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Chinese Take Out
by TheNewHorizon (

*Chinese Take Out*

A newly wed couple go to a dance club for some fun when the wife encounters a Chinese man that leads to unexpected results. Two years later the same man comes back into their lives to complicate things again.

I am a bit reluctant to write this story down, to this day I am still embarrassed about what happened. I'm still not entirely sure how things ended up the way they did or more importantly why allowed them to end up the way they did, what ever the case though this is my story.

Lisa and I were a young couple just starting out in life, just two typical white suburban kids who were high school sweethearts. We got married 3 weeks previous and decided to go out in our town the day after we returned from our honeymoon. We went out, just the two of us, without friends so we could enjoy each other before starting our daily jobs again.

A friend of ours recommended a club in the center of town where almost every night there was a different party. The club was okay, your typical dance cave I guess. My wife and I had fun dancing and shaking, enjoying our cocktails and the vibrant atmosphere.

As was typical with clubs like this there are always guys trying to be the "bad boy" macho type and would try to pick fights with people. This time it was a Chinese guy, not a little man but a large guy who even though it was very warm in that club wore a full leather outfit not that he needed it to stand out. Being one of the only Chinese guys in the club mostly populated by white people he stood out already.

He pushed me around a few times and I uttered some racial slurs to him but my wife calmed me down before it escalated any further and told me to ignore him. After a while the asshole disappeared from my sight and I forgot about him. An hour went by and we took a stool at the bar and had more drinks.

Nearing the end of the night I started a conversation with a bartender while Lisa went for a bathroom break. About 15 minutes passed and she did not return, she had been gone a bit long for my taste and I went to check if she was ok. The ladies room had a bit of a line which is typical but they were still moving in and out fairly quickly. I was a bit surprised that I couldn't find her and asked a waiter if he had seen my wife. He said he saw her going outside to the smoker’s area so I did the same, thinking she was probably getting some fresh air.

Just outside the back of the club there were many people standing around smoking but Lisa was not among them. I looked around the corner of the building and it didn't take me long to locate her. I noticed a guy was talking to her. It was my "friend" the China man. I started to walk up to them but when I saw his hands suddenly go around her hips I quickly moved myself between two illegally parked cars.

I sneaked closer trying to find out what was happening. I now had a good view. This Chinese asshole held her hips close to him assertively and I could tell by her face she was shy and embarrassed. She was trying to tell him something but I couldn't hear them but from her expressions it looked like she was trying to tell him she was married even trying to show him her wedding ring.

Just as I was going to make my "hero" appearance he turned Lisa around and pushed her against the wall of the building. He lifted the back of her dress and to my surprise she didn’t object or resist any further.

I stayed put for the moment, I was curious to see if my newly wed wife would try to stop him. The back of her dress was now on her lower back and he had her bend over further. It felt strange seeing my newly wed wife's behind exposed to a stranger. He tapped her legs ordering her to open them and she passively obeyed. His hand moved to her ass cheeks and with one rough pull he ripped off her thong.

At that moment I was furious and wanted to beat the shit of this Chinese piece of shit but strangely I found myself aroused by what I was witnessing not only because she was my wife but also the way she submitted to him. So I as a result I felt compelled to watch how this played out. While holding her firm against the wall with one hand he opened his leather pants and took out his already hard member.

I couldn't believe it, she was about to let this Chinese stranger fuck her bareback completely unprotected. This was something I hadn't even been able to do yet with her since she wasn't on the pill. We had waited until we were married to have sex so for both of us it was new and we didn't want to risk her getting pregnant on the honeymoon so as of yet I had only experienced her with condoms.

He positioned himself better while Lisa's breathing became faster in anticipation. Lisa moaned loudly when he penetrated her probably loud enough that even the smokers around the corner might have heard. The Chinese man's first few thrusts were slow but then he picked up speed and started to thrust into her hard. He was pulling her hair back, slapping her butt and by all accounts she seemed to be enjoying it wildly. I wasn't sure what to think, we were barely married 3 weeks and already she was cheating on me.

