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Housewife Porn Star
by Karen Kay (

* Housewife Porn Star *

A young white housewife agrees to do a porn movie for a little extra cash, but soon ends up being blackmailed into doing more.
I had just kissed my husband goodbye from the front porch a few seconds ago and now I'm watching the car back slowly out of the driveway. I can see his smiling face every time he glances back to me from behind the driver's seat. I'm trying my best to look as natural as I can as I keep smiling at him.

I watch as the car slowly backs out into the street and I waive one last time before John puts the car into gear and waives one last time and turns the corner to merge onto the highway.

My heart begins to race as I walk back into the house and look at the time. I only have two more hours before I have to be downtown. Why did I get myself into this mess?

My name is Calico and I had been working real-estate for the last two years. Yes, I'm fairly good at my job but I've been trying to find something that I could do in my spare time to make a little extra money.

John and I have been married for five years. He is ten years older than I at thirty-five. I think I look great for a woman that's going to be twenty-six this July. Everything about my body is the same as it was in college.

I still take a size three dress, and keep my body in shape with daily exercise. I haven't any wrinkles on my face. My measurements remain the same as it was when I was twenty-one. I could have been a model when I got out of high school but my mother insisted I go to college.

I had plans to go to law school but I met John and we married a year later. After only two years of college, I dropped out and have been living the happy life of a housewife in suburbia.

We moved here to Alabama three years ago, more than five hundred miles away from my friends and relatives. Yes, I made new friends but it's just not the same being so far away from people I love.

I hurried into the shower as fast as I could, knowing that I only had enough time to dry my hair and get dressed. Luckily I had shaved my legs and everything else that I was asked to do when I was accepted during the interview last week.

Kathy was the woman I had met during my job interview last week. She seemed very nice but got to the point about everything. She was very blunt when she said. "I want you to shave your pussy, bald!"

I finished my shower and began blow drying my hair. Next, I put on a coat of bright red nail polish and did my toes to match my fingers.

I had stashed the dress that I had bought yesterday from my husband. He would have wondered why I was buying a dress when we didn't have anything new planned.

I took the little brown bag off the top shelf and pulled out the new garter belt I had bought yesterday and slipped it around my tiny waist. I hadn't worn one of these since our honeymoon and it felt rather strange to be wearing one now.

Kathy wanted me to wear nude stockings so I had bought a pair of those and a new pair of black five inch spike heels. Once I pulled the stockings up my long legs, I fastened the tiny hooks at my thighs and stood up and looked into the full length mirror.

I picked up the black dress I had picked out which Kathy had asked to be very revealing. I stepped into the dress and wiggled my hips as I pulled the thin material up and over my hips. I slipped the tiny spaghetti straps over my shoulders and adjusted the material in front.

It felt sort of tight around my breasts, but I managed to tuck them under the material as much as I could. Getting the zipper up was a chore in itself but I managed that as well and stood in front of the mirror again.

God! My tit's were barely covered in this dress so I tried to pull up the material a little further but didn't have much luck. I played with the material, trying to conceal as much as I could but it was just the way the dress was made.

Another half inch and my nipples would be exposed. I had to admit that my cleavage looked fantastic!

I finished applying my makeup, putting a little extra dark around my eyes as Kathy had mentioned. She told me it would show better on film in the natural lighting they would have.

I sat down and slipped on the high heels and adjusted the tiny straps on each shoe and stood up and looked in the mirror for the third time. The dress barely covered the top of the stockings. I couldn't pick out a dress that was too short otherwise the garter belt Kathy wanted me to wear would show.

I had to settle for a low-cut dress if she wanted me to wear something revealing. I hope she would be pleased.

The butterflies in my stomach were driving me crazy! I looked at the clock and I only had fifteen minutes before I had to leave.

I picked out my favorite perfume and gave my breasts a couple short squirts. I lifted the hem of my dress up and gave myself another squirt over my pussy mound.

Kathy didn't want me to wear anything other than the garter belt. I couldn't wear a bra with this dress. Otherwise, it would have shown.

I put the finishing touch on with my red lipstick and put a few things I would need into my purse including the condoms I bought yesterday.

