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Bar Screw
by Cynthia Madden

* Bar Screw *

I'm quite an ordinary guy. No big muscles, no huge dick, not even particularly handsome, but I'm a lucky person.
You know, the kind of guy that fun things always seem to happen to. I can't remember the first time I real-
ized that I was lucky, but I certainly remember one night in New York City, late in the evening when I was
doing a little Bar hopping, when I walked into the local bar and seated myself.

I was expecting to have a regular Friday night but the fates dealt me a new card that night. I was on my second round when a woman approached my table and asked if the extra chair had been taken. I replied that it wasn't and she proceeded to sit down.

We began to talk and continued a good conversation for about an hour when the subject suddenly switched to sex. (I think that she was the one who first brought the subject up.)

We discussed our personal sexual preferences for a while and we were both getting quite horny. (You know, flirting shamelessly with each other.)

Another fifteen minutes of steamy sex talk went by when I felt her leg sweep across my foot. Thinking nothing of it I continued talking. Then I felt her leg but this time it was rubbing up and down my shin. I got an instant hard-on and pushed my leg out a bit more, so as she had plenty of room to work on it.

We continued our conversation as her leg rubbed higher and higher making its way towards my crotch area. Then her foot raised and pushed against my groin. She slid her foot up and down in a very pleasing manner. After about two minutes of this she stopped and got up.

"I'm going to freshen up." She said seductively with a wink. I guessed what she wanted me to do by the sparkle in her eyes, so after she had been gone for a couple of seconds I got up too and went off in the same direction. I was in the back halls of the bar trying to find where she might be when I was pulled into a utility room. I couldn't see her but I recognized the scent of her perfume.

We where locked in each others embrace immediately like lovers who were going to die at any moment.

I slid my hand down her back, across her butt, and down her leg until I reached the bottom of her skirt. I slid my hand under and began rubbing her thighs. They were bare and I quickly discovered that she wasn't wearing any panties either.

As I was felling this bird up she was undoing my pants and sliding her hand under my boxer shorts. She rubbed my dick with those long delicate fingers I had admired before and made me so excited that I wasn't sure how much more massaging I was going to be able to stand.

I moved my hand on down until it came to the outer fringes of pubic hair, then ran my fingers through it and came to her juicy cunt. I parted her vaginal lips with my middle finger then slid it in. What a delight to feel her all lubricated for me. I love that special slickness that a horny woman has when she's ready to be fucked. It makes me crazy.

She began to move her hips up and down shoving herself on to my finger. She made noises similar to purring as she got more and more excited. Her grip on my cock tightened as she was about to orgasm.

Finally, as she came her cunt juices flowed out in barrels covering my hand and down her inner thigh. Then my pretty baby started to stroke my cock in earnest.

I slipped my fingers out of her honey pot and tried to dry them on my shirt. Before I could react my little fuck doll slid down to her knees in front of me and placed her lips on my dick. She slid her mouth over the head of it and began to bob that pretty blonde head like there was no tomorrow.

It was like an erotic torture. She managed to take my full length in one swallow gagging just a bit. I could feel the head of my dick going down her throat which was a lot like entering a pussy.

I came about a minute later after one of the best blow- jobs of my life. There was no way I could have held out any longer, she really knew what she was doing. (She must have had a lot of experience, the way she played me like a musical instrument.)

After I came she stood up in front of me. I could hear her heavy breathing and could smell my come on her breath. I could tell that she was still as stimulated as I was. So I pressed her against the wall and slowly shoved her down to the floor of the utility room. With out asking I lifted her skirt and climbed on top of her small body.

I heard her moan as I arranged my dick at her opening and I readied for the wildest fuck of my lifetime. Pushing I entered her little piece of paradise with full thrust. She screamed with pain and pleasure as my cock shoved its way home, but after a few more strokes the noises she made were those of lust.

As my dick pounded her cunt my hands found themselves fondling her firm tits. (I had torn her blouse open. I can still remember the sound of her buttons flying around the room.)

After a minute she began to get more and more excited and clamped her shapely legs around my body and started to thrust onto my cock, enabling maximum penetration. On one particularly deep thrust I felt her vaginal walls clamp around my dick like a vice. When she began to climax her back arched up off the floor and she began to make hissing noises.

I wish the lights had been on so I could have seen her face as she clawed the air. It lasted for a few seconds, then she fell back and her body relaxed under me.

I had been effected by her emotional and physical climax and came in floods myself. I emptied spurt after spurt into her until I thought if I kept doing it much longer she might explode.

After gaining the most pleasure I could from her sweaty body I withdrew my semi-hard dick from her. My white cream spilled from her used cunt as I withdrew from her. (After a couple seconds it stopped.)

"Was it good for you baby?" I asked.

"Fuck yes lover, better than I can remember ever!" She replied as she panted for air. After a brief time of silence she said, "Well I guess I should be going now." She got up.

I just kind of laid there, still out of breath as she pulled her damaged blouse closed and adjusted her skirt to cover her come soaked cunt. And a moment later she was gone.

I never did see her again, and I didn't even know her name, but I've always had a thing for suicide blondes
ever since.

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