I continued to watch and saw his hands move under her and he pulled her top down allowing her breasts to fall out totally exposed. Lisa did not have huge tits but they were a respectable 34C in size which up until now no other man had laid hands on. The china man eagerly took them both in his hands and continued to fuck her harder as he fondled her tits.

After about 5 minutes or so of hard sex her orgasm came up and she again moaned loudly. He didn’t wait any longer either, I watched as he threw his head back and began to shoot his load of sperm into her unprotected womb while her body still twisted from her orgasm. He held himself in her for a minute and then pulled out, her body shivered when his cock slid out. He then zipped up his leather pants, lowered her dress and walked away without saying a word to her.

I quickly made my way back inside pretending to have a conversation with the bartender. Lisa walked up to me saying sorry for taking so long because she wasn't feeling to well. Her face was still flushed from what happened a few minutes before. She seemed a little uneasy, like she was still embarrassed about something but said nothing about her encounter with that Chinese asshole. It was then that Julie said she was tired and would like to call it a night so we decided to head back home.

Turns out she actually was tired and that wasn't just an excuse to leave the club, on the drive home in the car she fell asleep almost immediately once I started driving. I also became aware of the smell of semen in the car, being in an enclosed space it was easy to smell that distinctive smell.

While stopped at a red light a few blocks from our home I peaked over at my wife and lifted up the front of her skirt. Sure enough her public hair was matted with another man's sperm, I could also see some cum that had leaked out of her pussy on to the car seat as well as some dried cum stains on her legs. The china man sure did leave his mark.

When we finally got back home it was straight to bed for the both of us with of course no sex. Lisa was so tired and drunk at this point that I had to help carry her in. Once inside she stumbled on her own to our bed not even bothering to change out of her clothes or clean up the cum that was still leaking out of her. I had to go sleep that night knowing that my wife lying beside me had another man's sperm soaking between her legs, a Chinese man of all people. Worse I knew my wife wasn't on the pill, we had always used condoms, so there was a very real chance that she could have gotten pregnant from this event.

The most confusing thing of all was the fact I had a raging hard-on thinking about all this, what was wrong with me? I could not bring myself to touch her that night though, I instead just went to the bathroom and relieved myself.
The next morning Lisa was her normal cheery self, she slept in and then insisted on taking a shower alone in the morning. Normally we would shower together when we woke up but this time it was different. Other than that she didn't act any differently and she carried on as usual even telling me that we should go back to that club some time later because she had a good time.

Two months quickly passed and she still hadn't told me anything about it. She is very shy when it comes to talking about sex and I can tell she's nervous about something. I'm not expert but I think she has missed her period and not sure how to tell me.

Eventually Lisa announced to me that she was pregnant which I had already suspected. Even though she was trying to look convincing when she told me I was going to be a father I knew there was no way I could be the father. Through this entire time I had always used condoms with her. When she submitted to that Chinese asshole that was the only time she actually had unprotected sex and if you did the math from when she said it was due it would have put the conception date around the exact night we went to the club.

Seven months later Lisa gave birth to healthy boy. My worst fears were confirmed when I first laid eyes on the child, it looked nothing like me at all, it looked Asian. I could over hear the doctors quietly talking to my wife asking my wife if she was sure I was the father. She was looking at me the whole time and I looked away with disapproval.

Later one of the doctors came to talk to me privately, I could tell he felt sorry for me. He at first tried to give me some bullshit explanation about genetics saying that Lisa may have had an Asian decedent many, many generations ago and that once in a while although flukey the normally old dormant genetic codes some times come out generations later. The doctor could tell I wasn't buying it so he quietly left the option open to me to leave my name off the birth certificate of the child, I nodded my approval.
A few days later Lisa came home with the Asian baby. Since the moment of the birth I hadn't said a word to her and it continued that way. Lisa being too shy and scared about this situation didn't know what to do but knew her marriage was starting to fall apart.

Eventually Lisa came clean, sort of, apologizing to me and confessing that she had been unfaithful and that was how the child was born. She offered no detailed explanations about that fateful night saying only that it was a mistake and she was too scared to tell me. She said she completely understood why I didn't allow my name on the birth certificate and she was ok with that.