Yes. Condoms! If my husband ever found out about those, he'd kill me on sight! We had plans to adopt a baby in the near future. John found out last year that he was our problem for not being able to have children.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to call and postpone this for another week. At least I would have time to see my doctor and obtain a prescription of birth control pills in case a condom broke.

Kathy assured me that she would pick out a person that would be gentle with me. Kathy also mentioned that since this was my very first time, we would focus on other things like foreplay and teasing and maybe just a blow job.

God! I'd be giving a blow job to another man! John had been the only man I had ever put in my mouth. Yes. I had been asked but I somehow got out of it by giving them a good hand job.

It took me thirty minutes to drive down town and located the hotel and pull into the underground parking area. Kathy had given me the room number so I walked into the lobby and smiled at the clerk as I walked past their desk and took the elevator up to the seventh floor.

It's funny that I got enough courage to come this far and as I walked down the hallway looking for the room number, I had a really good notion to turn around and forget the whole thing.

It was only money! One thousand dollars to be exact but I really needed the extra income right now so I tried not to think of this as something dirty.

I found the room number! Here I was standing outside the door where I would meet a total stranger and conduct myself into something that many would consider taboo.

I tried to put all of that in the back of my mind as I knocked on the door. I could barely hear somebody walking toward the door. The handle turned and the door opened.

It was Kathy standing with a big smile on her face.

"Calico. Please come inside. You look great! I love your black dress and those heels are really fantastic! Come in and make yourself comfortable while I fix you a drink."

I walked into the huge suite Kathy had rented and walked over to a sofa and sat down. I looked around the room and saw a camera sitting on a tripod and the bed had been turned down. I was wondering where this person was I was supposed to perform with on the film we were doing.

"I'm I the first one here?"

"Oh no. Jake is in the bathroom getting himself a little more comfortable. He'll be out shortly!"

Kathy gave me a drink which was a mixture of whisky and soda. Kathy moved the video camera and arranged it to point toward me sitting on the sofa.

"Calico. If you don't mind, I'm going to get this thing setup and ready. I want to turn it on the moment Jake walks out of the bathroom and you meet him for the first time."

I took another sip of my drink and noticed a jacket on the rack near the door. It appeared rather large in size and I figured it belonged to this guy named Jake.

My heart was racing as I waited to meet this man as Kathy came and sat down next to me with her drink in her hand.

"Honey. I don't want you to be nervous. Just try and relax and enjoy yourself. Jake is a very nice man and he is very gentle and will take his time. Just allow him to make the first move and just go with the flow and you'll be fine."

Kathy wanted to continue with a bunch of small talk but I was too nervous as I sat nodding my head to her comments and starred toward the bathroom door.

My mind drifted back to my high school days when I went on a blind date with a guy my brother knew. The night turned out to be a disaster but anyway, I didn't have to see him again. We didn't meet to have sex that night either.

"Calico. You're going to really like Jake. I picked him out special for you. Now remember everything we talked about during our meeting. Just act natural and allow yourself to be you!"

Gosh. I thought to myself about that last statement. If I were going to be myself than I'd have to ask myself, what I was doing sitting in a hotel suit waiting for something to get started that I'd be paid for doing.

I glanced down at my wedding rings and looked up at Kathy.

"I better get these off before we start."

"Oh no! Please... Leave them on! We want everyone to know you're a real housewife. Your rings will be just fine. As a matter of fact, I'll be zooming in on your rings to enhance the video. Guys seem to like seeing a real housewife wearing them. Men love seeing them in our films and pretend to think it's with their real wife."

Kathy put her hand on my dress and adjusted the hem around my legs. She pushed the material up about an inch to reveal a tiny corner of my garter belt.

God! I was so nervous I just want this day to be over with!

My heart was beating so hard that I thought it was going to break out of my chest! The bathroom door opened and I heard the click of the light switch.

Oh God! ....He's coming out now. My whole body went numb when I saw the man Kathy called Jake walking out. He was black as coal! He was walking toward me. At least he was smiling!

He was huge! Jake was wearing a red satin pair of boxer shorts and nothing else! God! He was muscular. He was twice the size of my husband if not larger. He was bending down as I extended my hand out to greet him.

He took my hand into his which was so large and leaned over and gently kissed me on my lips. This had been the very first time I ever kissed a black man! My body was trembling as he kept holding my hand and made a few comments about my appearance.

