum still in their," he ordered.

I moved my lips to his piss slit and sucked as hard as I could and got the last drop of cum inside his dick. "Now kiss my dick and thank me for letting you have the pleasure of sucking it," Leo ordered.

I kissed his balls and looked up to his face and said, "Thank you master for allowing me the pleasure of sucking your wonderful cock!" I confessed.

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