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Faithful Wife Encouraged
by Hardy (

*Faithful Wife Encouraged*

Wife under pressure from husband who wishes to see her expand her sexual horizon. He wishes to observe her having sex with another man. So finally the angry wife decides to teach him a lesson.
Like many other husbands, I have fantasies about my wife having sex with another man. Even when we were having sex I would sometimes pretend that someone else was doing it to her. For a long time I never said anything about this to Amy, as I was fearful that she would be angry. I know that she never strayed, but I did notice that she would sometimes gaze at an attractive male at a party, or other function that we were attending.

When I mentioned this to her she said, "Yes, I notice when there is an attractive man around, but that's as far as it ever goes. Also, I notice that you pay attention when there is a good looking woman around."

STORY = Like many other husbands, I have fantasies about my wife having sex with another man. Even when we were having sex I would sometimes pretend that someone else was doing it to her. For a long time I never said anything about this to Amy, as I was fearful that she would be angry.

I know that she never strayed, but I did notice that she would sometimes gaze at an attractive male at a party, or other function that we were attending. When I mentioned this to her she said, "Yes, I notice when there is an attractive man around, but that's as far as it ever goes. Also, I notice that you pay attention when there is a good looking woman around."

Finally I decided to mention my fantasy to her, but it was only after we had been out to a party and had several drinks that I had the courage to go ahead. We made love, and after we were through I asked her if she had any sexual fantasies, and she said no. I said, "Come on, you must have had sexual thoughts about some man you noticed. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't!"

"Yes, I have but that's as far as it goes. You know that some men have tried to come onto me, and you know I've always resisted their advances. More that one has tried to get me into bed, and you know that none have been successful. How about you since you brought up the subject, what about your fantasies?"

With some trepidation I went ahead. "Well, I fantasize about you making love to another man."

"You're kidding. You think about my having sex with another man? I've heard that there are men who would like their wife to have sex with someone else, but I didn't know that you were one of them. I think if you did realize your fantasy you would be very sorry afterwards. You can disabuse your mind of that idea, as I don't intend to have sex with someone just for your enjoyment! If I ever did it would be for my pleasure."

"You asked me about my fantasy, so now you know."

"I guess I do, but it isn't my intention to help you realize your fantasy. Tell me this so I get a clear picture. If it happened would you just want me to tell you about it, or would you want to watch?"

I hesitated, so she said "since we are being open and honest about it tell me if this is what you want. Would you want to watch me have sex with another man?" She reached for me, moving her hand on my cock, and. I soon got a very full erection. "I think I have your answer, but I want to hear it from you."

"Yes, I think about watching you have sex, and wondering what it would be like to watch, to see another man doing it to you, mounting you and putting his cock into you. I can't help it-I just have this recurring fantasy, and I get very excited thinking about your being taken by someone, maybe a stranger, and being used for his pleasure."

"I don't understand it! I just can't believe you want to see me being screwed by another man. You'd give your own wife to some other guy and watch him fuck me, and you would enjoy it, and maybe get off watching it happen?"

She was getting angry, and she just wouldn't stop talking about it.

"I'm sorry that I brought it up."

"You would be sorry if I did it! I don't think that you've thought it through. What if I enjoyed it? What if he had a bigger cock? What if he was a better fuck than you? What if I liked doing it with another man; and maybe wanted to do it some more? You know you're the only one I've ever been with, and you know I was a virgin when I married you; so why would you risk my being unfaithful to you?"

"I don't want to talk about it anymore!" Finally we drifted off to sleep.

The next day I thought about our conversation. I didn't understand why I had this compulsion to watch my wife having intercourse. She was a beautiful women, so why would I want to share her with another? She was tall with good shoulders, medium firm breasts, and a waist that expanded into lovely rounded hips and ass.

She had beautiful long straight legs which turned many male heads. Her abdomen was flat and firm since she had never been pregnant. She wanted a career, and so did I, so it was our joint decision not to have any children. Since she couldn't take the pill forever, I went ahead with a vasectomy.

About a month later, after we had made love, she asked me if I was still fantasizing about her making love with another man.

"Yes, I still think about it at times."