He kept smiling at me as he sat down next to me on the sofa. His body was touching my thigh and he didn't hesitate to move his arm around my shoulder. I didn't know what to say to this man.

He must have done this before because he was starring at my eyes waiting for me to respond.

"So. Calico. How do you like Jake so far? Isn't he handsome and well built?"

I nervously smiled at Kathy as I tried to think of something to say. Kathy was already looking through the lens of her camera and I knew she had already turned it on. I guess she wanted to get my reaction on film seeing Jake for the very first time.

We talked for about thirty minutes. I told Jake about my husband and where I had gone to college but I could tell that he really wasn't that interested in my personal back ground. I kept feeling his hand moving around on my shoulder and playing with the tiny strap of my dress until it fell off my arm.

I could feel Jake's arm around my shoulder and he was holding me tight. I tried pulling the strap back on but his hand was in the way so I gave up and I finished my drink. Jake took the glass out of my hand and placed it on the table next to the sofa.

He turned around to face me and put his hand down in front of my dress and slowly pushed the thin material away from my right breast until it was mostly exposed. I didn't stare at Kathy but I could see her in the corner of my eye looking through the tiny camera lens as Jake leaned forward and kissed me on my lips.

Jake took his other hand and slipped the other strap of my shoulder and gently tugged on the material until both of my nipples were exposed. Jake kissed me again only this time his tongue entered my mouth and began probing until it found mine.

Jake continued kissing me as I felt his hand on my thigh moving the thin material of my dress higher. Jake's hand slipped under my dress and was searching for my pussy. I finally felt the tip of his fingers brushing against my shaved pussy mound.

I was nervous and at first I tried to close my legs together but remembered what I was doing there in that hotel room and began to part my thighs open allowing Jake better access to my bare pussy.

Jake began kissing me more passionately so I reached out and put my hands behind his head and pulled him toward me. I guess the drink was having an effect on me. I was cooperating with Jake all the way.

Jake stopped kissing me long enough to whisper into my ear as he said. "Baby. Stand up so we can take that dress of and see what you got under there!"

My heart was pounding as I tried to stand in front of the sofa and lost my balance for a split second but Jake caught me from falling as I turned and smiled at him. I could feel his big hands on my waist as I turned around in front of him allowing the dress to slip further off my shoulders.

Jake tugged on the material at my waist until he was able to slip in over my hips and the next thing I remembered was that it was lying on the floor at my feet and I was lifting my feet away allowing Jake to pick up the dress and tossed it over at Kathy.

I was now standing naked in front of this strange black man named Jake with only a garter belt and stockings and heels on. Jake was starring at my body from head to toe and the next thing I remembered was Jake putting his hands around my body and cupped my ass in his big hands and leaned forward and kissed my tummy near my belly button.

My whole body began to tingle with little bumps when I felt Jake kissing my belly with his dark lips. Never before did I feel like I did at that moment standing there in front of Jake with my tits and pussy exposed to his eyes.

I could see the lust in his eyes as he continued kissing little circles around my belly button as he reached out and held my writs in his big hands. Although he held me gentle, his grip on my arms was firm and I soon found that I couldn't move them.

God. If my husband ever found out about this, he'd kill me and Jake. Here I was standing here acting like a whore in heat. Yes. I was excited! I never screwed a black man before and never considered even dating one.

My mind was playing tricks on me! Or was it?

Jake moved his head lover as he held onto me and was soon kissing my shaven pussy mound making me shiver even more. I kept looking down at his face and saw that he was taking it all in! Me!

I can't really explain how I felt at that moment. Part of me wanted to stop because this wasn't right and the other half of me wanted to find out what it would be like. The contrast of his coal black skin against my own was causing excitement for me!

My heart almost sank and skipped a beat when Jake stood up in front of me. He was still holding onto my wrists as he leaned over and gave me another passionate kiss on my lips. It was a slow long kiss as I sucked on his tongue. He tasted me, devouring me with his mind.

When Jake finished kissing me, he leaned near my ear and whispered to me. "Take your hands and slowly pull down my shorts."

Jake finally let go of my arms which were trembling at that moment and slowly placed them on the waist band of Jake's shorts and began pulling them down. He was much taller than me so I had to give them a tug to get them over his full cheeks than suddenly his cock jetted straight out at me, almost hitting me in the face.