She asked for forgiveness and to overlook this child, she still loved me and wanted to stay married. What could I say? I loved her more then anything still despite her infidelity. We worked things out and for a while things were good again between us.

Then one day about a year later my wife Lisa told me she was going to go out with her friend Stacey for a girl's night out. This wasn't unusual until she briefly mentioned she was going to that same dance club but not to worry because she would have her friend with her to keep an eye on her. I was uneasy about it but allowed her to go.

While she was gone I had to tend to the "china baby" as I always referred to the child. The baby was loud ruining most of my night alone but finally settled and went to sleep around 2am. It was shortly after this time that I heard a car pull into the driveway.

I peaked out the window and noticed a strange car, not the same car as Lisa's friend. This car was a slightly modified Honda or something. A moment later I saw Lisa stumble out of the passenger side, she was obviously very drunk and more shockingly I saw my old foe the "china man".

Since I was already upstairs in the house I could open the window without them hearing or seeing me. I couldn't make out what exactly he was saying but I could clearly hear Lisa saying thanks for the ride but he couldn't come in, that her husband was home.

The Chinese man persisted though and followed her to the front door. At this point I should have just rushed down there and helped her in and shoed away this asshole but part of me again wanted to see where this was headed, whether my wife would betray me again or not. I needed to know if she had truly changed like she said she had.

I moved towards the stairs and peaked down at the front door as my wife came in. She was trying to tell him that she was ok now and didn't need any further help but the Chinese man walked in the door anyways closing it behind him. He pulled her close for a minute and again like the last time, Lisa looked a bit shy and embarrassed. The Chinese man simply said he'll help her to the bedroom and Lisa nodded.

I slipped into the baby's room as they walked up the stairs to the master bedroom. Once they made it into the bedroom I could hear once again Lisa telling him while slurring her words that he should leave now.

The Chinese man however said nothing and started to strip his clothes off and before long he stood in front of her buck naked. As I slowly tip toed closer to the door I could see my wife sitting on the edge of her bed looking dumbfounded at the Chinese man's erect penis.

I could see that his penis roughly about the same as my own but fatter, I could also see how muscular he was, it's sort of rare to see an Asian bulked up. He moved closer to her and now his hard dick was pointing straight in front of her face, my wife Lisa just sat there starring at it in front of her face.

He then moved forward a tiny bit more and the tip of his cock touched her lips, slightly parting them. He then put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward forcing her to part her lips and accept his hard cock into her mouth. Rage filled my body, I couldn't believe she was starting to suck him off giving him her first blowjob. Up until this point she had refused to give me a blowjob saying she thought it was disgusting and wouldn't do it. Now here she was submitting to this china man again.

For five minutes I watched as she sucked him off slowly, this being her first time I could see that she was unsure of what she was doing and kept looking up at him but he said nothing and kept his hand on her head.

Then the inevitable happened, he pushed her backwards on the bed and spread her legs. My wife Lisa just lay their passively as he hiked her skirt up and folded it over her belly and proceeded to yank off her panties.

The Chinese man then moved forward to claim his prize, with one shift thrust he entered my wife yet again unprotected and started to thrust in and out of her while holding her legs in the air to the side.

He fucked her rough in this position for several minutes as my wife started to moan louder and louder. They then shifted positions with my wife going into the doggy style position.

From my angle I could repeatedly see his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy with his hairy balls slapping into her each time. He was slapping her ass hard and I was afraid it might wake up the baby, my wife obviously seemed unconcerned continuing to moan very loud.

Just then my wife hit her orgasm and her head and arms collapsed into the pillow below her as he continued to plow into her from behind. I could see he was now doing short hard thrusts and holding on to her hips very firmly keeping her close, this same Chinese man was about to cum into my wife unprotected again.

He suddenly went still and let out a groan as he began to ejaculate all his sperm into my wife Lisa. He held her close still inside her for a minute before dismounting from her and when he did I saw tons of his cum flow out of her pussy lips dropping down on to the bed.

My wife eventually flipped over and lay beside him. The Chinese man looked tired and made no effort to get up or leave, this fucking bastard was going to go to sleep there in my martial bed! Lisa looked confused as well, I guess she also though he would leave but since he was already dozing off to sleep she didn't know what to do.