"Sometimes the best thing that can happen is not to get what you really want. You could be very sorry if I helped you realize your fantasy. If I did as you wanted there would be no going back. You would have to live with the consequences. Is that what you want?"

After some hesitation I said, "I just can't help it, I just think about it a lot-seeing you with another man, seeing another man having his way with you, making love to you."

"And who would you like to see me with? If you think that I would do it with one of our friends and have everybody know about it, you have another think coming. But you sure planted a seed in my head. I've been attracted to a good-looking man at times, but I wasn't thinking about having sex with any of them. Now you have me looking at them in a different way."

"What if it were a stranger; someone we met on vacation, or while we were at a conference?"

She looked thoughtful, but she didn't respond.

Then I had an idea. I have a good friend of long standing who lived in another city, and we still get together occasionally, although not so often since his divorce. When he was still married we saw them as a couple, and since the divorce he had visited us once for a couple of days. I said, "How about Keith?" He was good looking and Amy had said he was attractive. I had seen him in the showers, so I knew he was well endowed.

"Yes, I find him attractive, but I just don't think I could do it with him. I would be too nervous, too embarrassed; and maybe he wouldn't want to do it to me."

"Are you kidding? I've seen the way he looks at you when you are moving around, and getting up or down, and the way he looks at your legs. I believe he would jump at the chance to make love to you. He told me that I was lucky to have such a beautiful wife."

"I don't know -- I just don't know! I never thought seriously about another man until you told me about your fantasy. But I'm finding the idea interesting. You think Keith is the one to help you realize your fantasy?"

"I think he would be perfect, and I think he would be thrilled to make love to you. He wouldn't need much persuasion, and he has a very good sized instrument."

We didn't discuss it further, but about three weeks later I got an E Mail from Keith. He was flying here on business and would be in town for three to four days. He said he would get a hotel room and would like to have a visit with us, and wanted to take us out to dinner.

I sent a reply and stated we would be happy to see him and I insisted that he stay with us. I got the date and time of his arrival and said I would pick him up at the airport. I told my wife what I had done. She didn't say anything at first except to ask when he was coming, which was in six days.

"So- I guess that you will want to fulfill your fantasy. And I suppose your are going to hint that I might be available. Well, I'm not promising you anything; don't think you've convinced me to go ahead and spread my legs for him. I'm becoming cool to the whole idea."

I met Keith at the airport, and we had a drink together after we retrieved his luggage. I didn't know how to broach the subject to him, but finally decided to be direct. I told him that Amy and I had discussed bringing another man into our relationship. I confessed that it had long been a fantasy of mine to see my wife making love to another man. I said she wasn't pleased when I first brought it up, and that even now she is lukewarm about the whole idea, but she was wavering some.

Keith appeared interested but said nothing at this point. Somewhat nervous I said "she would never consider anyone in our social circle for the obvious reason that it might get around. We considered you because we know you well and know that you are discreet, and my wife finds you attractive, and I think you find her attractive. And the fact that you live some distance away is certainly a plus." I stopped at this point, wondering what he would say.

"I'm flattered that you considered me, and yes, I do find Amy very attractive-she is a beautiful women, and I would love to help you realize your fantasy."

"Would it bother you if I was watching you doing it to her?"

"No! It wouldn't bother me--in fact it would make it more exciting for me. The fact that you would be watching me making love to her would be so erotic. I did this scene before, a few months ago. A husband persuaded me to fuck his wife while he watched.

At first I refused but he prevailed and I went ahead and did it to her, and he was there watching and getting very excited, and I was really turned on. Taking his wife in front of him and thoroughly fucking her was so wild that I came very quickly the first time, and soon I serviced her again. I had never been harder than when I did this scene.

"I think she will be open to doing it, but I'm not sure. It won't be tonight as I think she will want to consider it more after seeing you." I was thrilled that he had agreed, so half the battle was won. It now remained to convince my wife.

We arrived home and were greeted by Amy, My wife was cool, but I think she was nervous. Keith said hello and said she looked great and kissed her on the cheek. I took him upstairs to his room where he unpacked. When he came down we had drinks and a very good dinner, served with a respectable wine, and soon she was more relaxed, but looked thoughtful. We chatted after dinner, but soon we all headed for bed.

