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Our Bizarre Life Change
by Tim J. (Anon address)

* Our Bizarre Life Change *

Since my wife and I married very young, (18 & 17 years old) after 13 years of marriage in many ways we are still young. We married due to a pregnancy fear which turned out as a miscarriage. As a result of the ensuing surgery Vicky could no longer have any children. I guess that is the reason we became so attached to her older brother's daughter, Lacy.

When Lacy turned 16 last year, my brother-in law and his wife asked if she could live with us, and attend High School in our small town. He told us that they were concerned that Lacy had been hanging out with a rough crowd, and was headed for trouble. We live in a small town in a Southwest State, where we didn't think crimes and gangs were a big issue.

My brother-in-law had explained that Lacy was spending too much time with "Street" gang kids. We really did not understand all that meant at the time. Anyway Lacy moved in with us that August and started at our small local High School last September. (About 1 year ago) Lacy has dirty Blond hair, a tight, compact teen age body, bright blue/green eyes, and very pretty dimples when she chooses to smile.

Vicky, my wife who also is about a "9" on a "10" scale did everything to make Lacy feel at home. We determined that we would be the liberal parents we would have wanted. Lacy was told to treat our house as her own, to feel free to have friends over whenever she wanted.

Last October, claiming she was really homesick, she asked if "a couple of her friends from home could come and spend the weekend. Thinking it would be a girls pajama party we said yes. We wanted Lacy happy. That Friday night a blue van arrived from her home town, about 290 miles north of us, and a much bigger city.

I must tell you we were shocked when 2 girls, and 6 BOYS unloaded from the van. We were more shocked when we saw they were all black and wearing what we've since come to know as street gang colors. Vicky and I didn't know what to do, it was after 8 p.m. and these kids had just driven almost 300 miles.

These kids barely looked at us as they headed into the house. Each of the 8 boys and girls gave Lacy a deep open mouth kiss. We noticed the boys put their hands on her breasts and squeezed like it was the natural thing to do. We were introduced and one guy, "Master D" said very harshly, that we need to get their food ready NOW.

Vicky and I had not had a chance to even talk about what was going on when we were kind of pushed into the kitchen. We were both scared, but started getting food out of the refrigerator for dinner. One of the guys was making out with Lacy and already had her half undressed. When I started to protest, Master D said shut up and I'll tell you how its gonna be!!

His gang was going to stay with us as long as they wanted to. We were to give them anything they wanted, and if we didn't we would all have the shit kicked out of us. He then turned his attention to Vicky and simply said strip you fucking white bitch. Before she could respond, two guys started to rip her clothes off her body.

One of the girls then told me that I needed to strip too. So there we were, Vicky and me, naked in our own home, surrounded by black teenagers as our niece was getting fucked and sucking off guys in the livingroom.

I was told to take over getting the food ready, because Vicky was going to start her service. With that she was dragged into the next room, pushed to her knees and had a big black cock shoved in her mouth. I know I had never seen a cock that big before, at least 9 inches, and I'm sure Vicky hadn't either. The two girls stayed with me in the kitchen as we watched the 6 guys taking turns with Vicky and Lacy.

Something about the scene got to me, and my little white cock grew to its full length of 6 1/2 inches. For some reason the 2 girls found this very funny. Look at this guy getting turned on by his wife getting raped. They were both jerking me off, and laughing, but would stop each time I felt like I was about to come.

At some point I was tied up in a chair in my livingroom. During the next 48 hours I was not dealt with or moved. I pissed in the chair and sat in my own filth, and watched as Vicky and Lacy were fucked nonstop in their pussys, asses, and mouths. Vicky was forced to go down on Taisha and Delta, the 2 black girls a number of times.

I must say that while both Lacy and Vicky were called slaves, and told what to do, Lacy was treated better. Vicky had to lick out ass holes, clean shit covered cocks after they'd fucked her ass or Lacy's. She was spit on, kicked, slapped and eventually branded on her ass. They used a clothes hanger to burn in the letters "White Slave". These kids just took over the run of the house, and I didn't get to see much from my tied up vantage point.

When Monday came around, as I dozed in the chair, I felt that maybe our nightmare was ending. When I looked around I didn't see anyone, but could here noises coming out of the bedrooms. Soon everyone came into the room, and Master D told me how it was going to be. Lacy and Vicky were the slaves to his gang, and must always follow orders. My job would be to deliver them wherever they were wanted. If any of us did not follow orders, he personally would disfigure us for life. The way he put it to me, was that he'd cut off my white cock and stuff it in my mouth if I ever disobeyed him.

They finally left after lunch that Monday. The girls untied me, and Vicky said we all need to talk right away. Lacy told us to hold on, she was happily Master D's slave and if we did anything to stop this, she'd call his cellular and get him to come right back. You could see that we were in a bad situation.

When I suggested that we call the police, Vicky said no way. She told me that I need to understand 2 things. First that Master D had it in him to torture her in ways that I could never imagine, and secondly, that if she behaved he and the gang had given her the most satisfying sex of her life. Vicky said you can run if you want, I won't stop you, but for me, I am happily branded, I will be Master D's loyal white slave.

So that was how our lives evolved to where they are today. Most weekends I drive the girls almost 300 miles into the city. Each weekend is different. Sometimes Vicky and Lacy are turned out to the streets to bring in money. Other weekend they just take care of the guys as slaves. They've been traded to other gangs for a weekend and been forced to service many strangers. It always varies.

Once time Lacy did something to piss off Master D, and he took to place with street Winos and made her give blow jobs to 10 of the dirtiest humans I'd ever seen. Another time they had both girls laid out on tables while the ate and played cards on the girls bodies. The game was to balance something on a body, and finger fuck her until it fell.

One weekend they had some sort of giant poker / craps party. Lacy was assigned as "Blow Job Slave" she had to suck off anyone that wanted it. Vicky was the bathroom attendant. She would hold a guys cock, aim it at the toilet as he pissed, shake it off, and then clean the pee hole with her tongue.

During this last year I have not been allowed to touch my wife in any way. Lacy would report us. If I get the girls into town on time for 4 weeks in a row, they do let me have sex with Lacy, but only as they watch and make fun of my small cock. I've also had to eat out the pussy of each of the girl gang members many times.

So that is our lives to date. The worst part is not the humiliation, it is that Vicky has grown to love this life. She looks forward to the weekends as much as Lacy does. I don't know if it is the power or black cock that hooked them, but either way, this is my bizare life.


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