I had to kneel down to pull them down his legs and my face was only inches from his massive black pole! Jake stepped out of the shorts once they reached the floor. I began to straighten myself back up but Jake's big hands were pushing me back down as he said. "Go ahead and get on your knees."

I innocently looked up at Jake's eyes as I got down on my knees in front of him. Yes. I was acting submissive to this large black man standing in front of me! His voice was calm and gentle and he wasn't being rough with me but I was obeying his command to kneel on the floor.

"Take hold of my cock with your hands and look at it."

I starred up into Jake's eyes like a little school girl as I positioned myself on the floor and lifted my arms up and felt them shaking as I grasped his large cock with my dainty hands. It felt huge as I slowly circled my fingers around its girth. I was comparing it to my husband!

It was so much larger and throbbed to my touch. Its veins were protruding out from its skin, almost looking evil. It scared me! I was trying not to be afraid of him. It's just that his huge size intimidated me so much!

"Calico. Don't be afraid. Lean forward and kiss the head."

I felt like a robot as I responded to Jake's command and moved my head forward and kissed the large black head. I moved my fingers to get a better grip on him as he took a deep breath holding his head back.

"Yeah. Go ahead and lick the head and move your tongue all around it. Hold my balls with your hands as you make love to it. Go ahead! Don't be afraid!"

With a little hesitation, I moved my head forward and licked the head with my tongue feeling a drop of his cum and tasted its salty taste. I began licking the side around little circles as he had instructed me to do and moved my hands to cup his large balls that were dangling down in its large sack.

I wondered if all black men where this huge or was it because he was a big man? His size compared to my husband made a comparison to a man and a little boy! I always thought my husband was large and he always satisfied me.

My mind drifted away from licking him as I thought how it would feel inside me. Would it hurt me? Would he permanently stretch me? How would I ever be satisfied with a smaller dick if he did?

I continued licking around its girth not caring about the consequences at the moment. My fingers began moving around giving his balls a gentle squeeze as I licked his cock.

"Oh yeah! You're a real expert at doing this! I won't have to teach you how to handle a black man!"

Jake's words were giving me encouragement to continue. What I did next surprise me as much as it surprised Jake. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head into my mouth. It was large and filled my mouth to capacity. I couldn't imagine ever trying to take any more of him inside me. I would certainly choke!

"Baby. Your going to be a fast learner!"

I moved my head back and forth slowly as the big head scraped against my teeth. I could hear Jake moaning with pleasure as he felt what I was doing to him.

I was surprised when Kathy walked near me and kissed my face than Jake's cock as if we were sharing it. She than whispered into my ear saying. "You're doing very well. Just relax and enjoy him. He's such a great lover!"

I tried not to think about anything other than Jake at the moment. I was blocking my husband out of my mind as well as Kathy.

I continued to lick and suck on Jake a few minutes longer until he leaned over and took hold of my arms under my shoulders and lifted me to my feet. Jake pulled me into his arms and held me tight. His cock was pushed into my belly as he passionately kissed me again.

Our tongues danced together and our saliva surely mixed as we continued to kiss as I moved my hands down to stroke his cock. When Jake finally stopped kissing me, he swiftly picked me up off the floor and carried me toward the bed. He gave me one more kiss as I held onto him as he gently laid me on the bed.

Jake climbed up between my legs and pushed my legs back against my chest. He began kissing my inner tights and licking little wet trails over my skin until he finally reached my pussy. I could feel his hot breath on me which was making me more excited.

Jake gently kissed around my bare pussy until I finally felt his tongue begin to part my pussy lips apart. Jake was using long gentle strokes with his tongue and hit my clitoris with each stroke he made. He knew exactly what he was doing as he kept my legs pinned back against my tits.

Jake began licking me harder and started to pull on my pussy lips with his moth making my hips rotate into the mattress. Jake reached around and grabbed hold of my tits giving them a squeeze as he forced his arms against my thigh's to insure my legs remained pushed back.

He was working on me fast and hard now and I could feel my orgasm building as I let out a wild scream. I never gave any thought that someone might hear what was going on in the suite. All I knew was that I had just had my first orgasm with a black man.