Amy looked expectant, so I related our entire conversation. "So he said he would be thrilled to service me? And he not only wouldn't mind if you watched it, but would enjoy the scene even more if you were present? It must be an age-old thing; taking a man's wife in front of him, and maybe making her pregnant. It seems he would enjoy cuckolding you, planting horns on your head, and you a willing and excited observer. What if he tied you up so you were helpless; would you like that? Then you wouldn't be able to stop him if you happened to change your mind. If you were helpless maybe you would be even more excited. If I go ahead with this, and I'm not sure I will, maybe I'll have him tie you up."

I didn't respond to her statements; I think she was goading me to get a reaction.

In the morning Keith left for his business meetings. We decided to go out for dinner, so I made reservations at a place where we could also dance, thinking that she would be more relaxed if we each danced with her. Then we got ready for our evening.

We both showered and began dressing. She asked what she should wear, and I said just put on some sexy things. She started with a satiny garter belt to which she attached sheer nylon stockings, followed by a lacy white nylon camisole, lacy panties and a sheer half-slip. She looked incredibly sexy, her panties and stockings clearly visible through the slip. Her breasts didn't need support, and you could see the outline of her firm nipples.

I became aroused, which she noticed, and when I reached for her she pushed me away, saying she wasn't going to get messed up and have to shower again. She selected a blue dress which hugged her beautiful figure, and came a few inches above her knees, showing a good deal of attractive legs. She whirled around, her dress and slip lifting high enough to see her naked thighs above her stocking tops, and just the edge of her panties. "Is that sexy enough?"

"I'm still not sure that I will go through with this. I still can't believe you want to watch your own wife getting fucked, watching another man spreading my legs and putting his cock into me, watching him doing it to me. You might be very unhappy afterwards. Right now you can just say forget it. But if I do decide to go ahead and he begins to seduce me, you will still have a chance to say no. If he strips me and spreads my legs and starts to enter me, it will be too late for you to say stop. You will have to live with the consequences!"

"I want to go ahead with it! I love you, but this isn't about love-It's just about sex!" But I was having second thoughts. What if she was right; what if I regretted it afterwards. Even though I had set things in motion, it wasn't too late. But I was so aroused that I had too see what would happen, thinking that I could stop them before he penetrated her, before he went all the way.

"So we will just have sex, with no emotional ties! There's another consideration; since you've had your vasectomy I don't keep tract of my periods anymore, and right now I don't know where I am in my cycle. I could be ovulating at this time, I'm just not sure. Are you willing to take a chance that I might get pregnant? Because if we do this, I am not going to ask him to wear a condom."

"Chances are you are not likely to get pregnant." But I became excited by the possibility that she might be impregnated.

We were having a drink when Keith arrived back. He looked at my wife with admiration, saying, "You look gorgeous!" He had a drink with us, still complimenting Amy till she was blushing, finally going upstairs to shower and change.

While waiting for Keith we didn't talk much. When he joined us we had another drink before heading out to dinner. We enjoyed a good dinner accompanied by some very fine wine. When the band started playing I asked my wife to dance, and a couple of times I twirled her with the expected results, her dress and slip billowing out, exposing her legs. As I held her close she could feel my erection pressing against her, and she smiled. "What could you be thinking about?" She was teasing me.

Then Keith danced with her, and he was holding her close, one hand dropping below her waist. He also spun her and we had a small audience enjoying her exposed legs, her stocking clad thighs. It was clear the drinks were relaxing her, and we both danced with her several times. Her face was flushed, and I think she was aroused. She said she felt his very stiff cock pressing against her.

We finally left for home, and I fixed a nightcap. Keith looked expectant, and I didn't know how to start. She was sitting on the sofa, careless of her skirts which had ridden up some, exposing her thighs. I sat next to her and asked Keith to sit beside her also, which he promptly did. I kissed her lightly, then held her in a longer kiss, nodding to him. He took the hint and turned her towards him, kissing her deeply.

We took turns kissing and caressing her, till finally I stroked her thighs, inching her dress upwards as we kissed. Then Keith kissed her and continued the upward motion of her dress and slip till her garter straps and naked thighs were exposed. I advanced this scene by slowly lowering the zipper of her dress to her waist, her dress falling open. My wife was flushed and trembling some, her breathing ragged, now obviously quite aroused.

