Butt Massage


Butt Massage

he gluteous maximus, otherwise known as the butt, is actually a complicated structure just like all of your contractile structures. It is composed of three muscles: 1) the gluteous maximus, 2) the gluteous medius, and 3) the gluteous minimus.

Tight glutes may be a cause of low back pain as well as pain and stiffness throughout the legs and hips. Butt massage will help alleviate the pain and tension associated with tight glute muscles, as well as offer beneficial effects for the rest of the body.

Butt massage relieves pain and stress in the gluteal muscles. After all, few body movements can be performed without the use of the gluteal muscles.

A butt massage will improve blood flow and waste removal, increase tissue permeability, stretch hard-to-target muscle fibers and break down scar tissue. A butt massage can be very relaxing for people with severe menstrual cycles, lower back problems, muscular atrophy in the glute area and probably about anyone who works a nine to five who has to sit at a desk all day.

The goal can be to pleasure and massage the Butt. From this perspective both receiver and giver can relax. It is also helpful for the giver to simply allow the receiver to enjoy the massage and to relax into herself.

Beginning the Massage

To prepare your partner for a butt massage it is best to prepare the muscles. Muscles respond better when they are warmed up. This can be done by putting a heat pad on low heat on the buttocks. The massage can be done with or without massage oils.

Start with light strokes in the glute and upper thigh area, move your hand in a circular motion using the palm or the pads of your fingers. Once the glute is in a relaxed state, it's time to start a more deep tissue massage. This consists of more heavy handed techniques of massage to reach the underlying muscles. You can use your knuckles, your elbows or heavy pressure in this phase of the massage. Use sweeping rhythmic movements when massaging. You can use different techniques such as rolling, kneading and pinching (which are grabbing the flesh with your hands to stretch it out).

How to do a Butt Massage Video Guide

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