Jake kept working his tongue inside me as my whole body shook. I reached out and put my hands on his head keeping his face buried in my pussy as I felt another orgasm coming. My whole body shook as I let out another loud scream and kicked my feet straight out.

I had closed my eyes with each orgasm I had but noticed Kathy standing at the end of the bed with the video camera in her hand.

Jake kept licking and sucking me for a few more minutes and I knew I was going to have another orgasm and I knew that he was aware of it. I was surprised when he stopped licking me and moved up onto of me kissing his way up to my face.

"I'm going to let you earn that next orgasm!"

Jake kissed me on the lips than reached down and took hold of my right hand and guided it to his shaft where I placed my fingers around it. He moved my hand into position to where the head of his large cock rested against my pussy lips.

He began moving his body in a slow rhythm along the slit. I could feel the pressure of the large head pushing into my pussy and I tried to arch up to lodge him inside me but he kept teasing me by retraining himself.

Jake continued this for a couple minutes until we were starring into each other's eyes and he finally allowed my hip movements to ledge the giant head into my pussy. It hurt at first and my body tightened up when I felt the large cock entering my pussy for the first time.

Jake kept his body moving slowly as he forced just a fraction of his cock into me at a time. I lifted my legs until I was able to rest the heels of my shoes on his ass while he continued to enter me deeper with each stroke he made. God! It felt so huge inside me!

Jake was licking around my ear as I wrapped my arms around his huge shoulders. I felt more of his cock entering my pussy until I don't think I could take anymore. Jake started to pull out than pushed himself back into me with one long stroke. It felt so big inside me. It didn't hurt like I had imagined it would but I felt stretched.

Jake picked up his pace and began fucking me with long even strokes. I felt my pussy open up to him each time he plunged inside me. I felt wet and the sounds of my wet pussy griping his huge shaft filled the room.

I saw Kathy over Jake's shoulder zooming in on my stretched pussy with her video camera. I couldn't even think of being filmed right now. Jake's cock felt so good inside me! I suddenly felt Jake's big arms under my back and he soon lifted me up and quickly turned me over until I was now riding his big shaft.

He was very careful not to dislodge himself from my tight pussy as he flipped me around. My knees were on either side of his body and I looked down into his eyes as he screwed me.

Jake raised his head of the pillow and I knew what he wanted to do so I arched my back so he was able to suck on my tits that were near his face. Jake gently nibbled on my nipples sending shivers down my spine as I rode his cock.

Jake kept licking and sucking them making my nipples stick out as hard as they had ever in my life. He gently bit around my nipples which turned me on! I wasn't thinking that he maybe leaving little red bit marks around my tits. All I wanted at that moment was for Jake to keep screwing me.

My body began shaking again and within seconds I was having my third orgasm while riding Jake. My whole body shook as Jake held me from falling off. I could see him smiling knowing how much pleasure he was bring me!

Jake surprised me again as he moved us around on the bed and suddenly, we were standing up next to the bed. I was still riding his cock and he had cupped my ass in his large hands and was pushing me up and down on his shaft. We were screwing in mid air!

God! Jake was so strong to be able to hold me like this! He was bouncing me up and down his shaft as if I were a rag doll! I hadn't realized how loud I was moaning and screaming. I guess I really didn't care at that moment. All I knew was that I was getting screwed and it wasn't with my husband.

I was aware that Kathy saying something to Jake as he screwed me!

"Jake. Turn her around so I can get a shot of her wedding rings! I want to get them on film! Yes. That's it! Hold it there!"

Yes. I saw Kathy zooming in at my left hand with her camera. My hands were locked around Jake's neck as he continued to bounce me up and down his shaft. Jake screwed me in this position a little longer before sitting back down on the bed and scooted toward the center of the mattress before turning me back onto my back.

His cock never dislodged from my tight pussy as he continued to fuck me from above. My legs wrapped around his ass as much as I could. He was such a large man, which even my long legs wouldn't reach around the size of his body.

Jake was fucking me hard and his breath seemed more labored and I knew he wanted to cum. Cum! Oh my God! He wanted to cum inside me!

I wanted to say something. Tell him to pull out. I was going to tell him but it happened! Jake started to moan out loud! I could feel it shooting inside me! It felt hot! So hot that it felt like a hot water hose! One, two, three, four spurts!