I told Keith to take her to his room--I didn't want them to be in our bed. He took her hand and when she stood up I pulled her dress off her shoulders and arms, pushing it down over her hips till it fell at her ankles.

As she preceded him up the stairs her legs and thighs were clearly visible through the sheer slip. He was looking at the motion of her hips and ass as she climbed the stairs, looking at her with admiration, my wife looking so erotic. I waited a little bit before joining them. I could hardly contain my excitement at the thought at how far she had already gone, and what was now likely to happen.

I walked in to see them embracing, one hand caressing her ass through her panties and slip, the other hand on her breast. She looked at me, seeing my excitement, and then moved closer to him, giving herself over to his caresses. He lifted her arms overhead, pulling her camisole up and off, his fingers stroking her nipples which quickly became erect. When he moved to take her slip off she stopped him and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"I can't do this! I just can't give myself!" But she was flushed and very aroused.

She looked at me and I said, "We've gone this far; let's not stop now!"

"You want me to continue? You want to let him go ahead? Are you sure you want him to have me? You have to be very sure! Soon there will be no turning back."

I hesitated, but I was very aroused at what had happened so far, but I could still stop it before he penetrated her, and I nodded yes.

Finally she looked at him, and then slowly dropped her hands to her sides, her firm breasts again revealed. He kissed her again, caressing her, till she became even more aroused, and at that point he slowly lowered her slip to her ankles, lifting her free. She looked so erotic, her breasts firm, her sheer panties doing nothing to hide the bushy dark hair of her cunt, her beautiful legs encased in sheer nylons, the garter straps traversing her naked thighs.

This slow seduction was having it's effect, his caresses roaming freely over her whole body till her knees weakened, and she sat on the edge of the bed for support. He pushed her shoulders back till she was partially lying down, and lifting her he placed her fully on the bed, then began stripping off his clothes.

He was so aroused that when he was naked his very large cock stood straight out, the head swollen and purple. She gasped when she saw his cock, her eyes widening in disbelief. "Oh my God, I can't take that!" And she closed her legs tightly, her eyes drawn almost hypnotically to his huge erection.

He was not to be deterred. While holding her shoulders down he continued stroking her, stroking her breasts, stroking her thighs, sliding his hand over her panty clad crotch. She began responding to the expert and erotic stroking of her body. Gripping her panties he attempted to slide them down. Somehow, she was still resisting, saying, "Please don't take my panties down!"

He said nothing but continued her seduction till she was moaning, flushed and trembling, clearly close to surrendering to him. He gripped her panties again and succeeded in pulling them from under her hips and ass, down her thighs to her ankles, taking them off, removing the last barrier to her sex. She was almost naked and erotically exposed. Her stocking clad thighs just adding to the sensual nature of this scene. She kept her thighs pressed together as she looked at me, saying, "Do you want this to happen, do you want this to continue? Soon there will be no turning back!" I was so excited by this scene that I just nodded my head, but I felt that I could still stop them before he penetrated her.

He continued to stroke and caress her, his mouth on her breasts, his hands pressing her thighs, opening them slowly, overcoming her resistance. He slid down her body, now between her legs, moving his mouth and tongue against her sex, drawing moans from her, whimpering some as his tongue was working it's magic on the wet swollen lips of her cunt, gasping as his tongue found her clitoris. With the tip of his tongue he circled and lifted the now erect bud till she was groaning, her thighs opening a little more, her body flushed and trembling.

He continued working on her, his tongue parting the wet lips of her cunt and pushing into her, moving inside the open lips, her body surrendering to him, with no will to resist. Sensing that all resistance was gone, he moved up her body, preparing to mount her. She lifted her knees and let her thighs fall fully open, tilting her cunt up to meet his advancing cock.

She looked at me once more, asking for the last time if I wanted her to continue. I could no more stop this than I could stop an avalanche. When I said nothing, she let her arms fall out to her sides, her body open, ready to give herself to him.