Lisa made no effort to get him to leave, she didn't nudge him to leave or say anything she simply pulled over the covers and went to sleep with him. My wife also did nothing when he pulled her into a spoon position and put a hand on her breast as they now both fell asleep.

I couldn't believe this, how could this have happened a second time? or more importantly how could I have allowed this to happen a second time? This time it was even worse then what happened at the club, I could have stopped it at any time but I chose to do nothing and now my young wife was probably pregnant again with this Chinese assholes baby.

Not knowing what to do now I went back to the baby's room and slept on the extra couch we had in there. Some time a few hours later it was still dark out I heard some noises and tip toed back over to the master bedroom. It was my wife moaning again, I couldn't see much this time since the sheets were over them but it was obvious that he was fucking her again in the spoon position.

This time I didn't bother waiting until they finished I just went back to the baby's room and tried to get some sleep although too many things were no running through my head.

Later in the morning after the sun began to come up I heard some whispering coming from the bedroom but I decided to stay put where I was. A few minutes passed and I heard foot steps coming toward this room. I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep, in the corner of my eye I could see china man. He was dressed again and looked ready to leave but it seems he came in to look at the baby, Lisa must have told him the truth. The Chinese man looked at the baby for a moment and then left without picking him up.

After he finally left the house and I heard his car drive away I walked over to the bedroom but couldn't find Lisa. The room reeked of sex and the bed was full of cum stains clearly visible.

I then went downstairs and found my wife cooking breakfast for me dressed only in a long over sized t- shirt. Unlike last time she was unfaithful she didn't seem as nervous this morning, almost like she wasn't even trying to hide anything. She thanked me for looking over the baby last night and that was it, no mention of anything else.

I asked Lisa how her night was and how things went at the club. She said she had a good time but her friends left early so she stayed later until the club closed. She also said she bumped into the Chinese guy again. She started to defend him saying he was actually a nice guy and she had some nice conversations with him at the club and after when she was too drunk he gave her a ride home.

I was then sort of expecting her to tell me the rest of the story but she didn't. Instead she shocked me by saying that she invited him to come over once in a while as a "friend". I got all defensive about it but she shut me down saying that I work long hours and not home enough and that she was entitled to have friends.

She was quite defensive about that position, she was not normally so assertive with me. I just sort of said "whatever" and continued eating my breakfast.

Things began to get worse after that night. Lisa quit her secretary job saying she was too bored there and was now spending all her time at home. I was now forced to work even more hours to make sure all our expenses were covered. Even though I came home late and worked long hours while she stayed home all day doing nothing she still barked orders at me to clean things around the house when I got home or to change the baby.

Also true to her word her new friend the Chinese man started to come by the house more often. At first I would only see him briefly as I was coming home late in the evening and he would be leaving the house around the same time. On those nights and only those nights when I would greet my wife she would often only be wearing a night gown or sexy lingerie that I had bought her, it was obvious to me that she wore stuff like that only for him then every time she had just recently had sex and would then change out of them once I arrived.

As time went on the Chinese guy began to stay longer into the evenings. He never said anything to me nor did I to him, to this day I still don't even know his name, it is some Chinese name that I can't even pronounce. At this point my wife was no longer don't anything around the house, I ended up cooking for them, cleaning up the house and doing the laundry otherwise nothing would get done.

Now that the china man was staying longer into the evenings after I made dinner they would usually head up to the master bedroom and proceed to have sex. I was already resigned to the situation I was in and never did anything about it. Lisa was no longer allowing me to have sex with her not even with a condom so I was forced to either watch them fuck to get off or no matter where I was in the house I could hear them.

On some nights after the fucked they would come back downstairs naked with Julia usually leaking cum from her cunt. Some times they would just grab a desert on their own and other times they would even come and watch TV with me. Once they even fucked again in front of me while I was watching a football game, I felt degraded but still ended up cumming in my pants.