I couldn't help myself! I was having another orgasm as I felt his seed splashing into me! My legs were shaking and my ass quivered! Jake was still pushing inside me. It felt so hot! I reached around and touched his shaft with my fingers. His cock felt wet. It was my pussy juice on him!

Kathy yelled out to me!

"Honey! Your not on the pill are you?"

I was trying to catch my breath but I was finally able to answer her back and said. "No!"

Kathy responded back in near shock or was she!

"Oh no! Your not taking birth control! You just took your lover's black seed into your belly! Into your womb! Into your married white belly!"

I knew she was building it up for the film she was taking but it was true! Everything Kath was saying was true! I had just taken this black man's seed into my unprotected womb!

Jake's cock was still hard and deep inside me. He was actually still pushing his shaft as deep as he could into my pussy holding his sperm inside me as far and deep as it could go. After several minutes, Jake finally moved off me. There was a thin trail of Jake's seed from the opening of my pussy to his large cock head.

He caught me by surprise when he pulled my legs back against my tits while Kathy zoomed into my gaping pussy and took a close-up shot. My pussy was making sounds from Jakes cum and air that was trapped inside me.

Jake took his fingers and played with my pussy. He shoved one finger inside me and when he took it out, there was a gob of white sperm at the tip of his finger.

I never thought about what he was about to do when he put his finger to my lip's and wanted me to lick his finger clean. I just did it!

"Oh. Look at the puddle of seed inside her pussy! I hope she doesn't get knocked up with a black baby! Jake! Shame on you!"

Kathy was saying these things for the sake of the film she was doing but I was beginning to worry now. I had to get up and clean out my pussy!

I looked over at Kathy but all she did was give a smile! Kathy spoke again to Jake who was still playing with my pussy.

"Jake! Can you just imagine seeing this white housewife knocked-up with your black baby? Wouldn't it be nice to see her white belly swell up with your black baby inside?

Kathy placed the camera on the tripod and crawled onto the bed on the other side of me and helped Jake stretch my pussy lips apart. They were hamming it up for the film as I lay there. I finally whispered to Kathy and said.

"Do you think I could get up and clean up a little?"

Kathy smiled at me than looked into the camera as she replied. "Oh. Honey. I think that's a wonderful idea! We better get you up and clean out as much of that seed as we can! We know we're not going to be able to get every last drop!"

Kathy kissed my belly and smiled at the camera and patted my tummy before getting back off the bed. I was finally able to get up and walked toward the bathroom as my pussy fluttered.

A large gob of seed had slipped down my legs and hit the floor. I turned around and saw that Kathy was still filming it. She was zooming into the large gob of seed that hit the floor than turned the camera toward Jake and took one final close-up shot of his limp cock.

I was wiping myself in the bathroom when Kathy walked inside holding a douche in her hand.

"Honey. You better use this just in case!"

She walked back out leaving me to finish up. When I returned to the room, Jake was already dressed and ready to leave as he extended his hand out to me and said.

"It was a real pleasure and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing you the nest time with your husband."

My heart almost stopped when he mentioned my husband. He quickly walked out the door but not before giving Kathy a short kiss on the cheek.

I quickly put on my dress and fluffed out my hair as I looked over at Kathy putting the camera away.

"What did Jake mean when he said he was looking forward to meeting my husband?"

Kathy smiled as she finished putting the camera in it's case and stood up saying. "Oh. I figured maybe we could bring your husband into this next time!"

"But... How I'm I going to do that? I don't want him to ever find out about what I did today!"

Kathy walked next to me and held my shoulders as she replied. "Honey. I want you to arrange for us to meet him next weekend. You let me handle everything! It will work out just fine!"

I didn't understand what she meant as I watched her pick up the camera case and motioned for us to leave. I walked out in front of Kathy and turned around as she was closing the door behind her.

"This little film is the first of many! Now don't forget! I'll call you this week and give you a time we can get together next weekend. Wear something as sexily as you did today!"

Kathy walked away fast as I stood their wondering if she was black mailing me with the film she had taken! I wanted to say something to her but this elderly couple walked out of the room that was next to ours and just starred at me.

I had wondered if they had heard what was going on! I turned and looked down the hall but Kathy had already turned the corner. I walked out into the lobby and saw Kathy driving off in her car.

What was I going to do now?


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