Gripping his engorged cock he directed it against the wet lips of her cunt, wetting the head and pressing the tip into her. He gripped her hips and began firmly pushing his cock into her, pushing slowly, her cunt beginning to stretch, continuing to press forward till the huge head of his cock penetrated her, my wife gasping and crying out as he entered her, her cunt tightly stretched around his invading cock.

It was so erotic seeing my wife penetrated like this. The blood rushed from my head and I thought I was going to faint. My wife was wide eyed, her mouth hanging open as he pushed further into her, moving back and forth till she was fully impaled on his cock She cried out, her body jerking, her cunt filled by his rigid cock Slowly he began moving in her in long strokes, his cock shiny with her juices.

With her stocking clad legs elevated I had a perfect view of his thick cock steadily and relentlessly fucking her, hearing her gasps, her cries, her moaning as he serviced her. Occasionally she looked at me, seeing how excited I was, then closed her eyes, giving herself over to this stud who was fucking her with great confidence and enjoyment.

The fact that I was watching him service my wife seemed to lift his excitement to a higher level, and he made every effort to see that my wife was groaning as he ravaged her.

He used her roughly, thrusting into her more powerfully, my wife crying out again and again, her whole body jerking to his thrusting. She was totally controlled, lying under him, his cock punishing her, till finally her body stiffened, shuddering, her legs clasping his thighs, crying out again and again as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Her response triggered his climax, and groaning he gripped her ass and pushed fully into her as he erupted. My wife said, "Oh my God! He's swelling more, I can feel him pulsing and spurting into me!" It took some time to completely empty his cock in her, filling her with his sperm. He kept his cock in her for some time keeping his semen up against her cervix. Much of his sperm had to be flowing into her uterus, maybe connecting with her egg and fertilizing her, making her pregnant.

It was some time before he removed his softened cock from her. He lifted his body off her, lying on his back. My wife lay on her back, her legs splayed widely, the lips of her cunt open, moist with their juices. I had never seen her climax with such emotion, and so prolonged-- she appeared exhausted! She finally turned her head in my direction and looked at me.

"Well, did you enjoy it, did you enjoy watching your own wife getting fucked liked that? I sure enjoyed it! Are you happy now that your fantasy has been realized?"

I was too choked with emotion to reply, but she could tell that I was thrilled by what happened.

She slowly got up and we returned to our room, Keith smiling as we left, probably thinking about doing it to her again. I wanted to mount her but she refused me. I persisted but all she would do was take my erect cock in her hand, and with only a few strokes I erupted.

"It looks like you really enjoyed watching me lying under that stud and getting serviced by him. I can't believe I responded like I did, being handled like that--taken like that!" The emotional scene exhausted us both, and we were soon asleep.

Later that night I awakened and found her absent. I silently moved to Keith's room, and as I slowly opened the door I saw my wife lying under him getting thoroughly fucked, his cock pistioning into her, listening to her moaning continuously.

He came, groaning, my wife soon climaxing with a loud cry, feeling his cock swelling and discharging more semen into her body. I slipped back in our bed, and Amy soon joined me, as I pretended to be asleep. She poked me, knowing I was faking. "I saw you watching us, and I suppose you enjoyed seeing him fucking me again."

"He seemed to be doing a pretty good job on you, and you seemed to be enjoying it."

"I certainly did, and he wants to do me again tonight."

I wondered what I had set in motion, and the next day Keith left for his conferences again. We also had to work, but we got home early, showered and changed. This time my wife wore her usual satiny garter belt with shear stockings attached.

This was followed by a matching peach colored lacy bra and panties, also a matching half-slip, and a clinging white dress. With her hair done and make up she was absolutely beautiful. Keith was not going to be able to keep his hands off her for very long.

He returned and we again went out for dinner-on Keith. We were mellowed by the dinner and wine, and when we returned home he wasted no time taking her in his arms and kissing her, meeting no resistance. Looking at me as if for permission, he took her hand, leading her up to his room.

I soon followed them, finding him slowly undressing her, my wife standing passively as he gradually stripped her naked, except for her sheer stockings. He pushed her down on the bed, stripping off his clothes, approaching her with a very thick and stiff cock. He took charge, Amy following his orders to spread her legs, flushed with embarrassment, making her put on a show, treating her like a whore.

