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Donna, My Wife, My Slut
by D. Cumlicker (address withheld by request)

* Donna, My Wife, My Slut *

Husband wants to see wife fucked by other men. She refuses until one night husband gets her drunk.
I have been married to my wife Donna, for over ten years. We have 2 children and love each other very much. We didn't have sex until our wedding night and the sex has been very good ever since. I, however, have always wanted to see her fuck and suck other men. Maybe this is because she is such a goody two-shoes wife and good mother.

As most men know there is something about a housewife/mother being slutty that turns them on. I am no exception. I have been trying to get Donna to do this for the past several years. She will have none of it.

Morally she is a good person and thinks that all sex should be between husband and wife. I believe this too, but my desires tell me otherwise.

I finally convinced her to be a bit slutty when it was just us. She agreed and the deal was she would dress sexy and we would go out to a nightclub (which we'd never goon to before by the way) and do some dancing.

First let me describe Donna. She is about 6 feet tall, medium build, brunette, shoulder length hair and is very pretty. At the time of this incident she was in her early thirties (just a few years ago).

We got a sitter for the kids and off we went. Donna was wearing a one-piece minidress, sleeveless that buttoned all the way down the front. She wore nothing underneath. Once we got to the nightclub she had a few beers and I stayed with cokes.

She didn't want to have any mixed drinks because she didn't want to get wasted. I played the sympathy story about how she wouldn't give me what I wanted so the least she could do was this. She gave in and had a couple of mixed drinks. This loosened her up and she agreed to have a few more.

Pretty soon she was very, very mellow. Again I told her how much I wanted to see her with another man. She said ok, this one time. I asked her to look around and pick out someone she found attractive. She pointed to a man at the bar. I said I would go over and talk to him. I had noticed him earlier and knew he was with another man who had gone to the men's room just a few minutes earlier. I went over to him and said hello. He returned the greeting but looked puzzled.

I told him about my wife and how this was her night to be wild and would he be interested. He asked me to point her out and when I did he smiled really big and said "Hell yeah!" He then said he was with a friend and could he come. Of course I said. I told them to follow us to a nearby motel.

Donna didn't notice that 2 men were following us out. I had to help her walk straight. When we got to the motel and went inside the 2 men followed. When she turned and saw 2 of them, she looked at me and said she thought it was supposed to be one. I explained about the friend and said it wouldn't be fair not to include him.

The alcohol made her say, "Okay, no problem. Let's get started."

I told the men to go ahead, that I wanted to watch and then have sloppy thirds. They walked over and one put his arms Donna and started kissing her, open mouth, tongue inside her mouth. This in and by itself made me shiver with excitement. Donna had never done anything like this before, I had never seen her kiss anyone.

Before she married me she had only had sex with four other men in her entire life and that took place over a period of 6 years. While they were kissing the other man pulled up her dress to reveal her totally shaved pussy. Normally Donna has a full bush of very black hair around her pussy and asshole but tonight she had shaved it for me. Together they unbuttoned the dress and pulled it off.

There stood my lovely wife, totally strip ass naked in front of 2 strangers. The one doing the kissing started groping and squeezing her tits as well as kissing them. The other started licking her legs and worked his way up to her ass. The other sat down on the bed and pulled his pants down revealing a rock hard cock. He then bent Donna over and had her start sucking his cock. This allowed the other one to pull her ass cheeks apart and start licking her asshole.

After a few minutes of this they lay her on the bed and told her to spread her pussy out. Donna complied by opening her long legs and pulling her knees up and then reaching down and pulling her pussy open so all could see inside her. I was going crazy! Here was the perfect wife and mother showing off her pussy and asshole to strangers! One started to lick her pussy while the one that been licking her asshole straddled her chest and started fucking her mouth.

I went over and started kissing her around her ear and whispered that when he came she was not to swallow but to show it to me. He came quickly and she turned her head and opened her mouth and a big load of cum started to ooze out the corned of her mouth.

I immediately cupped my mouth over hers in a big french kiss and we passed the cum back and forth with both of us swallowing part of it. By this time the other man had put his stiff cock in Donna's pussy and fucking her really hard, so hard if fact that Donna was grunting with each thrust.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My sweet, darling wife laying in motel on her back being fucked like a whore by another man. He came and pulled out while Donna just lay there with her pussy spread and gapped open. When the cum started to spill out I of course started eating her just fucked pussy and lapped up every drop of the other man's cum.

No, I am not bisexual, I just think it so very sexy and a huge turn on to eat other men's cum as it comes out of my wife's mouth and pussy. Donna then made the pronouncement that she had to excuse herself in order to take a pee. One of the men said he wanted to watch. This also excited me. Other men watching my wife do something so private as taking a piss.

I was so turned on in fact that I told her to piss in my face and mouth while they watched. I put a towel under my head and lay on the floor. She squatted over me all the while looking directly into my eyes. I looked up into that gaping hole that had just been fucked by another man and couldn't wait for the shower. I had never had this done to me before.

Suddenly there was a little squirt that hit me on the cheek and then the floodgates opened and she was shooting golden piss directly into my mouth. All the while I watched her little piss hole as it squirted all that piss. I only drank a little bit of it and let the rest of it run out the corners of my mouth.

Donna just lay down on the bed naked while I cleaned up. Once everyone was rested we were back at it again. That night she got fucked in every hole. At one time she had a triple penetration. Donna had never been fucked in the ass up to this point. She moaned and said it hurt but she took it anyway. Now comes the really, really good part. Everyone fell asleep. Donna was of course still completely naked.

When the men woke up late the next morning they saw Donna laying there asleep with her legs spread apart showing that wore out pussy and it got them horny again. They both went over and woke her up. This is the good part. She had a hang over but she was now SOBER!!

She resisted but to no avail. One lay on his back and the other made her ride the first one. Donna was pleading with me to make this stop. I just went over and started licking her asshole while she was being fucked. The other lubed up his cock and when I moved away slid it into her asshole.

There she was, Donna, sober, being fucked in both holes. They came in her asshole and pussy and then thanked up, put on their clothes and left. I licked the cum out of both her holes while she just lay fuming. She was very mad but got over it in time.

She says she will never do anything like that again. I still have the memories though!


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