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Etiene Get's Man Handled
by Etiene (

*Etiene Get's Man Handled*

Etiene who has been feminized and turned into a sissy cuckold by his wife learns to suck cock and take it from behind.
It has been awhile since the last installment in my sissy blog but I’ve been a very busy boy. As you may recall Patty and her friends thought it would help tame my inner spirit to suck their pussies as often as they desired. It was a way of subduing any macho tendencies that might erupt.

Patty, with the help of friends, also had me start wearing her underwear as a way of feminizing my attire and she would even make me wear a dress from time to time. There were, as you might have already guessed, no boundaries we weren’t willing to cross.

One such boundary we crossed was my ingestion of feminine hormones. As you may recall from earlier entries, Patty and her friend found an internet site that instructed women how to turn their husbands into full blown sissies and they both decided I was the perfect candidate.

One aspect of the training was the secret feeding of feminine hormones. Though I had an inkling of what they were up to, I didn’t realize I was already on a diet of estrogen and other supplements that were intended to feminize my attitude and appearance.

It all came to light one day when Patty return home from shopping with Susan. Susan open a package from Saks and showed me a pair of very pretty flowered panties. I have always had an appreciation for women’s under garments but that day my interest was more than casual. Instead of simply acknowledging the panties as would be my normal practice, I walked over to where Susan was standing and felt the fabric between my thumb and index finger.

After acknowledging how soft and smooth the fabric was Susan asked if I’d like to try them on. Instead of assuming she was just joking I said, "of course I’d like to try them on."

After stripping out of my pants and cotton panties Patty had given me to wear I slipped the panties on and did they feel good. Susan asked if I felt differently about myself since the last time she visited and I answered that in fact I did.

It was at this point that Susan and Patty sat me down on the couch and explained that as part of their program to make me for feminine and a better friend to Patty they had been secretly feeding me hormones. Susan pointed out that the hair on my head had thickened but the hair on my arms, face and chest were lighter than before.

I was shaving my legs every morning just like Patty but I had noticed that the hair was thinner than before. Most importantly, my breasts were growing. I noticed their size the other morning but when I mentioned it to Patty she told me it was my imagination. Seems it was really happening. I was becoming a sissy cuckold and I was thrilled.

All the while the feminization process was explained Patty and Susan took turns rubbing my penis through the silky underwear. On an earlier occasion they explained that it would help me develop positive associations with acting feminine in their presence. I didn’t mind and I really enjoyed having my penis rubbed though they were careful never to bring m to orgasm. They explained that though I was feeling more like a girl I still had the terrible male limitation of only being able to have a single orgasm.

We had tea as Patty and Susan displayed what they had purchased. Not only did they purchase underwear for me they brought home a teddy for me to wear. My hair was already long from many months of no haircuts and my legs were cleanly shaved. At their insistence I put the teddy on and showed off my enlarged breasts for the entertainment. Next out of the bag Patty pulled a rather large penis shaped dildo made of a soft latex type of material.

The dildo must have been made from a mold of a real penis because it looked that real. The color was perfect and the shaping was amazingly real. Susan handed me the dildo and asked if I thought it would fit in my mouth. I didn’t know so I tried and sure enough it fit. As I was placing the dildo in my mouth Patty was fishing out a tube of KY Jelly from the bag.

She squirted KY on the dildo and instructed me to lie on my stomach. I knew what she was going to do, it was no secret. "This will be good training for you Etiene," she said. "It will also prepare you," said Patty.

I laid face down on the bed and Susan pulled my panty portion of the teddy down and off. Then I felt the jelly as head of the dildo began to press against my ass. It felt so good. Top help calm me as Patty pressed the dildo Susan slowly pumped my penis careful not to cause me to squirt.

In seconds I feel into the rhythm of the dildo going in and out and started to understand what it must feel like for a woman to have a real penis pumping her crotch.

I must have been hypnotized by the rhythm of the dildo going in and out for about ten minutes when the door bell rang. I was stunned and started to get up when Susan’s voice instructed me to stay just where I was.

Patty let Susan do double duty as she left the room to answer the door assuring me it would be ok and not to worry. A moment later two studs walked into the room where Susan was both pumping a dildo in and out of my ass and slowly pumping my pecker. The studs looked at Patty and then at me. Without another word they undressed and walked over to the bed. The one stud who had dark curly hair stroked my hair and then put his hard cock too my face. The only thing I thought to do was take him in my mouth and start sucking.

As I began to suck, Patty withdrew the dildo from my ass and I could feel the hot flesh of the stud’s dick enter from behind. "Take it slow boys," Patty said. "We have plenty to accomplish here tonight."

With those words Patty and Susan disrobed and Patty began to dry hump the stud that was fucking my ass and Susan was enjoying being fingered by the other stud. This foursome continued for another 15 minutes at which time Susan thought it would be good for me to watch Patty being fucked by both guys at the same time.

We disengaged and one guy took her from behind and the other from the front. I should have been disgusted but I wasn’t, instead I was envious and wished it were happening to me.

As I watched Susan rubbed my pecker to keep me calm and also so I would develop a positive association with seeing Patty getting it from two guys at the same time. It looked like Patty was in heaven. The without warning one guy shot his load and the next guy did as well. The three of them disengaged and Patty rolled across the bed so her head was near the headboard. The guys looked at me, one winked. Then they got dressed and left just as quickly as they arrived.

Patty was pink from pleasure and I could see the smile that was plastered on her face. "Don’t you think you should show your wife how much you appreciate what she did for you," Susan asked.

I didn’t know what to say and just stared.

"Get down there Etiene and clean her up you silly sissy," Susan said.

Without another word she guided my face to Patty pussy and I began to suck and lap at her spunk filled pussy and asshole. The taste was salty but I could not resist. As I was sucking I noticed Susan get on the bed and plant her pussy on Patty mouth and Patty began sucking her for everything she was worth.

After 15 minutes or so I felt Patty start to buck and grind and I knew she was about to have another orgasm. I could hear Susan moaning and the two of them seemed to have a simultaneous orgasm. When it was over I was still hard and was the only person who hadn’t had an orgasm.

Susan looked over at my hard-on and told me to pump it myself because no one knew how to give a hand job better than me. I complied and within seconds my cum was on the bed sheet.

When Susan finally got off the bed and headed for the toilet she looked at and said, "Etiene, have you forgotten? It’s time for your golden shower."

I arose from the bed and followed Susan to the shower as Patty looked on.


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