With very little formality he moved between her spread legs, positioning his cock at her cunt, and pushing into her, a hoarse cry from my wife at the sudden painful stretching of her cunt with his powerful penetration. This time he quickly filled her, again a loud cry as she was fully impaled on his throbbing cock. He began stroking into her, my wife moaning steadily, till he felt her body moving, now gasping as she was close to her climax. As he realized that she was about to come he pulled out of her, ignoring her entreaties to finish.

He rolled her unresisting body onto her stomach, pulling her hips into the air, presenting her on her hands and knees. "No, not like this, not on my hands and knees!"

He ignored her, pushing her head and shoulders to the bed, spreading her thighs apart, my wife too filled with passion to stop him. (She never let me take her like this, saying she wasn't an animal) He stood behind her, gripping her hips firmly to hold her in place as he directed his hard cock into the wet open lips of her cunt, and ignoring her protests, penetrating her and pushing fully into her, filling her again, my wife crying out shrilly.

He began thrusting into her powerfully, holding her hips as he punished her with his cock, treating her even more roughly, her body jerking to his thrusting. I felt that I should stop him, but I couldn't; I was immobilized by the scene, incredibly aroused by the way he was fucking her, still treating her like a whore, without any tenderness.

Now my wife was moaning continuously, finally responding to him, responding to being taken in this manner, his swollen cock thrusting into her helpless body. I stood mesmerized watching his cock working on her, moving in and out of her till her cries changed and became more shrill, and she began to come, her orgasm even more prolonged as she felt him swelling and spurting into her, pulling her fully upon his cock till her climax subsided, and till he completely drained himself in her. He released her, and she dropped to the bed, full of his sperm.

She began sobbing, humiliated at being taken on her hands and knees, her body betraying her, responding to his domination. She couldn't believe that she could be used like that, embarrassed that she had climaxed so powerfully.

We returned to our bed, and in the morning, after Keith had left, I said we had to talk. I had a change of heart after witnessing the events of the last two nights, never dreaming that their fucking would be so intense. I said "I don't want him to have you again tonight!"

"Oh, you don't want him to take me again? You're the one that set all this in motion, and now because he's screwing me so well you want to stop. Don't you remember when I said that you might be sorry if you realized your fantasy? And if I did as you wanted you would have to live with the consequences. Well, it's too late for you to call the shots. I love being fucked by him, even though he did me on my hands and knees, and if he wants to fuck me tonight he can. You enjoyed watching him servicing me, so you can watch once more. How do you like being a cuckold, having horns planted on your head?"

I did my best to sway her but she wouldn't budge. He had been filling her with his semen, and now I was worried about her getting pregnant.

She laughed when I said this to her, saying, "You should have thought of that when you offered me to him, and no, I won't ask him to wear a condom. If I get pregnant it will be your fault! Maybe tonight will be more exciting for you, thinking of his sperm flowing into my uterus, maybe making me pregnant. Maybe he impregnated me one of the last two nights!"

She showered and again dressed in her most attractive underwear and a clinging short dress.

Keith arrived and we had cocktails, and a light dinner with wine. After dinner we went to the living room with our wine, Amy sitting across from us, her dress hiked up her thighs. Slowly she let her legs fall open, letting us see her naked thighs and panties. Keith got the message, and taking her hand he led her upstairs to his room.

I followed them, watching once again as he slowly undressed her to her lacy panties, laying her down on the bed while he stripped. She lifted her ass so he could remove her panties, looking at me as she spread her legs for him. He mounted her, working his cock into her, my wife again groaning as he penetrated her, moaning as he pressed fully into her.

She lifted her legs, and I watched his thick cock stretching her, sliding in and out of her, soon thrusting into her faster, my wife gasping as she felt her orgasm approaching. She cried out, her arms and legs clutching him as she spasmed. He groaned, pulling her fully onto his cock as he emptied himself deep into her, his sperm flooding her uterus.

It was unbelievably erotic, watching this stud servicing my own wife, watching her being fucked so thoroughly. She looked at me again as she felt his sperm flooding her cunt, seeing how excited I was, and smiling at me. It was over!

We went to bed and in the morning said good-bye to Keith, who thanked us for a wonderful time. We talked about what happened, reliving those scenes many times, finding our sex life lifted to a new level.


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