Even though china man was spending so much time at my house with my wife he still always left at night and I was able to sleep with my wife Lisa. It was about the only alone time I had with her even though she no longer slept close to me. Sleeping in that bed had become very degrading, since Lisa wasn't doing any house work the sheets on that bed hadn't been changed in ages. As a result the bed was constantly a damp mess entirely stained with china man's sperm. Lisa also always went to sleep every night with a load of his cum soaking in her pussy.

My last refuge with my wife wasn't to last though, not long after china man began to finally sleep over rather then leave late at night and as a result I no longer had anywhere to sleep. I had to retreat to basement where there was an old spare mattress which became my new bed, it was cold and drafty down there and was mostly used to store junk that we had.

From then on china man was always around the house with my wife, I am not sure if he officially moved in because I never saw him bring any of his own stuff in but his clothes were always scattered about in the house.

While lying one night in that drafty basement I could faintly hear my wife moaning through the vents. I thought back about that first night this Chinese man unfortunately came into our lives and the result now almost 2 years later. I once had a cute loving supporting wife. Now she was an unfaithful slut to a muscular Chinese man and had boar his child. I was now stuck like a fool paying for all the household expenses, making dinners, doing laundry and other household things as well as taking care of that fucking interracial baby.

What the fuck?

Yes, what the fuck was the question running through my mind. In this time I hadn't talked much to my family. I was too embarrassed for them to find out what was going on, they didn't even know about the Asian baby nor did Lisa's family for that matter. I decided I needed to get out of this situation one way or the other.

I first tried it the most direct way; I told Lisa I wanted a divorce and out of this fucked up situation. I further said we would have to sell the house and such. She did not take well to this and screamed and yelled at me saying I was being "selfish". She called her new lover the china man and when he came over he was pissed off as well and started smacking me around.

I tried to fight back against him but he was too strong, what happened next I am not entirely sure but I woke up in the hospital two days later with a broken arm and bruising and cuts all over my body. If anything this was a good thing to happen to me, the police wanted to press charges against the Chinese man which I agreed to.

Luckily this gave me leverage over them; Lisa came to visit me crying. Not crying because she saw me in my beat up condition but crying because china man had been arrested and thrown in jail. She begged me to drop the charges saying she was pregnant with his child again. She offered to move out, grant me the divorce and take the baby with her if only I dropped the charges.

I had a lawyer draw up a quick divorce which heavily favored myself, which basically left me with the house so I didn't have to sell it. She signed it and moved out the same day and I later had the charges dropped.

She was gone so quick out of my life that if felt weird to be on my own again. After she left I had no idea where she went or what happened to my now ex-wife. I never really did tell my family the true story about what happened to Lisa, after they saw how uncomfortable I was about the subject they eventually dropped it.

Lisa's family also called me several times over the years wondering if I knew where she was, they seemed to know that we were now divorced and at least partially why, they knew about the Asian baby but tip toed around the subject. Basically every time they called it was because they hadn't heard from her in months and were worried some how thing she still talked to me.

As for me I went on with my own life and eventually met someone else who I married, all that hard work and long hours at my work eventually paid off and I got into an upper management position and was doing alright for myself.

As for Lisa, several years later while visiting a outlet mall on the edge of town I spotted Lisa from a distance. Her belly was bulging again being very pregnant and had 2 young kids bouncing around her while she pushed another baby in a stroller. All of the kids looked Asian in appearance.

Even though I had been remarried for years I still loved and missed Lisa - however seeing her with a bunch of kids in tow I couldn't help but smile to myself. She no longer looked like the sex-craved girl she was before, she looked sad and a little defeated.

I walked up to her and said hello. At first she looked at me strange like she almost didn't even recognize me but then said Hi and asked how I was doing. We chit chatted for a bit but it felt too weird for me, it was like the body of Lisa but the spirit of her wasn't there any more.

I wanted to ask her why she had betrayed me so easily, so soon after we married, but I realized whatever the reason, it didn't really matter any more. It was far in the past now and I had already moved on. I wished her well and left. That was the last time I ever saw her.

My new wife and I ended up having our own children, only this time I was sure 100% that they were mine. My new wife knew I was previously married and would occasionally ask about what happened but even her I never told the whole truth and she could never understand why I would get so mad if she suggested we get some Chinese take-out for dinner.

The End

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